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Best Days of Our Lives Open

Follow a group of teen friends as they struggle through life, relationships, love, and the hard times that go with them. They say the teen years are the best days of their lives, but they may just be the days that will destroy them.

Skins: The Role-play Open

Follow a group of friends as they deal with struggles of their adolescence and come to terms with things they never knew about each other and themselves.

Welcome to Cromwell Open

Being young isn't easy, and it certainly isn't the best time of your life when you have to spend it in a mental institution. For these teens, it's going to take a lot for them to return to a normal life. But maybe they can make the best of it.

Forbidden Fruits: A Love Story Open

Love is easy for some. It makes everything easier and makes life wonderful. However, for some, love is a challenge, a drug, a prison. It is something they have to fight for every day that can either end in happiness or tears. Which will it be?{CLOSED}

Oh, What a Wonderful Life it Is! Open

For some, high school is a place for learning and a place to be bored. However, for others, it's a place to have fun, make lasting friendships, and maybe even meet someone special. Follow the lives of Sorugami High School's students through their lives!

It's the End of the World As We Know It Closed

In the heat of a Zombie Apocalypse, a group of people struggle for survival, willing to take in whoever needs it. They have suffered many losses, but they are still going. But how long will it last; You know the song...It's the end of the world...

The World Through the Looking Glass Closed

In a world through the mirror is where lost souls go to spend their days in purgatory. They roam around this world, searching for their "unfinished business."

Sword Art Online: No Escape Open

You are a player of the MMORPG, Sword Art Online. However, you soon discover that once you log in, you can't log out without completing the game. Not to mention, if you die here, you die in real life...

The Book of Fables Open

Deep in an old library lies a book with incredible power. The power to literally transport it's reader into a world of fables and fantasies. However, all is not well inside the book, and once you are inside, there is no known escape...{STILL OPEN!)

Welcome to The Cirque Closed

By day, it's an ordinary circus, but as soon as the sun disappears beneath the horizon...that's when the real show begins. That's when the Freaks come out to play.

Let's Play Dungeons and Dragons! Open

The D&D Game becomes an open sandbox rpg!

Love Is What You Make Of It Closed

For some people, relationships come easy. But for others they come with troublesome circumstances and consequences. (REMAKE)

Avatar:The Blood Nation's Revenge(STILL OPEN) Open

Years after Korra, a new avatar rose and fell. In his wake, he left his individual bending to 8 newborns. Now with the threat of the Bloodbenders, it's up to them to save the nations.

Fate is in Our Hands Open

In a world where the people are ruled by a dictatorship, the fate lies in the hands of 8 high school students, where the only clues on how to stop it are the social network, The Web, and the Mysterious Man known as "The Savior"

Life is What You Make It Open

High school is hard, but for 8 students who never expected to meet, it becomes easier when they become closer than any friends could be.

All Aboard the RMS Titanic Closed

You are a passenger on the RMS Titanic. The greatest ship to ever sail the sea and the largest moving object in the world. It is an honor to be aboard this ship whether if be as a passenger or crew member. But will it be worth it in the end?

Fractured Fairytales Closed

They were cast into our world at birth, not knowing of their linage. They lived separate lives. But one day the pendants they've had since birth lead them to their fate, and together, they must save the home they've never known. (TONS of spots Open)

Forbidden Fruits of Love Closed

For some people, relationships come easy. But for others they come with troublesome circumstances and consequences. (STARTED AND CLOSED! Check back later)

I've Always Loved You Closed

For any girl, marriage is the best gift anyone can get. And for one girl that time is coming. But when her best friend returns after being gone for 10 years, old feelings will blossom. But will it be too late for everyone? (Closed!)

Persona Closed

For normal people, the day consists of 24 hours. But for a select few, there is a 25th hour. The Dark Hour, where nightmares become a reality and the Persona users abilities are the only means of survival.

Final Fantasy: Worlds Collide Closed

When rifts open into other worlds, it's up to the Final Fantasy heroes to set things right. But it won't be easy. Not by a long shot.

Breaking Arrangement Closed

Marriage is based on love, but in some parents eyes, it's based on tradition. And tradition says marriage must be arranged. But for a group of young men and women, love always comes first, no matter what the cost. (Can't Begin without Guys!)