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Hi, I am Rabidness, but my real first name is Kristen. I like to roleplay, so I decided to check this site out. I'm 13, and I like pie. Any flavour of pie is fine by me, except for meat pies.
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I like most of the ones I play. :D
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Universes Created

Goin' Down to South Park

Welcome to South Park, a perfect, small mountain town where gnomes supposedly steal Tweek's underpants and you could get abducted by aliens. <High School AU>

The Heroes and Villains of South Park

The small mountain town of South Park, home of Mysterion, Professor Chaos, and other heroes and villains. Also home to some mercenaries.

TF2: Speeding Bullets

Well, RED and BLU need to work together now. Just don't kill each other!

The Children of Mystery

Rosemary City, a small town located in the middle of nowhere. In this town, there is a secret hideout the children built themselves. The adults have no idea about it, they are too busy with work. Will you join the children?

Boarding House of Slenderman

Welcome, to the home of creeps and freaks! (Accepting)

Devil's Bane Academy

A school teaching fighting skills and how to kill demons.

The Real Story

Do you think all those fairy tales are the truth of what happened? Think again...

Claire's Academy for the Supernatural

Long ago, a witch named Claire founded a school for Supernatural children aged 4-18, and it is still going to this day. More info inside.

Creeps and Freaks

A Creepypasta roleplay. Original pastas are allowed within reason.

Vigilantes and Gangs

In the city of Lansburg, crime runs freely. Are you a crime starter, or a crime stopper?

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