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Season of Giving 2020

At the end of perhaps our craziest year yet, we choose to celebrate our writing family with that extra touch of gratitude. Tip your fellow authors for a chance to win 10,000 INK, with leaderboards updated daily.

Merry Christmas from RPG! 🎅

RacoonMoon() » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by RacoonMoon() as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Shane Duggan

Shane Duggan, located in Northern Europe

as part of Myths of the Forgotten

"Why am I here? Simple. They hoped I would die. "

Character Portrait: Mahalet Mahzun

Mahalet Mahzun, located in Northern Europe

as part of Myths of the Forgotten

None of you appreciate my art!

Character Portrait: Amadier Pilotzin

Amadier Pilotzin, located in Ashton

as part of The Everheart Manor

"I have tasted a great many things, but this dish shall certainly be my best!"

Character Portrait: Kimchi Klockwerk

Kimchi Klockwerk, located in Two Worlds

as part of Imaginary: Dreamers of the Otherworld

"Oh I've been waiting for this moment."

Character Portrait: Beline Raymor

Beline Raymor, located in The World of Varmet

as part of The Last Dracari

"This venture is probably going to fail." "But it'll be fun!"

Character Portrait: Dim Etree

Dim Etree, located in Ashton

as part of The Everheart Manor

"red roses, pink tulips, purple Cornelias......they're all very pretty. Won't you see some?"

Character Portrait: Spider

Spider, located in Fiore

as part of Fairy Tale: The new guild.

Come on, there has to be something interesting about you!

Character Portrait: Kibriets

Kibriets, located in The Galaxy

as part of Star Wars: Legacy Of The Force

"So long as you know what you're doing.."

Character Portrait: Miracle Evans

Miracle Evans, located in Vancouver

as part of The Abilities are Rising

"They may call it an ability, but it's just a curse in disguise."

Character Portrait: Lady Fetch

Lady Fetch, located in The town of Maren

as part of Pokemon Journies!

A pompous Farfetch'd who want's to become famous in competitions

Character Portrait: Chaturi bawd

Chaturi bawd, located in The Kingdom of Hearts

as part of Alice in Wonderland: A Twisted Wonderland

"Oh my fur and wiskers! I hope I have not offended you oh great, oh lovely, oh powerful queen!"

Character Portrait: Tillia Vesper

Tillia Vesper, located in The Kingdom of Hearts

as part of Alice in Wonderland: A Twisted Wonderland

"Long live the queen and all that jazz"

Character Portrait: Dodge Hanson

Dodge Hanson, located in The Interactive Dream Dimension

as part of Lucid Dreamers: Revolution

"Heh...heh. Call me a kid one more time."

Character Portrait: Mr. Walker

Mr. Walker, located in Anti-Ability Base

as part of The Abilities are Rising

"Those with abilities must be destroyed"

Character Portrait: Theodore Walters

Theodore Walters, located in New York

as part of Traitors of Olympus

Theodore Walters, son of Hephaestus. Builder of many of the Olympians defenses.

Character Portrait: Ben Trent

Ben Trent, located in America/Mansion

as part of Furry/Anthro Mansion!!!

A bat anthro

Character Portrait: Hector Dorothy

Hector Dorothy, located in O'Hara Tavern

as part of The Supernatural Kind

Natural just isn't good enough anymore

Character Portrait: Moonsong

Moonsong, located in Evalion Lands

as part of 24 Elements

Everything speaks if you care to listen

Character Portrait: Edgar Tekle

Edgar Tekle, located in Reedria

as part of Tamers & Myths

Can someone remind me where the line between myth and reality is?

Character Portrait: Raeri Smilaesti

Raeri Smilaesti, located in Mundo

as part of Angels and Demons Oh My!

It's because I'm Demonian isn't it?

Character Portrait: Simon Gadfeather

Simon Gadfeather, located in The Academy

as part of Levitas Schola Veneficus

Up with Carpe Dium

Character Portrait: #7 The Black Mamba

#7 The Black Mamba, located in New York

as part of SE7EN Assassins

That noise? Just me laughing through the pain.

Character Portrait: Uendo

Uendo, located in Earth

as part of Neko: Dawn Of War

They say curiosity killed the cat. They're liars

Character Portrait: Bebhin Daumantas

Bebhin Daumantas, located in The World of Varmet

as part of The Last Dracari

"Please. PLEASE don't tell anyone I helped you."

Character Portrait: Clyde "Patches" Alasta

Clyde "Patches" Alasta, located in Space

as part of Ossa

"Oh don't be scared, I don't bite. Oh wait, I do."

Character Portrait: Vabon Mostequa

Vabon Mostequa, located in Spinward Quadrant

as part of Outgunned; Star Mercenaries

"I just drive the ship."

Character Portrait: Jamin

Jamin, located in Two Worlds

as part of Imaginary: Into the Otherworld

" Introductions aside, we've work to do."

Character Portrait: Reily Sykes

Reily Sykes, located in Earth (2040)

as part of How to survive and apocalypse

The photographer who will record every second of the Apocalypse.

Character Portrait: Cory Spangel

Cory Spangel, located in The Cages

as part of Freaks Galore

They came for a show why not give them one.

Character Portrait: Nathan Carter

Nathan Carter, located in Khost, Afghanistan

as part of Task Force 111

"Hittin 2 birds with 1 grenade"

Character Portrait: Aero

Aero, located in Jostran

as part of The Gods Rebirth

any way the wind blows

Character Portrait: Brendan Northcutt

Brendan Northcutt, located in The Grounds

as part of Freaks Galore

they're here for a show, why not give them one.

Character Portrait: Squirrel

Squirrel, located in North America

as part of of the Park

That may not be the best idea

Character Portrait: Zoro

Zoro, located in Nature at it's worst

as part of Lion prides journey

oppinionated yet playful male lion

Character Portrait: Calamity Litz

Calamity Litz, located in BLANK

as part of ibuild

There was..... nothing here. I wish to change that.

Character Portrait: Ornith

Ornith, located in Icarus City

as part of Fallout Icarus City: The Faction Wars

"Friendship in adversity, Beauty in Hardship"

Character Portrait: Mutt

Mutt, located in Anywhere but the Lab

as part of The Outside

whatever you see, i don't care

Character Portrait: Jesse Parker

Jesse Parker, located in Classified Location

as part of Simply Insane

"Don't touch me."