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Favourite games are fantasy and Sci-Fi, but I like others too. I like battles if they are not too long, and I like playing evil characters just as much as good ones, maybe even more... my favourite character to play is a dragon, just tell me if you have a game involving them, I'll join 95% of the time.
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San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico (until april 2011)
Doing voluntary work in Mexico, RPing, reading, playing PC games. Oh, and writing stories and descriptions for fictional characters, not necessarily only in RPG.
Books, Online Games, generally everything that has Fantasy and/or Sci-Fi, plus many others. For RPing Interests, check this thread:
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23 Jul 2001
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Medieval fantasy time. No question.

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Shadows of the Enlightened Completed

Two cities at war, a clan of assassins, people with unusual powers, and someone who is hunting them down. (COMPLETED RP)

Universes Created

Robots on a Spaceship

A space ship with only robots as crew is sent out into space to explore places that no human has ever been to. Is there a chance that this goes well? Who knows...

Age of Dragons

(NOTE: This is a 1-on-1 game) Mordred, King Arthur's son, took the crown for himself, and now aims to exterminate all who may stand in his way. There seems no more hope for the Dragons, one of the last mythical creatures on the world. That is, unless...

A New World

You wake up on the shore of an island unknown to the rest of the world... barely able to remember your name, you have to survive in this place, perhaps find friends, form a tribe... who knows, it's up to you.

The Kingdom of Avalonia

Play as human king, dwarven merchant or dragon rogue in a fantastic medieval land, Avalonia.

Ski Resort "Glacies et Nivis"

High up in the mountains, a paradisic ski resort was built for those who want to enjoy their vacation. Known for its great ski slopes, every skier, snowboarder and hiker has to come there at least once.

Legend of Zelda: Awakening of Evil

Once again, the forces of evil attack Hyrule. But this time, the leaders have allied!

Catan - The first Island

A nordic tribe settles on an unknown, paradisic island in the atlantic sea. There is no evil... but what if evil is brought to it?

Dragon Plateau

The last place where Dragons live on Earth. No one knows about it, at least no one who shouldn't...

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