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Rann » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by Rann as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Violet Haring

Violet Haring, located in Upper Brookfield

as part of The Day We Die

"C'mon, let's go do something fun!"

Character Portrait: Irina Neventelde

Irina Neventelde, located in Phyrexian Grassland

as part of The Garden: An Arcadian Boneyard

"I'm not just gonna listen to you, y'know. Idiot. Don't even try it!"

Character Portrait: Liliana Philomel

Liliana Philomel, located in Precaria

as part of Forsaken Kingdom

The Mourned

Character Portrait: Rin-Naera

Rin-Naera, located in A Sad, Sad Place

as part of Martyrium

"Hey team! Let's try not to murder the universe, okay?"

Character Portrait: Nee Me-Hyung

Nee Me-Hyung, located in The Horat-verse

as part of The Great Guild Fortune (2014)

A callous and calculating noble, with an innocent mask.

Character Portrait: Teri Serizawa

Teri Serizawa, located in The Horat-verse

as part of The Great Guild Fortune (2014)

A half-tengu assassin on the hunt.

Character Portrait: Lilina Laxuz

Lilina Laxuz, located in Felna

as part of Mana - World's Destruction

"When in doubt, just smile! That way, no one sees you doubting, and it's okay."

Character Portrait: Anrien

Anrien, located in Ylisse (continent)

as part of Fire Emblem: Rebirth

"For Ylisse! I'll do my best! Watch me, brother!"

Character Portrait: Luna Carrow

Luna Carrow, located in Earth

as part of I Miss the Sunrise

"I'll get her back. You wanna try to stop me? What are you, suicidal? Just stay out of my way, I don't give a shit about your business."

Character Portrait: Rune Iyora

Rune Iyora, located in The Horat-verse

as part of The Great Guild Fortune (2014)

A Jiangshi, conjured by her father.

Character Portrait: Teri Makota

Teri Makota, located in Las Vegas, Nevada

as part of Talon & Thorne - Hawk & Rose

People like us? We're the ones life kicks in the face. Don't even have the luxury to cry anymore. They make me give my brightest smile, after all.

Character Portrait: Gaia Philomel

Gaia Philomel, located in Earth

as part of The Marigold Machine

"Stop lookin' at me weird, seriously. I'll smack ya."

Character Portrait: Ivy Carrow

Ivy Carrow, located in Kanto - Sinnoh

as part of Trainers of the Pokemon world!

"I'm waging my own war against Team Rocket, so get out of the way."

Character Portrait: Hyuna Ka-nan "Falcon"

Hyuna Ka-nan "Falcon", located in The Horat-verse

as part of The Great Guild Fortune (2014)

A young mercenary, looking for a man from her past

Character Portrait: Shirai Konohana

Shirai Konohana, located in New York City

as part of A God No More

"Um, well. Hello... it's... nice to meet you."

Character Portrait: Teri Alistair

Teri Alistair, located in Inside a Computer

as part of Project: T.E.A:M.

"Don't think we're friends all of a sudden... because we're not! Screw off! Outta my face!"

Character Portrait: Olivia Patterson

Olivia Patterson, located in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

as part of The TriWizard Tournament

I'll do my best, I guess. You'll love me, right, if I succeed?

Character Portrait: Lilira Nonora

Lilira Nonora, located in Benjlakk

as part of War of Mechas and Golems

"So, what's the deal, huh?"

Character Portrait: Erin Hooper

Erin Hooper, located in The Haven Universe

as part of Live Together or Die Alone

"So, what's going on, what can we do now?"

Character Portrait: Lilina Vanruth

Lilina Vanruth, located in The Azure Knights Guild Hall

as part of Fairy Tail: The Azure Knights

"Oh, come on. Let's have a race for the food, okay?"

Character Portrait: Sophie Alistair

Sophie Alistair, located in Terra Nova

as part of Who You Really Are

"I've got this, just sit back and watch me kick ass!"

Character Portrait: Cha'Valkar

Cha'Valkar, located in The Horat-verse

as part of The Great Guild Fortune (2014)

A reluctant man at the head of the criminal underground.

Character Portrait: Anita Cambridge

Anita Cambridge, located in Alternative Earth

as part of Last Wish

"Pretending to be okay is good enough, isn't it? Because that's all I can really do."

Character Portrait: Kureha Sonezaki

Kureha Sonezaki, located in The Kitsune's Village

as part of The Hunter and the Kitsune

No one's as fast as me. That damned fox is mine!

Character Portrait: Sophia Sonozaki

Sophia Sonozaki, located in Capriccio City

as part of The Enigma Phantasma

"This is my song, for all of you! Thank you, everyone!"