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RawkFist » Universes

Assassination Classroom Open

Strange as it may seem, you have been entrusted with a very important task; assassinate your teacher before he destroys the earth. Sounds simple enough, right? You have no idea. [Minor WIP]

Roarhaven Asylum Open

What really goes on behind closed doors?

The Virus; Search For a Cure Open

A mixture of dangerous chemicals has formed a virus which is spreading across England, and soon to the rest of the world. London were smart enough to build a dome and possibly a cure, depending on whether the rumours are true.

The Rileys' Ranch Open

The Ranch is a place for the unwanted, where rebellious teenagers are sent to learn the error of their ways through labour. However, the family who run this Ranch are far from normal; they are hiding a very dark secret, for which they need six teenagers.

The Organization; The Runaways Open

A private 2x2 between MaliceInWonderland, roguevixenx, RawkFist and WhySoSerious?

Malice and Rawk; Remake Open

A remake of the 1x1 between MaliceInWonderland and RawkFist.

Where there is love... Open

These few couples have not known true love until the start of what could possibly be the best Winter holiday of their lives.

The Tagnorth Rebellion. Open

Tagnorth is a seemingly stable place to those who do not know what it is truly like inside of its walls. One man goes in search of people to join his cause and hopefully he can form a rebellion to dethrone the Tyrant that rules over the Kingdom.

The Battle of Evergreen. Open

In the near-future, one new game show is taking things to a whole new level. {More inside}

Marked for Death | Remake. Open

Four children, all gifted with abnormal abilities, live in constant fear that the hunters will get to them, but luckily for them they have protection.

Big Brother | 15th Season. Open

Ever wondered what it might be like to live inside the Big Brother House?

Roleplay closed. Open

I apologise, but this roleplay has been closed.

The Chernobyl Disaster | Survivors. Open

A 1x1 between RawkFist and MoonlightWraith.

The Outcasters; Third generation Open

Yet another generation of The Outcasters.

Dreamer and Rawk Open

A 1x1 between RawkFist and Miss_Dreamer.

Malice and Rawk. Open

1x1 between MaliceInWonderland and RawkFist.

Love isn't always a fairy-tale... Open

For these six teenagers, their relationships are far from normal.

True to the heart Open

A 1x1 roleplay between RawkFist and Miss_Dreamer.

As we go on.. Open

This is dead.

The Outcasters; Second Generation Open

The first generation are off living their lives, and now the second have stepped up to take their turn.

That's what friends are for. Open

A story of eight unruly teenagers, all desperate to leave their home lives and just kick loose.

Mysterious Messages Open

This story starts with the abduction of four spoilt teenagers, all taking like for granted and wasting it away. (WIP)

Getting Along Open

Six teenagers, all from different groups and stereotypes, are being forced by parents to attend an afterschool club in the hope that they might work out their differences for the better.

Marked For Death Open

Morrin was a tranquil village, there was peace amongst all men and women. However, when a few children were born containing special talents, they were considered a threat to everyone, merely because they were different.

Riku vs Maki Open

The human and elven clans, Riku and Maki, are at war once more. ((Not a second part to any story or roleplay. Roles open!))

Camp For The Musically Gifted Open

The kids of M.G. have retured again after Christmas break, only to find a bunch of new kids there. Will these newbies be able to handle the difficulties of music camp, with the added pressure of their peers?

Protect The Royalty Open

Seven years after the royal siblings escaped the savage slaughter of their city, their attempted killers have returned to finish the job.

Love, Lies & Choices Open

One girl is trying to manage her way through the difficulties of high school. What she had not expected was to be caught inbetween three guys, all of whom are head-over-heals in love with her.

Zaelik; War of Factions Open

In the year 2015, 3 years after the apocolypse, the only 12 people still alive have split into 3 different groups, all trying their best to survive whilst fighting an endless war with eachother.

A Journey For Survival Open

A roleplay about six people that are trying their best survive in a post-apocolyptic world, desperate to find any signs of civilisation. (Open & Accepting)

Bitten Highschool - Love Open

Eight teenagers, all vampires, have to try and survive the trials of love and highschool. Only problem is, they're surrounded by humans.