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RiotTerritory » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by RiotTerritory as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Dove Hope Stapleton

Dove Hope Stapleton, located in Earth

as part of Night Shift

"I could, but then again I really don't want to."

Character Portrait: Delaney Corvel

Delaney Corvel, located in The hamptons

as part of Young. Wild. Free. Famous. Inlove

"I don't make myself look pretty for you, ya jerk."

Character Portrait: Jaylene Cameron Wilde

Jaylene Cameron Wilde, located in Aspara

as part of War of the Sun and Moon

"Hah. You want me to do what? Yeah right."

Character Portrait: Jade Robin Milo

Jade Robin Milo, located in Carmanio

as part of Creatures of Humans

"No money? What if I asked a bit more kindly?"

Character Portrait: Lil Milo

Lil Milo, located in Chroma City

as part of Work of Art

"I'd give anything to keep the color."

Character Portrait: Trin Loche

Trin Loche, located in Wheelerville, Missouri

as part of City Days, Country Nights

"Daddy don't know 'bout that."

Character Portrait: Skylark Barton

Skylark Barton, located in United States

as part of The Avengers 2.0

The daughter of Hawkeye and Black Widow

Character Portrait: Robin

Robin, located in New York,New York

as part of Little Guardians

"And you'll be doing that for me, right?"

Character Portrait: Jay Golden

Jay Golden, located in Keran

as part of Divided We Fall


Character Portrait: Amice Wood

Amice Wood, located in Camelot

as part of Camelot

A sneaky gypsy

Character Portrait: Eevee

Eevee, located in Hitory

as part of Gotta Catch 'em all POKeMON!

Naw, didn't catch nothin' today.

Character Portrait: Trinity Faith Morain

Trinity Faith Morain, located in Liompas

as part of Chasing the Sunset

"Oh this is your hat? I'm terribly sorry 'bout that, dolly."

Character Portrait: Clara Rose Sommers

Clara Rose Sommers, located in Paradise?

as part of Congratulations!

Spring Fairy

Character Portrait: Faith Milo

Faith Milo, located in Riverwell Mental Institution

as part of The Superior Weapon

"Am I supposed to introduce myself as 'Omega 133'?"

Character Portrait: Robin Contar

Robin Contar, located in Kairosa

as part of Kairosa: Land of Magic

"I'm not lazy..."

Character Portrait: Lilly "Lil" Mason

Lilly "Lil" Mason, located in The Devontic Manor

as part of Be Afraid

"Oh, well you shoulda told me I'd be staying here for a while. I woulda brought my straightening iron."

Character Portrait: Angelina Ronald

Angelina Ronald, located in HorseHeart Ranch

as part of Horseback Summer

"Y'all need to stop hecklin' my horse."

Character Portrait: Rosalie "Rose" Margaret Coro

Rosalie "Rose" Margaret Coro, located in United States (assorted)

as part of A Tale of Modern Thieves

"Tell me more about your job." Rose smiled at the man, twirling her hair with one hand and carefully lifting his wallet with the other.

Character Portrait: Jaylene Griffith

Jaylene Griffith, located in Anchorage, Alaska

as part of In this Final Frontier

Do whatever you want, I don't really care.

Character Portrait: Jaylene Cameron Wilde

Jaylene Cameron Wilde, located in The Kingdom of Luno

as part of In The Kingdom of Luno

A cunning captive who has all but given up on the thought of freedom.

Character Portrait: Juliette Corbo

Juliette Corbo, located in Camp Keystone

as part of Camp Keystone

"I'm new here, you mind showing me 'round?" [Earth Sprite]

Character Portrait: Melody Winger

Melody Winger, located in 21 Century United States

as part of When the gods came to earth

Don't you dare talk about my father like that.

Character Portrait: Mr. Camarano

Mr. Camarano, located in United States

as part of The Enemy of My Enemy

I'm the one that got you idiots out.

Character Portrait: Your Friend

Your Friend, located in Paradise?

as part of Congratulations!

The creator of the game and the owner of the island.