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0.75 INK received for post #2795566, located in Snowpoint City:

"Why didn't the girl say anything about it? Wouldn't she have ruined you on that day alone? Maybe your trainer did know but understood intentions and wasn't angry? T-There's a lot of things... Either way, when we bring this rotten Haunter to justice, you won't have to worry anymore! Ako has a shadow ball he can choke on."

Shirako looked down as she spoke her next couple lines.

"Ako completely understands how easily something like that can happen... Ako forgets how strong we really are to humans sometimes and the thoughts do go through her head. T-Today was the first time she ever acted on them. It's nothing compared to your story though. That is scary, and ample reason for blackmail..."

The Eevee went silent for a bit, thinking about Pitch and where he could be. Where could Vintrell take him? Where WOULD he take him is the better question. He couldn't be wild, Haunter don't live up here. Could he be a trainer's Pokemon like Ako? If that's the case, he may have taken Pitch to a house. Humans left the area due to the storm so it would be free shelter for them... But if he is fully like Ako and is separated then Pitch could be anywhere from stuck in the forest to hidden in a random den or even the cave at the lake...

"Bubba... Are there any other trainers left? Haunters aren't from around here, not even close. He would have to have been a trainer's Pokemon, right? If he is, then we should check the houses tomorrow for him. Maybe we'll find Vintrell too and we can take him out. If everybody's left, what can he say? He can't speak to humans directly anyway. Um... Also... Ako apologizes for hurting you and breaking the staircase. Are you ok?"

0.50 INK received for post #2802058, located in Mount Coronet:

Hikari stood her ground barely but she quickly shot a look to Marina and quickly returned her so she would avoid the fate of falling off. The Staraptor did drop a bit as Dawn fell on his back roughly, giving a weakened squawk. Hikari was more concerned for the fate of Dawn and her Staraptor than the Xatu.

"Dawn! Starry! Are you two ok?"

The Staraptor stayed behind the cover of the cliff side to avoid more bursts of winds. He wasn't sure of Dawn's well being though but he responded with a screech to let Hikari know he is still airborne.

"Tch... Fighting on two fronts... Also, this can't be a normal wild Xatu to take one of Mira's shadow balls and keep going... Mira, another!"

Mira twirled a bit before firing another Shadow Ball, recently powered up by their trainer.

0.25 INK received for post #2792308, located in Castelia City:

Castelia Coastal Street

James listened to Emiko but he was more focused on Shirona's face. She had a worried expression. It took James no time to figure what happened.

"What did you see, Shirona?"

"They're going to drop in by the fountain, and soon!"

"Shit, well Emiko, this isn't a time to be giving orders out. This is a time for action! I need to get moving! Fafnir!"

The Garchomp came out and lowered himself so Shirona and James could climb on his back. As she predicted, the NRE people showed up. It was just before "takeoff" that James spotted the Steelix in the sky. With a shout, the Garchomp took off at a high speed, heading for the back alley. Once there, James and Shirona jumped off, putting Fafnir back in his ball. They ran to the end and stayed out of sight and took a look at the current batch of NRE while staying in the shadows. James notes the Corviknights and glanced at Shirona who opened a mental channel between them.

"What are those? Those are not of this region. Any info, sis?"

"None. They are new to me. However, they are likely flying types. They have a body that seems made of metal as well so Steel is probably their dual type."

"Alright, basically Skarmories. I'm Noticing Drifblim so be careful, sis. You can't take Ghost types well."

The pair would watch for now, but something threw a wrench in that plan. There was suddenly some noise made by a very familiar person, and at the worst time too.

Castelia North Side

A Tyrantrum comes stomping through to the outskirts of Castelia. Allen was standing up on its back, bored of lying down. As they neared the city, Allen could see the girl on the Steelix and hear her shouts. Not that he actually paid any attention to what was said.

"The hell? Is this still about that Crystal chick? Geez... Old ass news. Ty, take us in."


The Tyrantrum picked up the pace and stomped into the fountain area. Allen hops off Ty and faces the group of NRE grunts, watching them all line up like toy soldiers. He snickers and raises his voice.

"HEY HEY HEY! THE HELL YOU ALL DOING? You all trying to pick fights? I'll take you Rock-Heads on! I'm itching for one!"

The Tyrantrum gave off a loud roar, befitting of a lumbering T-Rex, sure to draw attention if Allen's yelling didn't.

Castelia Back Alley

Back with James and Shirona, James had his index and thumb pinching the bridge of his nose. James was not too impressed at Allen's showing.

"Good Arceus, man... Why now of all times, Allen?" He thought in disappointment.

James considered jumping out right now but it would be better to use Allen in this sense to see the response. He had some power and could handle the grunts and stray Pokemon with some effort. James was curious as to Marcosha's and Mikhayu's reaction. He wouldn't be able to handle them. James would have to step in at that point. Another thought crossed his mind at that moment... Where was Emiko?

0.25 INK received for post #2792704, located in Castelia City:

"Head south of here. You'll find help."

James motioned towards the shore. It was the best option for her considering it was littered with UPL trainers. She'll be in good hands there. He just hoped nobody noticed the screaming Chikorita, otherwise... Things may get messy.

0.25 INK received for post #2792863, located in Castelia City:

Castelia: Back Alley

James turns away from Tommelise and watches Allen get surrounded. However, it seems only the cocky leader wants to try him. He was about to head out and go after the other leader when he heard wings flapping overhead. He quickly turned to see Lyerre threatening poor Tommelise. Without a second thought, James moved to stand in front of Tommelise and from his belt sprung Infernape.

"Hey! You go through me first before you start going after the locals! Vasuman! Let's heat things up, Flamethrower!"

The fire type readied itself and let out streams of flame from it's mouth, directed at the Purrloin. James himself kept an eye on Lyerre. She threatened to use that lance, and she wasn't about to stick an innocent civilian, not while he was here.

Castelia: Fountain Area

Allen stared down at the Mimikyu and the one controlling it. He wasn't a full idiot, he could tell that there was something off about the both of them, but that's a thinking topic for later. He recognized Mimikyu and immediately had the download on what it was about to dish out. But, surely, Ty could take one little hit. All he needed to do was two turn it. But should he risk Ty right now? It definitely has a Play Rough waiting for him... Whatever, action time!

"Heh, I hope you have something better than just a little puppet. Ty. Crunch."

Allen snapped his fingers and the Tyrantrum moved forward, ready to weather any attack that came. It was determined to sink its teeth into Mimikyu and break that disguise.


Bet you were expecting something. Too bad there is nothing! Well, besides my words...