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Character Portrait: Anamaria Van Helsing The only daughter of the famed bounty-hunter who carries an extraordinary likeness to her mother. Often seen with two percussion pistols, vintage 1879, her brown trench, and a fedora to match.
Character Portrait: The Four Sisters The Four Graeae In-Hiding Fearing for their Life
Character Portrait: Hitomi Akumu Goddess of Fear and Dreamweaver
Character Portrait: Little Red Riding Hood Once upon a time there was a little girl named Red Riding Hood...
Character Portrait: The Four Four entities taking the form of four teenage girls
Character Portrait: Sirad "Little girls don't play with scissors out loud.""
Character Portrait: Erebus Ki "Finding the darkness is only as hard as knowing where the light doesn't dare reach."
Character Portrait: Mystic and Serenity Former Head Scientist of Proto-DNA Experiment at Cryo's Facility
Character Portrait: Tiaan Shyrias The Last Snow Elf now a Vampire
Character Portrait: Elijah Alexander Kenton "I swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I totally did create an unstable formula that threatened everyone on this planet, and I'd do it again!"
Character Portrait: Lilith (Pre-Fallen) First Wife of Adam and Pre-Fallen
Character Portrait: Nerine A alluring and almost enchanting woman, with a beauteous singing voice which turns all heads.
Character Portrait: Selene - Sister to Eos and Second Succubi Sister to Eos and Helios both now loyal to Beezlbub (WIP)
Character Portrait: Claire MacDonald Internal Affairs Agent for Wing City PD
Character Portrait: Daria Shieldborn Grand Cleric and High Inquisitor of Innistrad "Smarter than death? Lets's see you outsmart my mace Necromancer."
Character Portrait: Jayde (June Malfuseus) A Girl with a huge Golem called Melary (Although it seems to have no known gender)
Character Portrait: King Josiah Liwave of The 21st Noble House The Current Leader and King of Mezzadrate: Empire of Wonders
Character Portrait: Lee Yuen Keng-Li Father to Luna and most powerful member of the Keng-Li family.
Character Portrait: Gaia: Mother of Creation The Mother of the Planet and Nature
Character Portrait: Hel Daughter of Loki and Queen of Niflheim
Character Portrait: Hastur Camilla: You, sir, should unmask. Stranger: Indeed? Cassilda: Indeed it's time. We all have laid aside disguise but you. Stranger: I wear no mask. Camilla: (Terrified, aside to Cassilda.) No mask? No mask!? The King in Yellow: Act I, Scene 2
Character Portrait: Eros Fletcher CEO of LogicRoad
Character Portrait: Talim (The Last Priestess of the Winds) The Last Priestess of the Winds
Character Portrait: Clair Wilder Reporter for TerraCast Specializing in Supernatural Occurrences and Events
Character Portrait: Elsie Darren The Little Girl who loved Ghost Stories All Grown Up
Character Portrait: Daze A homeless teen whom is known for being reckless and being extremely hostile to others.
Character Portrait: Utsuho Reiuji There is a reason someone who can deliver nuclear charged energy in attacks, is never going to enter Gambit's.
Character Portrait: Dracul Protective Front These are the soldiers who are situated in the Cursed Woods, patrolling and protecting the inner sanctum and all those who side with the Vankoryth Detente.
Character Portrait: Mina Harker (Dead for Now)
Character Portrait: Krisandra "Escaped convict you say? Magic should be free!"
Character Portrait: Valeria Tseng "He who strikes the first blow admits he's lost the argument."
Character Portrait: Mr Niac A businessman with ancient looking eyes.
Character Portrait: The Dancer "Without your morals and inhibitions you are all monsters of vice and decadence..."
Character Portrait: Athena Ivanova The General of the Entire Forces Vankoryth Comprised of the Union of Two Armies
Character Portrait: Melissa Armstrong "There is certain consequences to all things, whether fall of Empires or dismantling of an Organization. Vampyrs should not be so united."
Character Portrait: Princess of Pure Reason "Henceforth, and forthwith let it be known all men, that Rhyme and Reason reign once more!"
Character Portrait: Queen Aisling Samhlaiocht The current queen of the Leanai
Character Portrait: Elizabeth McCarthy Former Citizen and Teacher of Rapture and 'Big Sister'
Character Portrait: The Second Hatter The Mad Hatter whom replaced the original and became Adviser to Queen of Hearts though secretly plots a higher position.
Character Portrait: Phoebe Dredrieson Talent Scout of Paraverse Pictures
Character Portrait: Randolph Pickman Art Sales Man of mysterious origins.
Character Portrait: Renny ("Silent Scream") Higgins The forewarning of the inevitable, the scream in the darkness, the emptiness in the end. Oh and she rides a motorbike.
Character Portrait: Terra (Tara Markov) Mind wiped and crushed, Terra is a broken woman, who never recovered after her betrayal, for a time she was happy, but this died as she would never realize the friends she lost... Then Slade found her once more...
Character Portrait: Oria 'Valerie' Kenton Elijah's 'Dead' Sister
Character Portrait: Daiyu Luo Special Alpha Trooper for EREB Industries who's job entails handling the most extreme of circumstances. Partially Cybernetic and heavily enhanced.
Character Portrait: Laelae Seeroyn Outcast of our kind, outcast in the mind... Living on the edge, living by no rules... This can't last.
Character Portrait: Deidre O'Hara O'Malley's Sarcastic Barkeep
Character Portrait: 'Inayah A dream come true, after all she promises unlimited wishes...
Character Portrait: Colleen MacFadden Special Soldier for the harsh biome of Chiron-Delta
Character Portrait: Tara Claridge A bard for hire in Terra
Character Portrait: Elissa Granger The Dead Native American Girl
Character Portrait: Daisy Weldon Smuggler Extraordinaire in her eyes... In reality she is not awful, but unfortunately she is rather clumsy.
Character Portrait: Aebbe Dmowska Despite being very skilled in the arts, her own self-confidence holds herself up as does her belief of being inferior.
Character Portrait: Harinder Mittal Jr Lab Assistant to LogicRoad Pharmeuticals
Character Portrait: The China Doll Adept Historian studying the fall of former Nations
Character Portrait: Penny Sattely A human pyromaniac who can't ever stop because of a rare condition.
Character Portrait: Abaddon: The Destroyer "FREE, I AM FINALLY FREE!"
Character Portrait: Auriel: Light of Hope Born from creation and brought forth by a daring gambit
Character Portrait: Sergent Norwyn One of the current members of Mezzadrate Police Force
Character Portrait: Terror of the Skies You could even suggest it is Terror at 20,000 Feet
Character Portrait: Aquarius the Water Bearer Aquarius is a Minor Deity who is usually found around sources of water. Mostly fresh.
Character Portrait: Astrid Carmichael Astrid is wheelchair bound due to her massive spinal damage that will never heal, thus her legs cannot work except for short bursts, but even that is torture. Otherwise she can experience life although romantically this limits her.
Character Portrait: Miarel Liazeiros A curious yet intellectual Ahrian Citizen who loves walking the planet's surface occasionally.
Character Portrait: Sirad Purified Reborn, given a second chance, but still on the path to Redemption
Character Portrait: Uki It was never meant to be this way, it was never meant to be turned out this? Yet it has.
Character Portrait: Tabitha McGuire Receptionist at Sol Tower working for Sol Enterprises
Character Portrait: Jie Bao A girl devoted to protection and maintaining of her Shrine in Lósénji Island as the eldest Shrine Maiden
Character Portrait: Rashaad El-Zein Professional Galactic Stockbroker and Economic Journalist
Character Portrait: Nike - Goddess of Victory The epitome and personification of Victory and Tactics
Character Portrait: Veronica Perlo One of the many WCA finest
Character Portrait: Icy Peak (Super Volcano) A long dormant Super Volcano now active
Character Portrait: Elish Virunok Head of Mezzadratian Military - Science Division with her brother
Character Portrait: Sayaka Miki "Hey... Is this world even worth protecting? What have I been fighting for all this time? Answer me. Right now! come on tell me, or else!"
Character Portrait: Enigmatic Ship A mysterious ship that appears often in major battles without explanation. Sometimes it been known to fire back, but any attempt to communicate leaves only dead air.
Character Portrait: Captain Bernard Wright Captain of the HMS Thunderchild
Character Portrait: Alice Liddle The Warden of Wonderland
Character Portrait: CEO Wilson Colk Founder of Zenith Enterprises
Character Portrait: Isa Harlan Freelance Private Investigator and former UCON Spy
Character Portrait: Pyrene Little is known, she is capable fighter and seems well trained in swordsmanship
Character Portrait: Peyton Fletcher Daughter of LogicRoad CEO and Head of Operations for Terra Franchise
Character Portrait: Hazel Lessard A child vampire and lesser noble in Lessard Family greatly respected for her wisdom and biting jousts