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The Wonderland Institute v2 Open

Welcome to Wonderland an Asylum like none you have ever seen, it contains people you would not expects nor characters you could imagine.

Twisted Ragtime Open

You wake up without memory of how you got here, the first sound you hear is delightful music that wafts through the air, then the sudden cold hits and you open your eyes to see your in an abandoned fairground, but strangely everything still working.

Unhallowed Metropolis Closed

At the height of Victorian Era a horrible plague struck and left many dead, three days passed and they rose back up. Society collapsed. 200 years later humans scratched back up and rebuilt as best as they could. A great deadly smog looms in the streets.

Soviet Russia and The Order of Stalin Closed

Welcome to Magnitogorsk and it's Тайная академия (Arcane Academy)!

A Game of Cat and Cat Closed

15 Hitmen, Assassins and Killers against one another, who will win!

Location Unknown: Mission Failed Closed

In the year 2390, in the the 23th Century, after Great Union War of the USA, a scientist in the UK, named Donald Slazer, finally cracks the final calculation blocking 'Faster Than Light' travel. Work begins immediately on the Pantheon Fleet..

The Wonderland Institute Closed


The Sleep Walkers Awake Closed

Praise the master, bow to the master, never question the master, the master knows all.

Cosmic Progeny Closed

Doctor Yves Thorton has a new book on the mind of a superhero. His book has captivated people across the globe from every walk of life. After his extencive research he believes all powered beings should be rounded up with extreme prejudice and placed in c

Unhinged Duality Closed

What if the sins are the virtues had to work together or face being murdered? Not only that but if they die the balance between world collapses.

Wonderland Institute for the Mentally Insane Closed

We have them all here. Snow White the child killer, Aladdin infamous for his use of black magick and Dear Little Hansel and Gretal.

Survivors - Grangetown Disaster Closed

All that remains of the once prosperous city of Grangetown is ruins, but many accounts have spoken of a group that held out on the alien menace for a very long period. What isn't known is what happened to them, did they last or did they all perish?

The Greatest Show On Earth Closed

An old style carnival in the modern age that runs with freaks, humans and demons. The hopeless and lost find themselves here, many never leave. For as they say it's The Greatest Show on Earth'