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Started roleplaying in 2004 when I typed into google "star trek roleplay" which set me off, and slowly got off the ground since I enjoy the star trek series, and later on, I typed "dynasty warriors roleplay" as I joined a few more sites and my roleplaying improved, and learnt to develop my characters and now beginning to plot more after joining a fantasy roleplay site last year.
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England, UK
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0- 0-2004
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no favourite really

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Universes Created

Star Trek: Yeager

[Inactive] Adventures of the USS Yeager...where it will lead? You decide! as we boldly go, where no man has gone before!

Give all or nothing

[Full] Is honesty the best policy? Clearly not, when such deceit gives the human hunters an advantage in capturing werewolves to be used for research, but the journey is long with obstacles ahead. Who knows what will happen...

Life in Blood

(1x1 b/w S1mon and elidor495) Now an outcast and alone and condemned to die for having feelings, but perhaps there is something greater that you have, that will allow you to live, but for what cost.......

Star Trek Cold Front

[Always Accepting] Following the destruction of Romulus, the Klingon Empire has destroyed the Romulan Star Empire. Now the Alpha Quadrant is in disarray as a Task Force is dispatched to keep an eye on the borders, but is there trouble over the horizon...

If life gives you lemons

[1x1] There is many obstacles that come upon life's road but the question is how to deal with them...

I'll fight for you


Conflicted Love

(1x1 b/w Miss_Dreamer and S1mon) They were taught to oppose each other, and now told to love one another. How will the heirs of once-rival families be able to put their past aside and love who was once an enemy....?


[1x1] The greatest test of them all is love, torn between love for a girlfriend and love for his new step-brother, what will the decision be....

Who Dares Wins?

Does being popular? Does being cool? Does being bright? mean anything at all, where one's status can go down the toilet by a mere game? Means zilch if your not man enough to play, but means alot when the mere game ends up turning into reality....

Reconnecting Hearts

[1x1] Losing loved ones certainly takes a toll on those who were close to the deceased that some simply do not know how to deal with such loss. How will the broken-hearted ever get over it.....will things ever return to normal, or even better?

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