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A list of fictional characters written by Sabríat as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Catherine Belfonte

Catherine Belfonte, located in Clarkton

as part of The E.T. Project

"I mean, Its not like I killed somebody." [WIP]

Character Portrait: Benjamin Hall

Benjamin Hall, located in Woodbury, South Carolina

as part of The Claiming

"Is it okay to say I'm terrified right now?"

Character Portrait: Henry Ahlstedt

Henry Ahlstedt, located in Season 2

as part of The Walking Dead: Online

A man alone with his thoughts...

Character Portrait: Lucy Quaid

Lucy Quaid, located in St Augustine

as part of St Augustine.

Minor WIP, please dont accept yet things will probably be changing.

Character Portrait: Fallon Nelson

Fallon Nelson, located in Westboro City

as part of A Most Dangerous Game.

"The names Fallon...but usually I'm called Scout."

Character Portrait: Ellena Casey Schwartz

Ellena Casey Schwartz, located in Eugene, Oregon

as part of All We Want Is Peace

(WIP please don't accept yet :D)