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Scarlet Bullets » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by Scarlet Bullets as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: VY2

VY2, located in Undecided

as part of Vocaloid3: I=VocalON

"What childish voices..."

Character Portrait: Mikhail Simone

Mikhail Simone, located in World of Terra

as part of Animals, friends or foes?

Peacekeeper with a troubled hunter past. (UPDATED)

Character Portrait: Mukei Bullets

Mukei Bullets, located in Undecided

as part of Vocaloid3: I=VocalON

"Is it I or is it U?"

Character Portrait: Scarlet Blue

Scarlet Blue, located in That real but not real place, the Internet

as part of Random Bits of Thoughts

"Honesty is truth, and truth is where you find your answers under all the lies. Even if it means ruining ones self in the seeking.

Character Portrait: Wong Chi

Wong Chi, located in Secret Ranch of Kanto

as part of Secret Ranch Of Kanto

"Catching pokemon is not fun if they don't fear it."

Character Portrait: Beauty Willerston

Beauty Willerston, located in Secret Ranch of Kanto

as part of Secret Ranch Of Kanto

"Did you see that? Did you see me? EH? Your not paying attention to me!"

Character Portrait: Megpoid Gumi V3

Megpoid Gumi V3, located in Undecided

as part of Vocaloid3: I=VocalON

"I'm kicking you all off the stage now! One carrot at a time!"

Character Portrait: Yuri Kamatama

Yuri Kamatama, located in Naruto Conquered Earth

as part of The Naruto Occupation

"For the last bloody time! Just because my name is Yuri, DOES NOT MEAN I...LIKE...WOMEN!!!"

Character Portrait: Noriko Abibos

Noriko Abibos, located in Earth, Chicago

as part of Life Vs. Death : Chapter 1 : Waking up

"What a sad existence for us... At least have each other right cutie?"

Character Portrait: Typhoid Vocalist

Typhoid Vocalist, located in L.A. California

as part of The Mary Sue Story

"Oh hey. Let me help you with that... I'm Typhoid by the way, but everyone calls me Vocal."

Character Portrait: Minerva McGonalgall

Minerva McGonalgall, located in Hogwarts Castle

as part of I Solemnly Swear I am Up to No Good

In her early years, she was to be 'hot' ... Ya, about that...

Character Portrait: Dominic Truth

Dominic Truth, located in Rover City

as part of I'm Married?!

You wake up with a girl claiming to be your wife... A.) "Hello sweetie~" B.) "Ummm... Did I forget to pay you last night?" C.) "Who the- Get out of here crazy witch!"

Character Portrait: Abayomi 'Prototype'

Abayomi 'Prototype', located in Earth

as part of Land of the Damned

"You are now arrested by the government of area 51. Please surrender or I'll be forced to assault you. Trust me, it won't be pretty."

Character Portrait: Albus Dumbledore

Albus Dumbledore, located in Hogwarts Castle

as part of I Solemnly Swear I am Up to No Good

One of the greatest people you may ever meet.

Character Portrait: Ambrose Bevington

Ambrose Bevington, located in Mylura

as part of Battle of the Sexes

"Could you ever think of a world where all these bloody women were lock up in work camps? Sounds like the most delightful idea that ever crossed my mind... We have the power, lets make it happen eh?"

Character Portrait: Nat Eisenhower

Nat Eisenhower, located in Avernan Regional Hospital

as part of Horrors of War

"An eye for and eye. You burned mine, I'll stab yours..."

Character Portrait: Calcium 'Ca'

Calcium 'Ca', located in Scientists Lab [default for Vocaloid3]

as part of Vocaloid3: I=VocalON

"Confrontational, simulation, deny, repent, accumulation, contemplation, nucleation, escalations, annihilation. End. End. End. Vocal... Vocal... Vocaloids end here!"

Character Portrait: Frona Micheal Downs

Frona Micheal Downs, located in Massive Space Ship

as part of Dead Space

"Being on this ship, I've killed more than I've saved. I don't like to talk about it but as long as the bastards I kill don't get back up to frown at me and what I did. Then I'm happy."

Character Portrait: Oval Wave

Oval Wave, located in Secret Ranch of Kanto

as part of The Secret Ranch of Kanto

*suck* "I love popsicles!" *lick*

Character Portrait: Zuri Waratah

Zuri Waratah, located in Deadman's wonderland

as part of Deadman's wonderland

I'll do anything if it means I can be forgiven...

Character Portrait: Sketchy Bullets

Sketchy Bullets, located in Holiday Manor

as part of Christmas Estate

"Your gift? Oh here it is... Me."

Character Portrait: Greg Steel

Greg Steel, located in The world of Steel

as part of Fighting with Steel

"It's been well know that I'm going to be the won with that title, not you."

Character Portrait: Byron Shiner

Byron Shiner, located in Ferrum the Iron Imperium

as part of Imperial Romance

"Ah yes, I advise you mind your tongue around the princess, it just might be cut out."

Character Portrait: Metric Crossfade

Metric Crossfade, located in Kinkou High School

as part of Lost In your Eyes

"I'm wearing this scarf for a reason you know... Back off!"

Character Portrait: Eric Pepper Grimford

Eric Pepper Grimford, located in Rekken Island, Modern day Rhode Island

as part of Resident Evil: Rekken Island

A reporter with determination in his work, a writer as well, showing he not a shallow as most would think he be.

Character Portrait: Starch E. Kindred

Starch E. Kindred, located in Fantasy

as part of Era of battle

He is the king. You are what you eat. So... Wait... Oh my gosh!

Character Portrait: Kim Stewart

Kim Stewart, located in Cydren Laboratories

as part of Cydren: Psychosis.

"Do you see it? The monster... Hes looking at you."

Character Portrait: Succorbenoth

Succorbenoth, located in Fantasy

as part of Era of battle

The king of demons, enough said.

Character Portrait: Ambrose

Ambrose, located in The Earth

as part of Mutants: On The Run

"My Imperfections are the one thing you should fear the most. Just saying."

Character Portrait: Beauty Willerston

Beauty Willerston, located in Secret Ranch of Kanto

as part of The Secret Ranch of Kanto

"See, it's not whether I win or not... Oh wait, it is! Woo! I win! Sweets for everybody!" "

Character Portrait: Faith

Faith, located in Krestwood, Dissedan

as part of The Wicked

"Hello master! What are we learning today?"

Character Portrait: Sara Si

Sara Si, located in Zambeeville

as part of Casual Mortuus

"I want a milkshake! Do you think I could get one before we go?"

Character Portrait: Reach Reach

Reach Reach, located in USS Stellar Flame

as part of Space Voyage

"My life is my own, and it will stay that way. No mech nor monster will change that."

Character Portrait: Five Vernichi

Five Vernichi, located in deep space

as part of Dead Drift

"When things don't go right, go left."

Character Portrait: Aimina Longshot

Aimina Longshot, located in Tokyo, among other places

as part of Gang Life

"All of you would fail if I was not around. Who else is going to hack are way to big bucks? Jack? The bag of nails? Thought not."

Character Portrait: Bee/Alter

Bee/Alter, located in Earth Year 3027

as part of New Era - Magic Enters the Frey

"As long as the Alter controls me... I am nothing but a simple tool of war. Please... Help me."

Character Portrait: Sam Tyrona

Sam Tyrona, located in Florida

as part of Playing Dress Up

"Take it easy!? You take it easy! Meow~ Damn it!"

Character Portrait: Dante Stronghold

Dante Stronghold, located in Town Square

as part of Deliverance (Post-Apocalyptic Zombie RP)

"I'll make this clear, if you mess with one of my members I'll personally gut you."

Character Portrait: Rea Sukimima

Rea Sukimima, located in Chen Zhen Academy

as part of Chen Zhen Academy

"Baby I'm lawless, you couldn't burn me if you threw acid on me!"

Character Portrait: The Zombies...

The Zombies..., located in Zambeeville

as part of Casual Mortuus


Character Portrait: Samuel "Maria" Si

Samuel "Maria" Si, located in Zambeeville

as part of Casual Mortuus

"What a nice sister to keep my secret for so long..."

Character Portrait: Roger

Roger, located in Left 4 Dead Univers in time left4dead 1 and 2

as part of Left 4 Dead: New Apocalypse

"If you want your dinner you gonna haft to earn it zombies!"

Character Portrait: Mia Sato

Mia Sato, located in longstrike high

as part of Longstrike High: first quarter

"Being a medic is more than just on the sidelines. Its saving lives, and you can do that with bullets too."