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Hi there! I'm Morgan (or you can call me Scarlet, Scar, or Loup). I've been roleplaying since fourth grade, and I absolutely adore it. I love writing, reading, and attempting to make music. My favorite book changes constantly, but my favorite band tends to lean towards The Beatles, but secretly, it's still Green Day.

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Scarlet Loup
United States
College Student
Acting, writing, singing, reading, listening to music, playing the guitar
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06 Nov 2007
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Skyrim, RuneScape, and Fable II
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Historical & Science Fiction

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The Price of Blood

It is in our nature to lie, to deceive. We are all too often driven by our ambition and greed rather than our love for other humans, and this greed is what sends us on a path toward retrogression.


Though seemingly normal from the outside, the town of Bellingstone harbors its own secrets - a population of "supernaturals" that live in the presence of an ever-increasing population of unassuming humans.

Bullets, Blades, and Brains

It's weird, you know. They told you about heart attacks and strokes and cancer, but they never told you how to avoid joining the ranks of the undead. Is it even worth trying to survive anymore?

Thicker Than Water

Vampires have survived for years by controlling human trafficking rings. As humans grow aware of the issue, a group of detectives stubble upon something greater than they could have imagined. As allies turn on each other, can mere blood ties prevail?

The Gilded

In a world where wealth is based on the ability to possess beauty, revolution begins to brew, and no one is who they say they are.

Beyond the Veil

The story of an old home in New York, a cast of clueless mortals, and a gaggle of trapped spirits. How will these two groups affect each other? Can one survive with the other present?

Cirque Regalis

The name may allude to magnificence, but Cirque Regalis is plagued with greed, rebellion, and darkness. Do you dare to enter and experience it yourself?

Blood of the Covenant

Vampires have survived for years by controlling human trafficking rings in exclusive, underground clubs. However, as humans grow aware of the issue, tensions begin to build. As allies turn on each other, can mere blood ties prevail?

In the Den of Wolves

Private 1x1 between Scarlet Loup and nations

Bellingstone, PA

Though seemingly normal from the outside, the town of Bellingstone harbors its own secrets - a population of "supernaturals" that live in the presence of an ever-increasing population of unassuming humans.

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A Bar in New York City

Jean toyed with his sleeves and rolled them both up just past his elbows. The room felt too small, and he swore everything was a bit too loud. God, he hated crowds and people and all of it. Except that rush he got on stage. The little burst of energy that overcame him when they took the stage and began to play was incomparable. The build-up, however, was gut-wrenching.

His reverie was broken all of a sudden by Ashleigh’s appearance at his side. Jean jumped slightly, but it was masked by him suddenly turning to face her as she spoke hurriedly.

”Yes…” he finally said, giving a soft, breathy laugh. ”A little nervous, I suppose.” Jean looked back to her and forced a smile on his face as he watched her wring her hands. But his smile began to falter as she started speaking once more. The speed of her words raised his heartbeat, and he swallowed nervously. Jean forced out another soft laugh in a desperate attempt to soothe himself.

"It''s alright." His accent colored his words, coming in more thickly as he clung onto his persona with everything he could. Jean looked down at his guitar and lifted it up, throwing the strap over his head.

When they went onto the stage, he fell into a sort of spell, losing himself in the music. They were beautifully in sync, his guitar complementing her voice and creating something altogether entrancing. He was almost sad to hear the song end until the sound of applause reached his ears.

Jean slipped his guitar back into its case and buckled it up before he heard Ashleigh's voice. He looked back up and noticed her speaking to another woman. He walked back up onto the stage to stand beside Ashleigh just as she was introducing him to the woman. Wendy.

"A pleasure to meet you, Wendy," he replied, extending his hand to her and leaning a bit too much into his accent. He wasn't an idiot - he knew Americans loved it far too much. "It's lovely to meet you as well."

"I can only hope so. Someone with her talent deserves to go far." He looked back at Ashleigh and gave a slight smile.