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Yo I'm Scorpion. I'm a dude. I like Bacon, Freedom, and Butts.
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Everywhere, and yet Nowhere.
Awesome guy.
anime, card-games (ON MOTORCYCLES!!!) video-games, T.V. my computer, and many other random things
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0- 0-2006
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Life Itself.
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High Fantasy and Sci-Fi.

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2.50 INK received for post #2779374, located in Terra:

High Orbit

ISD Chimaera

Coming out of hyperspace above the planet brought a small sigh of relief to an inexperienced member of the Chimaera's crew. Everything ran in the green and the message was sent to Grand Admiral Thrawn that they had arrived at their desired location. A light winked in acknowledgement and life went on as normal.

Chimaera Main Hangar Bay

Kinara and Thrawn said their goodbyes, and parted ways. Kinara's shuttle took off for her Flagship, the Obsidian Eagle, and that was that. Thrawn then retired to his office aboard the Chimaera in order to go over the newly arrived ships of his Terran Defense Fleet, as well as meditate on the art of the various factions in this galaxy.

Thrawn was home. For now.

The Obsidian Eagle

Kinara landed in her hangar, and then made herway to the command deck for a tactical update on the goings on of the Grey Battalion during her absense. Nothing unusual to report - that was always nice to hear.

Status on thr hyper lane mapping of this galaxy was the same as before: slow, but steady - but nothing new since their last excursion into unknown space, which landed them in Langara.

Kinara would need to rest, but they'd continue their mapping soon enough.

1.00 INK received for post #2788045, located in Questrios City:

Demor wasn't too talkative as they came closer to the target, but he knew his role, and was going over what he had to do in his head. As Kathryn moved to the gravity beam opened up, he followed right behind her. If they were to play the power couple, he might as well stay close, right? He smirked to himself - he'd wanted to go out with an Aschen woman, but didn't exactly foresee having to go undercover as one of their operatives to do so. Oh well, he supposed. Maybe there were more perks to this job than he thought?

Besides money, anyway.

Unused to the Gravity beam, he sort of flailed briefly before calming down, body and tail stretched out for a moment within the confines of his outfit, which thankfully was comfortable and formal enough for this mission and its setting. As soon as his feet hit the ground, Demor followed Kathryn to the SUV, and offered her a smile, beginning to get into character.

"After you, my dear." he offered with that mischievous smile.

0.25 INK received for post #2770954, located in The Endaro System:

Demor was sort of annoyed that his proper greeting went mostly ignored, but brushed it off, it wasn't worth getting under his skin. As the Adjutant started to explain about the warship, Demor sort of tuned him out, he didn't care about the ship, he just wanted to find Montrose and be left alone. Preferably with her. Once they sat down at the table, Demor looked around the room again, and particularly at the hologram of Origin, tilting his head as he studied it, and in particular, where Storms seemed most common on the planet's surface. If anyone cared about them besides those in them, it was him. It was his specialty after all.

He'd let Kathryn or Ivera do most of the talking if possible - he was sure that his Xeno presence wouldn't be tolerated to speak too much. He was, however, starting to relax a little, his tail curling around one of the legs of his chair out of habit as he leaned back, making himself comfortable.

0.25 INK received for post #2789188, located in Caprica City Cosmodrome:

Boylan was half way to the shuttle set to bring him to the Profound Solitude when the official Declaration of War was announced. The man stopped in his tracks, staring up at the screen announcing it before gripping tighter against his sea-bag. He smiled - an excited, but cautious smile. There'd be a chance to use his skills in the near future. As the announcement ended, he smoothed out his uniform, and continued to walk with the rest of the New-Joins to the Profound Solitude's crew. There were plenty of assorted Enlisted-men and Lower Ranking Officers among him, all rendering appropriate greetings and salutes, which he returned without a thought or hesitation. He set his bag down at his feet, and waited.

0.25 INK received for post #2662292, located in Atella:

As the lightsabers of the droids made contact through the cold steel of the inner air-lock, Kinara took a few more breaths to pump up her body, then she activated her main saber, the night-stick shaped one in her left hand lacking a proper focusing crystal to be of much use. The green bladed hummed to life, and its black core crackled in the center.

She lowered into a defensive Soresu stance once more with her ignited saber pointing towards where she suspected her enemies would land -in front of her- and with her left arm bent slightly, the saber-resistant hilt of the guard-shoto saber gleaming in the light of the ship's interior.

"I guess about ten seconds before the party starts; I'll do what I can to keep 'em busy now that I'm fully rested." Kinara said into her comm channel. "Just try to get us on that planet! I don't care if you have to crash us in a field. I'm not dying in space." She growled.

Clearly the influence of the dark holocron hadn't completely rubbed off yet, but otherwise she remained neutral, light.

Alright....let's party.


I want three things in life: Bacon, good health, bacon, a good friend, bacon, better math skills, and did I mention Bacon yet?