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Yo I'm Scorpion. I'm a dude. I like Bacon, Freedom, and Butts.
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Awesome guy.
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Demor was sort of annoyed that his proper greeting went mostly ignored, but brushed it off, it wasn't worth getting under his skin. As the Adjutant started to explain about the warship, Demor sort of tuned him out, he didn't care about the ship, he just wanted to find Montrose and be left alone. Preferably with her. Once they sat down at the table, Demor looked around the room again, and particularly at the hologram of Origin, tilting his head as he studied it, and in particular, where Storms seemed most common on the planet's surface. If anyone cared about them besides those in them, it was him. It was his specialty after all.

He'd let Kathryn or Ivera do most of the talking if possible - he was sure that his Xeno presence wouldn't be tolerated to speak too much. He was, however, starting to relax a little, his tail curling around one of the legs of his chair out of habit as he leaned back, making himself comfortable.

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Boylan was half way to the shuttle set to bring him to the Profound Solitude when the official Declaration of War was announced. The man stopped in his tracks, staring up at the screen announcing it before gripping tighter against his sea-bag. He smiled - an excited, but cautious smile. There'd be a chance to use his skills in the near future. As the announcement ended, he smoothed out his uniform, and continued to walk with the rest of the New-Joins to the Profound Solitude's crew. There were plenty of assorted Enlisted-men and Lower Ranking Officers among him, all rendering appropriate greetings and salutes, which he returned without a thought or hesitation. He set his bag down at his feet, and waited.

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The air shook, the darkness shattered with brilliant Golden Light, and the ground quaked, cracking under the weight of the Dragon in Human Form who had forcibly Teleported himself to this world. He landed on his feet, his Armor forming around his body as he did so. Immediately following his appearance, the Corrupted Dragon of Light fell to a knee, once more quaking the ground as his weight came down, the earth cracking beneath him as he hurled up the contents of his stomach. It wasn't much - some Draconian Wine, some meat, and blood. His blood. The Corruption, he mused, and nothing more, was the cause.

Raising to his feet once more, Irral took in a deep, slow breath. Magic was everywhere on this planet and in this land. Other Dragons, Druids, Mages good and bad, Witches, Necromancers, elves, and a large mix of races only before seen on Terra by the first Son of Light. A shift in the wind caught his attention and he lowered his chin. His Draconian Duradaeden Helmet appeared around his head, and his Lance appeared in his hand.

"Who dares approach the Son of Light!?" he growled. Clearly, Irral was not keen on being sneaked up on, or bumped into unannounced. Granted, it wasn't his fault that whenever he appeared, a great flash of light followed with him. It was just the nature of his magic as he moved from area to the other. It marked the appearance of someone of great power, and his case, it meant him.

But who would approach him so soon after he appeared?

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The very air shook gently, and with a flash of Golden Light behind the group before the door, Irral appeared. The First Son of the Light, a Light Dragon, corrupted but still righteous in his power, sworn to defeat Draco, to put an end to all darkness. The gentle clank of his Draconian Battle Armor filled the air as he stood, towering over the others at twelve feet in height. Irral's helmet, imposing and resembling his Dragon form's own head, began to glow gold before vanishing, revealing a youthful, but tired man, with pure white hair braided into a ponytail, fair skin, and eyes of Solid Gold, tainted by swirling streaks of Violet. Black Reptilian slits formed his pupils, and he looked to the trio, now foursome as the pokemon used its attack on the wall in order to try and open it. Whatever lay behind that door interested him. And whether it was something able to defeat Draco, or something that the Shadow Dragon would find useful, Irral wanted to know, and wanted to deal with it personally.

He said nothing, nor did he move, instead opting to stand and watch, a good ten meters back behind Jennifer, Carson and Flynn, his stance relaxed, and the aura he projected one of calming benevolence. He wasn't here to hurt anyone, on the contrary he was here to protect.

0.25 INK received for post #2760129, located in The Impervious Door:

The added presence of Kanto did not worry Irral, nor did the actions of the others. No, in fact he seemed to ignore them, or over-look them. They couldn't harm him anyway - not as he was. Perhaps one of their pokemon would be able to put up a minor fight, but ultimately Irral's unstable, corrupted Light Magic would overwhelm them. What intrigued Irral was the dancing of the Shadows along the door, and the opening of two emerald eyes, watching the group trying to gain access. Tilting his head, the Corrupted Dragon of Light narrowed his eyes, tainted Gold iris's contracting, the black pupils becoming slits.

"Something... Dark is working its Magic. Something beyond even Draco." Irral spoke at last, his voice, while a fair and modest Baritone, rumbled one to the bone with its power and wisdom. He was ancient. Being the First born Dragon from the Original Dragon had its perks, after all. Stepping forward, his Armor clanked quietly as he strode forth to the door. He held out his left hand, his Draconian Lance sliding from its place on his back, and into his hand, slender fingers closing around the shaft, the claws of the gauntlet making small tink! sounds as they connected with the metal. His steps were slow and methodical, almost as if he were testing whatever was behind that door, seeing just how much it would react to his Holy, albeit corrupted presence.


I want three things in life: Bacon, good health, bacon, a good friend, bacon, better math skills, and did I mention Bacon yet?