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The room was dark, the only light coming from the Holovision screens in a far corner and a single Holotab. A silhouette barely stood out in the room, their dark skin and blank facial features illuminated by the blue light of the Holotab.

The sounds of clicking played in Yeqon's ear as his finger swiped along the hologram projecting from the Holotab. Since late into the night, he's been continuously examining his schedule. Only a few moments of exhaustion hit him until he'd wake up due to bodily pain. Therefore, Yeqon gave up on the idea of rest and seated himself on his couch for the whole night.

Leaning against the pillows, he's been silently scrolling through reports, hoping the monotonous act would invoke sleep. It didn't. Now, the time to get ready had come, and Yeqon could only accept his fate of fatigue. Not like it showed on his face. The perks of having little facial expressions. No one knew what you were thinking or feeling.

He sighed, placing the Holotab on the coffee table next to the vase of faintly glowing flowers and picture frames. He laid down on the couch and closed his eyes. Taking in the silence around him. He raised his hands and started rubbing his temples, easing the tension building in his head. While basking in the quiet, a knock echoed, announcing the arrival of Yeqon's busy day.

"Mr. Cryo." Yeqon didn't answer. He kept his position, ignoring the call. A few minutes passed, and another knock came, "Master, it's me."

"...Come in, Mr. Kilos..only you." At his words, a purple-skinned mutant with pointy ears, sharp eyes, and grey hair opened the sliding doors. Light leaked into the room, causing Yeqon to sigh.

Before entering the room, the mutant stopped and turned to the individual behind him, "Mr. Cryo, requests only me. Tell Governor Cryo we will be on our way shortly." He gave an order to the aquatic type mutant glancing at him with concern. Their worries fell on deaf ears as Eon closed the door without waiting for an answer.

Eon stood in the darkroom, staring silently at Yeqon's laying silhouette,"...Does Governor Cryo need me?" Yeqon asked. Governor Cryo, his Father, though he never refers to him as such. Yeqon remembers the first time his Father beat him for referring to him improperly. It left faints scars, which rarely happened, thus leaving a deep impression on Yeqon's mind. After that day, the word Father has never escaped Yeqon's lips.

"No, but he doesn't want you to be late...he said it's a disgraceful act." Yeqon opened his eyes. He turned his head in the direction of Eon's voice, his green eyes focused on the tunnel of darkness in front of him.

"...I understand...Please, bring me the blue to the far left...Holotub." Yeqon's words came out slowly.

Eon walked toward the blue screen's direction, his eyes quickly adjusting to the lack of light in the room. His Master's room always looked like a picture out of a dream. Its color theme is dark blue, white, and gold. Blue carpets, tables, and sheets decorated with a few white chairs and two couches, along with golden accents; the most striking was golden cranes printed on the carpeting. Coupled with the latest technology, a large shelf filled with books and another more enormous shelf covered in alcohol bottles. It truly is a picture-perfect environment, but most of the area appeared untouched, except for the couch and two shelves of books and alcohol. Eon knew his Master never used his bed since he rarely slept well.

Eon clutched the bottle of pills. He paused. Jiggling the bottle a little, he realized how little pills were inside. These were ordered recently — five days ago — the bottle holding around 100 pills. There felt to be less than half now.

Eon sighed, "Master..." he didn't finish his sentence. It wasn't his place to voice complaints about Yeqon's choices, and he knew how much pain his Master felt. Therefore he didn't have the heart to speak against taking any more pills.

Swiftly preparing a cup of water, Eon silently placed the items on the coffee table in front of Yeqon, "Has your schedule been updated, Master?" Yeqon nodded, still remaining in his position.

Eon reached for the holotab on the table and started scrolling through the list of times. He needed to prepare himself to serve Yeqon for the day. Hesitating, a frown appeared on his face. He glared at a title listed on his Master's device, Game of Pursuit—a horrid pastime created to entertain human's twisted pleasure for betting and mutant death.

Yeqon noticed Eon's unusual silence and opened his eyes. He gazed at him, then turned his attention to the glass of water and medicine in front of him, "...Can I have alcohol?" Water wasn't enough to numb the pain, and the pills only did so much.

"No, it's not safe." If it was any other human, Eon's head would be flying for denying them, "Water is enough."

Yeqon reached for the bottle, pulling out three pills. Sitting up, he sighed before popping the medicine in his mouth and downing them with a few gulps of water.

He sat in silence for a while, letting the pill's effects spread through his body. Yeqon felt a slight numbness cover him. Not perfect, but he felt grateful for the smallest of relief.

After a few moments of stillness, he glanced up at the dark elf. Eon paused his scrolling, feeling Yeqon's eyes on him, "...You don't have to attend the opening."

The dark elf blinked at his Master. He knew Yeqon never enjoyed dragging Eon around like a slave, but he did it to keep the dark elf safe from questioning eyes. But this was the first time Yeqon has ever told, or asked, Eon not to come with him.

Yeqon knew Eon's feelings about the games. How couldn't he? At least those in higher positions, every mutant on the ships, knew the game was nothing more than a slaughterhouse for mutants and a circus show for humans. He didn't need an attendant to follow him into the chaos. Or, more specifically, he didn't want Eon to sit there in silence watching the events unfold.

Eon didn't look up from the Holotub, "...May I speak inappropriately?" He asked for permission to speak his mind, an action no mutant could do in front of a human.

"...Proceed..." Yeqon waved his hand, beckoning Eon to speak.

"Why are you doing this? You've never listened to requests from Governor Cryo to participate in the games before, even if it resulted in beatings. are something you have avoided for years. Why now? What changed...Yeqon?"

Despite being a human, or more accurately half-human, Yeqon was a rare individual. Unlike most humans, he gave respect toward everyone, even mutants. He avoided humans' usual pleasures and their pastime of tormenting mutants, though Yeqon has had moments he needed to kill on orders. But other than those situations, Eon knew Yeqon would never engage in events like these, so there had to be a reason. A reason for this sudden change.

Yeqon didn't answer, his eyes staring into the darkness. How could he tell the truth? Though the reason is essential to Yeqon, in comparison to watching and enforcing the deaths of others' lives, even mutants, his own reasons for engaging in such acts were nothing short of selfish. Nevertheless, the reward was more significant than the shame he felt.

"...I apologize, Eon." Yeqon's voice was monotone, while his words were sincere. He truly felt sorry, but he wasn't going to stop, "I...need to get dressed...the outfit?"

Eon sighed silently at Yeqon's avoidance. He walked over to the closet and rummaged through his clothes. A small gasp slipped from his lips as he blankly staring at the plum and gold fabric, "...How...unique?" Eon didn't want to insult the design, but it shocked him to see a color different from Yeqon's usual dark tones.

Yeqon broke and let out a small chuckle. He agreed the outfit wasn't to his usual tastes, but he was the Vice Overseer, and the appeal of matching outfits between him and Kore, the Head Overseer, was enormous. So he had no choice but to comply. At least they made it into a suit. He insisted on the outfit's design to be as simple as possible, a challenging feat for Kore and the designers' grandiose desires. Finally, a compromise was made, bold but straightforward — a plum suit with golden swirls. Yeqon didn't dislike the current outfit, in all honesty. It still had an elegant feel despite its bold colors. But the thought of wearing anything other than his usual dark colors was unappealing. He felt like a walking hologram sign, with the words LOOK AT ME, written all over him. He could feel the eyes of competitors and humans on him already.

"...Will you be participating?" He asked Eon once again if he planned to come.

Eon blinked, "Not anymore after seeing this outfit." The dark elf glanced over at his Master. He smiled after seeing Yeqon's slightly trembling shoulders and hearing his soft chuckles. Yeqon needed to laugh now because later, Eon could already see the days ahead where his Master will be drowning himself with bottle after bottle of pills and alcohol. This was going to be a long game.


Stepping into the hallway, two Officers stood in attention, waiting for Yeqon's arrival. They flinched at the dark man's sharp gaze and took a few gulps, "W-we...", the tallest officer cleared his throat, "Excuse me, we are here to escort you, Mr. Cryo." Yeqon said nothing and walked ahead. He knew the way; hence, the guards were unnecessary in his eyes. But they still followed him, flustered by his strict silence and closed-off demeanor. He could hear their whispers while on the moving sidewalks.

"He doesn't look like Governor Cryo, but you can't deny that he's his son. They both have such a suffocating presence."

" I agree. I couldn't breathe when he stared at me. I thought my head would fall if I even blinked at him wrong."

"So frightening."

Yeqon remained silent while the sidewalk moved out of the residential area. He sighed as he saw the approaching flashing lights,

"Mr. Cryo! Mr. Cryo! Can we get a picture?!" Yeqon never understood the use of asking when you were going to do it anyway. He didn't even give attention to the flashing Foto pods blinding his vision. He looked straight ahead, ignoring the calls for him to smile or turn towards the lens.

Yeqon stepped off the walkway, onto the Blue Carpet. Seeing the flood of Fotors, Yeqon immediately wanted to turn around and return to his darkroom for a drink. Even talking to his Father would be more comfortable than dealing with this crowd. He stood in silence until a cheery voice called for him.

He lifted his head to see a woman in an outfit similar to his own, waving in his direction. He strode over to her, "...Good Morning, Ms. Kore." Yeqon never addressed individuals by their first names, though after much debate and constant pleading, Kore convinced Yeqon to call her Ms. Kore instead of Ms. Mars.

Yeqon locked his arm around hers, though the idea of being so close to someone didn't appeal to Yeqon, he'd play his part, "...Yes...we on our way." His job was to assist and silently protect Kore throughout the games. While also offering commentary here and there, Kore taking care of the rest.

Yeqon slowed his steps to match Kore's, ignoring the rambling of the Fotors. He left commenting to Kore, merely following her lead. This was Kore's playground; he had learned that she knew how to handle a crowd despite her wild energy. A strength that Yeqon did not possess. People either stared at him because of his appearance or avoided him because of his intimidating demeanor. Therefore, he wasn't the right choice to engage in small talk. Even the Fotors knew to simply address Kore, and if they wanted Yeqon to talk, they would ask Kore to start the conversation since he would answer to her.

Staring straight ahead, he made short pauses for Kore so she could address the questions she wanted. If he noticed a rather annoying or inappropriate inquiry directed at Kore, he'd gently pull her along before she could answer. A few nasty stares would shoot his way, but all he had to do was turn his gaze toward them, and they would look away. This continued until they finally reached the stage.

Yeqon unlocked his arm around Kore and stood behind her, allowing her to be the one in front. He offered glances of acknowledgment to his teammates before following Kore to the podium.

Music blared, signaling the start of the games, the hall echoing in the citizens' cheers. Yeqon already wanted to leave when he saw the massive wave of people staring at them with hungry eyes, the anticipation displayed fully on their faces. Turning his attention away from the sea of humans, he focused on Kore, as it was time for Kore and Yeqon to announce the competitors. He didn't speak, as it was discussed during practice that Kore would be the primary spokesperson and would signal Yeqon when he needed to talk.

Kore paused, waiting for Yeon's response, "...Advanced algorithm..." A mixture of gasps and cheers filled the halls at Kore's and Yeqon's comment.

The picking finished after an hour. After the last contestant was pulled, Yeqon felt a sense of relief. Finally, he could remove himself from the people's gazes, if only for a while.

Kore said her final congratulations before the cameras turned off. Yeqon relaxed slightly and turned to Kore, "...It was splendid, Ms. Kore." he responded in a toneless voice, "...You and the team...were naturals."