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The heart pumping. The sweat staining the skin. The blood flowing relentlessly. The breathing fighting for freedom. The wind seeking adherence. The mind wandering without consideration. The adrenaline never ceasing its control. That is Ryou's current state while doing his usual morning routine. His speed never losing ground as it increases in bursts. He also incorporated lunges in them. He only stopped when he reached his 8-mile mark. After that, he proceeded to go to his gym which he does on weekends. There he started his regimen of front squats, clean high pulls, chin-ups, power lunges, towel rack rows, dumbbell jump squats, push jerks, close-grip bench presses, dumbbell step-ups, and barbell curl and presses. He let himself be drowned in the physicality of his workouts. It blocks out the noise of his wandering thoughts and that is helpful. That continued for an hour and a half before he cooled down and took a shower.

Ryou left the gym and then visited the local market. It was his turn to prepare breakfast so he grabbed a few ingredients before returning home. Everyone was still sleeping and that was normal on days like these. They tend to sleep in. His uncle left yesterday for a business trip and won't be back till next week. His cousin, Reisha went on a winter training sports camp and would not be back till Monday. Basically, it is just his aunt, Trixie, Hikaru, and him at home. That means he would be making breakfast for four. He dropped what he bought at the kitchen counter and began to make his preparations for an American breakfast. Hikaru requested it to him when he picked him up at school yesterday. His little brother must have missed what their mother used to make for them back in that old place.

Image"Ohayōgozaimasu! That smells delicious Ryou-kun as always!" Margarette greeted Ryou with a bright smile as she entered the kitchen. During the weekends, it was her dependable nephew that handles the kitchen duties. It was really amazing too because she thought initially that he could only make fried and burnt things. But surprising enough, he maneuvers cooking with great ease. "You will be a wonderful househusband, Ryou-kun." He wasn't sure if he should be happy about that comment or not. That's why he chose to ignore it and instead handed his aunt her favorite earl gray creme black tea. "Ohayō, Obasan."

Margarette took the tea. "Arigatou!" She took a sip and then helped to set up the table. Trixie and Hikaru would be up any moment after all. But while doing so, she asked Ryou. "Ryou-kun, I did not tell Takahiro, but you are not hurt in that fire, right?" He approached the table and put down the food he cooked. "No. I'm fine. Don't worry." He then looked at his aunt dauntingly. "You can inspect me if you want." She blinked her eyes a couple of times as she registered his words and then laughed. "If I didn't know better. You were flirting. You really should practice your Japanese more."

Ryou had an awkward expression as he rethinks about his words. "Gomen." Margarette patted his shoulder. She was aiming for his head but he is just too tall for her. "It's fine. You are taking the kids out later on right?" He nodded. "Yeah, Hikaru and Trixie wanted to go to the Aquarium." She smiled warmly at him. Whenever he is free, he would not fail to spend time with the little ones. He was also really good at handling them. She recalled the time he was left with the primary schoolers during a school trip. He played with them by becoming a human lifting machine and a substitute monkey bar. "Well then, I'll make the lunches then." He shook his head at that. "You don't have to. I'm in charge of the kitchen. Just take the day-off Obasan." She forgot that he is quite the responsible and dutiful type of person. He never backs out from any work he accepted.

ImageIt was at that point Trixie entered in clear excitement because of the delicious smell. "Ohayō! Wow!!! Pancakes!!!!" She did not waste time as she took her seat at the table. It was always a great treat when Ryou cooks for them. She is actually envious of Hikaru who always ate his older brother's food before they came to Japan. She usually just enjoys it during weekends. Other than the food, she was also excited about the trip to the Aquarium. It was going to be a wonderful day she was sure of that. "Ohayōgozaimasu, Trixie-chan." Margarette patted the head of her daughter. "Ohayō, Trixie." He used to call his little cousin with a -chan. But, she was clearly opposed to it and said to call her by name. She had a very large pout so he just complied.

Trixie smiled happily while Margarette started to fill her daughter's plate with pancakes, hash browns, sausages, toasts, sunny-side up eggs, and bacon. There is also a salad and some fruits to munch on then milk or orange juice to flush it all down. Ryou presented his little cousin with syrups and toppings she would like on her pancakes. "Ryou-nii can you draw a smiley face on my pancake?" He didn't mind. Ever since he did it for Hikaru, Trixie had been asking for it too. The two had formed an odd rivalry with Ryou in the middle. "Sure."

ImageWhile Ryou was doing that, he felt someone tugging on his pants. He looked and gave a small smile. "Ohayō, Hikaru." Margarette greeted her little nephew too. "Ohayōgozaimasu, Hikaru-kun." In return, Hikaru smiled back. "Ohayō Nii-chan! Obachan!" Trixie also gave her greeting. "Ohayō! Hikaru-kun! You better hurry up and eat!" Hearing this, Hikaru glared at Trixie. She was supposed to wake him up but she didn't. Instead, she was hugging his brother's attention. That was not really fair. "Hmph! If you eat that many you will turn into a piggy you know." Trixie pouted. "I will not! You are a meanie!" That was the start of a rather noisy breakfast.

Margarette did her best to calm Hikaru and Trixie who were both engaged in an argument which jumps all over the place. But, it was clear to her that these two kids get along just fine. They were excited for their trip to the Aquarium with Ryou. It made her wonder if Ryou was similar to Hikaru when he was much much younger. She looked at her older nephew who was reading the newspaper while drinking his black coffee. He sure acts like an old man with his habits and choice of drink. "Now if you two are done with your breakfast, you should go upstairs and get ready, okay?"

Hikaru and Trixie both answered happily. With breakfast done, Ryou cleaned up while Margarette helped out even when he said he can handle it. "Aren't you going out for the day too, Obasan? You can leave this with me." She released a sigh and looked at her nephew who was insistent on not letting her help. She really can't do much if he really stops her seriously. "..Fine, I'll get out of your way, Ryou-kun. But do tell me if you need anything okay?" He nodded as a positive answer and he was finally left alone in the kitchen. It was silent and it didn't bother him. This was quite welcomed since most of the time he is surrounded by the noises of those around him. Some were welcomed. Others are greatly rejected. It seemed he is still disconnected.

The quiet moment soon passed as Ryou was now done with cleaning up. It was then his phone rang. "Yeah?" Another voice echoed through as his eyes narrowed at every word that he heard. He left the kitchen and was now outside at the backyard. He clearly didn't want his conversation to be heard. "It's fine. I already have one." He then looked at the windows which he found Hikaru looking at him with a smile. "Just make sure that guy is there." Hikaru waved at him which he returned with a smile and a wave too. "I'll handle the rest." Satisfied, Hikaru continued with getting ready for the trip as he left the window. Ryou lowered his hand and his silver eyes gleamed with a dangerous sharpness. "I don't lose." He ended the call and released a heavy sigh before returning inside the house. He still needs to go to the Aquarium.


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"It's said that this emptiness I have
is a scary thing, because when it is filled
that would be the key to have me move
and make sure that I will always be filled
that's because I cannot be empty again
and that's scary for the one who filled me."

Ryou did what he was told by Belrose. He didn't mind doing what someone says as long as it is reasonable and has something to do with the activity. The arrangement was also agreeable and the synergy between them as partners was as always all business without the excess baggage of anything. This kind of relationship was the most comfortable for him. There were no complicated factors, just do this and be done with it. No attachments.

That is why the assignment was finished. Belrose then offered a few words of appreciation, "Okay. Thanks.", before letting the school idol turned it over to the teacher. The bell rang afterwards informing that school was done. He stood from his seat and had a brief thought about Argyris. He was advised to see her when she comes back. It should be proper to give her a gift. He would need to ask her cousins later what do girls like these days. It seemed out of place, but he sensed something with Belrose's words. He did say that she is a...friend.

That should be enough on Ryou's part though. He ended that brief thought and was about to make his exit when he saw a scene, he could not just walked away from. It was quick for him to catch up with his long legs as the distance was compensated. His hand found its way on his fellow senior's wrist. "Let her go, Harigae-san." His silver eyes were clear and did not held the grave threat that usually present when... "Kim-san told you to release her." But, he was serious in his words as his grip on Harigae's wrist tightened to demonstrate his intentions.

The usual Ryou would have ignored this entirely and would not feel any sense of guilt from it. He is not chivalrous to people who he does not have a sense of responsibility over. That has changed now, because Kim is his responsibility, they had a blood pact. They are allies. This was also different from the rest of the interactions he had seen her with which he could just let it play to her devices. He would not get involved. This moment, she was flustered and he could hear the people quick to make jabs at her.

"Do it." Ryou's voice did not betray his seriousness as well. His silver eyes gazed at Harigae. He has nothing against the blue-haired senior. He is aware of Harigae's trait of having metaphors go over the his head or the fact he takes almost everything happening too literally or speaking tactlessly. It was not hard not to know since their peers like gossiping. He is also aware there must be a reason for the guy's action, but he does not care at all on whatever it could be. That could be saving the world or something menial like buying bagels. Whatever it is, that does not mean a thing to him.

What matters to Ryou is what Kim wants and she had said that clear enough for him to hear. It had already been quite among the hot topics of how the adored loner and the detested witch became suddenly close without anyone noticing it. There is also the clear protectiveness he displays with her. That is why people are aware that this could go wrong with one move. His eyes never leaving Harigae or did he allow the guy move an inch with Kim in tow. That should not be hard comparing Harigae's strength to his strength. His body had positioned itself between Harigae and Kim, his body language clearly states that he would protect Ursula. "Now."

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"I don't care what they do,
I just wanna be with you,
and I don't mind all the times
we will fight just to get through,
yeah, 'cause all these empty faces,
they got nothin' on yours."

The sound of rubber kissing asphalt with a dangerous grit made Ryou's silvery eyes overflow with urgency and a far-away vision as he instinctively pulled Kim towards him, pressing her body against his. He did not care if she would be offended by what he did. All that mattered is that her body was enveloped by his arms. That she was safe there as he even turned his back from where the sound came from, shielding her with his body. There was a clear sense of desperation in his actions. His heartbeat was even erratic in its rhythm. His eyes clouded by an unknown haze.

The scene before Ryou was that of shouts, fire, pain, and a lot of blood. His eyes see a memory that anchored him with great possessiveness. It was like a demon that pulled him with such obsession to a world of void. However, a touch of warmth dispersed his reverie and his gaze slowly cleared. His arms around Kim loosened and eventually fell to his side. It was just like how he said to her before. He is helpless before her. His eyes slowly yet certainly focused on her as those hands held his sanity even if she did not know though. The sounds of panic due to the incident were completely drowned by her command.

Ryou was unable to answer immediately though. He was trapped in a haze earlier and was still in the process of understanding what Kim meant. So, it took a while before it clicked to him. "None. It is as you say, every word, Kim-san." He repeated his statement from before, but this time it carried a deadly sense of weight. It was spoken like an oath. They stayed like that for a while. He never looked at anyone else but her. Their moment only ended when she let him go and along the way provided him a confirmation of what happened around them.

Even with the knowledge of an accident, Ryou did not move an inch from his position nor did he remove his eyes on Kim. He did not even say anything or express dislike to what she was doing to her employees from what he could tell. He did say she could do whatever she wants. It would not change anything within him. He would not stop her as long as she wants it. Just like how she faced him and held his hand once more, its warmth reminded him to grip reality and also her hand was truly small, just like how her body was as well. She is fragile and delicate in his arms and yet she is without doubt a strong individual to handle it all. She is amazing.

"Let the world be jealous then." Ryou started without looking away from Kim. "You are the one who matters." He said with such a straight face and then again that is one of his definitive trait. His words were always his code and her smile despite its playful and dark nature comforted him. She was most likely unaware of this. Then, their hands were separated as she entered her car. "Yes. Be safe, Kim-san." Just like that, he watched until her car was out of his sight.

Only then did Ryou moved from his spot. He then cast a glance towards the crowd of people where the incident happened. He could not see who were exactly caught up with it since the spectators covered them. However, he heard Miyamoto's voice telling others to leave. That was an effective deterrent for him. And so, he left Airdalen for the day. After all, he still has to pick up Hikaru, go to work, and then tell her his day.


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