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Selene Durlan » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by Selene Durlan as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Antonio Treveno

Antonio Treveno, located in Zombie Apocalypse

as part of The Days That Follow

Former Business Man

Character Portrait: Salazar Eskandi

Salazar Eskandi, located in Etheria

as part of Skyguard: Rising

"Who me? I'm the most honest liar you'll ever meet."

Character Portrait: Malik Falmari

Malik Falmari, located in The Kingdom of Mederva

as part of Within the Castle

"Happiness is good wine, good company, and the smell of the ocean."

Character Portrait: Eshe Summersong

Eshe Summersong, located in Etheria

as part of Skyguard: Rising

"In the north, there is no 'trying.' You survive, or you die. I will not try. I will succeed, and so shall you."

Character Portrait: Ephraim de Montefort

Ephraim de Montefort, located in The Kingdom of Mederva

as part of Within the Castle

"I do not desire the crown, but if that makes me most suited for it, then I have no choice."

Character Portrait: Adolphe Stayne

Adolphe Stayne, located in The Cellar

as part of Taken With Force

"Man is the cruelest animal."

Character Portrait: Niall Callhoun

Niall Callhoun, located in The Forgotten World

as part of Crowns and Empires

"I serve the Life-Force."

Character Portrait: Kalika Becker

Kalika Becker, located in Summoning Classroom.

as part of Summoner Chronicles

"If my looks could kill."

Character Portrait: Kiera Trennan

Kiera Trennan, located in The Haven Universe

as part of Live Together or Die Alone

Turns out, math can be useful after all

Character Portrait: Griffin

Griffin, located in The Lithium Forest in Isiria

as part of Blood and Brittle Bones

"We Shouldn't Allow Emotions To Get In The Way Of making A Decision, Especially If That Decision Effects The Entire Pack!"

Character Portrait: Isaac Dimitri

Isaac Dimitri, located in The Milky Way Galaxy

as part of Nebula's Dawn: Lance of Liberty

"Any war can be fought and won by a single man or woman."

Character Portrait: Murphy O'Donnell

Murphy O'Donnell, located in The New World

as part of The Will to Survive: The New World's Order

"If you want to get an Irishman to come to you, use whiskey not potatoes."

Character Portrait: Karenza

Karenza, located in The Universe

as part of Dark Carnival:

The Fantastical Cat Lady and Resident Panthera Trainer

Character Portrait: Kaori

Kaori, located in Ingloriously Normal Japan, 20XX

as part of Bad Hands

Beta of WildDogs....And she used to be an adventurer like you, until she took an arrow to the knee.

Character Portrait: Amori Tsubasa

Amori Tsubasa, located in Ingloriously Normal Japan, 20XX

as part of Bad Hands

Disillusioned Tengu monk. "Wherever enlightenment is, it sure ain't ta be found sittin' by yerself at the summit o' some damn mountain."

Character Portrait: Yamada Shirayuki

Yamada Shirayuki, located in Ingloriously Normal Japan, 20XX

as part of Bad Hands

Hanyou physician- the doctor is in.

Character Portrait: Kimber Amadrim of Fellhaven

Kimber Amadrim of Fellhaven, located in Chapter 1: Freedom

as part of The Chronicles of Varnic: Calitora Prime

A female legionnaire. Battle hardened, expert swordswoman, decent archer.

Character Portrait: Kelda

Kelda, located in The Garden

as part of Roman Lands

The house doctor/healer

Character Portrait: Anvain Koravelki

Anvain Koravelki, located in Gladitorial Stables

as part of Red Sand

Soft-hearted forest elf

Character Portrait: Astrid Weaver

Astrid Weaver, located in In the Land of Baekoth

as part of Baekoth: Revolution of the Heretical

"I have never understood why men and gods fight so hard to survive. As though that were the same thing as living."

Character Portrait: Leilatha Esta Nym

Leilatha Esta Nym, located in Fantasy

as part of Red Sand

Don't worry about life, you're not going to survive it anyway.

Character Portrait: Kiandria Garrison

Kiandria Garrison, located in Mortal Realm

as part of Murder by Myth

Necessity knows no law.

Character Portrait: Karenza

Karenza, located in The Universe

as part of The Greatest Show in the Universe

The Fantastical Cat Lady and resident Panthera trainer

Character Portrait: Kimber Amadrim

Kimber Amadrim, located in Walking Dead Universe

as part of The Walking Dead: Colorado Chapter

"There can be life after death....Or not."

Character Portrait: Akida

Akida, located in The Desert

as part of Shadows of The Forgotten

"I will fight until my dying breath for Peace and Justice!"

Character Portrait: Theron Lockwood

Theron Lockwood, located in Valcrest

as part of Shadows of The Forgotten

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."

Character Portrait: Dalan Bayar

Dalan Bayar, located in Wicked Wolf Tavern

as part of The Wicked Wolf Tavern

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. I believe we need more of both types."

Character Portrait: Rowan Verrow

Rowan Verrow, located in Kingdom of Seria

as part of Red Sand

"Don't worry about me... just try to stay alive."

Character Portrait: Arian Friosealt

Arian Friosealt, located in Wicked Wolf Tavern

as part of The Wicked Wolf Tavern

"Shush up ya hear?"