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Universes Created

WOOHP: Project XXY

For many years, WOOHP has been hired to send it's trained spies on missions all over the globe in order to stop those who threaten it's civilians. Founded in France, the United Nations allowed WOOHP to set HQ in various countries. This is the LA facility.

Acme Academy

(NOW ACCEPTING)Sabrina Spellman has been experimenting with spells and potions again,what happens when all goes wrong & everyone in the animated world comes to life as teenagers?With the help of her Aunts,she opened Acme Academy to prevent chaos.

Camp Keystone: Back to the Beginning

You thought vampires,werewolves, mermaids, encantados, elves, nymphs and many other creatures weren't real? Well your wrong. And most of them are stuck in summer camp for mystical creatures. How will these campers all get along?

Deerfield Academy

(NEEDS MORE MALES)Deerfield Academy is a prestigious boarding school that not just anybody can get into. These students are trying to handle their academics and just living their life to the fullest. It's almost impossible.

Welcome to Concordia

To the normal human family, Concordia is nothing but an over priced gated community with perfectly manicured homes, but inside the gates lay a neighborhood full of secrets and residents that are anything but normal.

Gideon Academy

(ACCEPTING!!)Gideon is an elite boarding school where the students are experts when it comes to rule breaking. These teenagers have created their own city-like society. Will their intelligence get them though love, lust, heartbreak, drugs and friendship?

The Wild Bunch

(OPEN!)A group of 7 teens have been friends since 6th grade. Now it's their senior year and they are trying to make the best of it,no matter now much high school always sucked. (Five of them are in a pop-punk band and they are finally going somewhere.)

Half-Blood Island

Located in a remote area, Half-Blood Island is where demigods come to seek refuge and train so they can grow stronger and protect themselves outside of the island.

Division 372

Division 372 serves as the training branch of P.H.O.E.N.I.X, which is an organisation that hires those with extraordinary abilities to protect the world's peaceful civilians from the forces of evil.

DemiGods: Not your ordinary high school

When they finally find out who they really are, they are forced to come here. Evil is after these kids and their life won't ever be the same.

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