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Erm? About me...Hmmm...Well,

I am 24.

I am male.

I was in the JROTC for six years, achieved equivalent rank of Sgt Major in both Marines and Air Force.

I was a 2nd LT in the real U.S Army.

I've been in several martial arts including but not limited to; Jiu-Jitsu, both Brazilian and Japanese. Hapkido, my first. Karate( Kyokushin kaikan), Tae-Kwan Do, Aikdo, Muay Thai.

Would really love to practice more of Iaido and Kendo.

Had a cerebral aneurysm resulting in right side semi-paralysis.

I'm also in the midst of getting my book published.
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Charlestown, IN
My occupation is--Well, I'm a disabled veteran. No, I was not wounded in Iraq or Afghan-land, for all those who were--my blessing to my many brothers and sisters in uniform. I know we may test each others colors be it Marines-Navy or Marines-Army--We are all one mobile fighting force dedicated to the protection of this here establishment.
I have a strong, innate passion for writing; be it poetry, screenplays, novels, novellas, or even role-playing. I believe it all stimulates an intellectual mind, and an intellectual mind is a great mind. I also have a fondness for Martial Arts, its a great way to exercise and to expand one's spiritualism and self-control. Cooking, and wood working are also among my interests. Nothing like building and shaping something from wood. Ah, that smell! And cooking? Don't get me started there.
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31 Dec 1996
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Final Fantasy 7/ Way of the Samurai
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"This is the way the world ends; not with a bang but a whimper." (CLOSED)

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