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The Deception of Henry Morgan Closed

Henry Morgan, a good man who is loyal to his country is really an assassin sent to kill its leader. (Still taking reservations. ONLY TWO SPOTS LEFT!!!)

Cityscape Closed

Welcome to a time were crime pays and clemency doesn't. Who will rise to the top and who will be sleeping with the fishes? (Warning! When you join we cannot exactly start until at least the high positions are filled)

The World of Atura and The Tournament of Fate Closed

When a hellish warrior unlike any other invades the world of Atura, seven warriors from each of the soverign kingdoms will fight in a tournament to decide the fate of all.

The Legend of Aether Closed

When Imperial forces invaded your home you where forced to escape with your Sister, and with a mysterious fragment that belongs to a mythical Tablet.

Savior Open

After the invasion of dark and terrible forces, Seven Warriors are gathered to answer the call. One that pits them against a Dark Lord in a Tournament that will decide the fate of the world. ((Open!))

The Blood Sport Closed

In a future where the governments in place have no real authority, a tournament is held were fighters gather to entertain the true leaders of the world.

Battle of the Elements Open

All around Nigerius, bloody wars take place from all of the 17 packs. They raged on from the day you were born and have yet to cease. Your fate though, will answer the biggest question all have yet to know. Why? ((Openings are available!))

Adventures in Galderia Open

After the abduction of a princess, a group of adventurers will hear the call of duty and seek to rescue her from a ruthless dragon. A freeform roleplaying experience. ((No longer accepting any new players))

Beyond Human Closed

In an ever expanding universe, players are given the opportunity to create and control their very own comic book heroes. A freeform experience where your imagination will be the driving force behind it.

The Science of Creativity Open

A personal storage space.

Elemental Battles: Rage Completed

A bloody war, an insidious plot, and a group of old friends and uneasy new allies, come together to try and save their home from the forces of darkness. With the powers of the elements at your disposal, can you save Nigerius from total annihilation?

Elemental Battles: Rage Ch. II: Fire Open

War rages on...A new fire rises and with it a threat that seeks to burn all in it's path. This is the second chapter of a continuing saga! Please take a look inside.