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Shadow44499 » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by Shadow44499 as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Samuel Maccabeus Hawethorn

Samuel Maccabeus Hawethorn, located in New Boston

as part of What Is Human?

"The most handsome face in the Priory. No wonder I'm kept around."

Character Portrait: Garhandor Lyrdius

Garhandor Lyrdius, located in Thedas | Ferelden

as part of Dragon Age: The Dragon's Ballad

"I am a God inbued within Mortal Flesh! I am an Avatar of Death and Fear!"

Character Portrait: Korak

Korak, located in Aurora

as part of Prophecy

"I will hunt you in the woods, through the fields, though the deserts, and through the mountains. Where the Queen commands, this wolf shall howl, this wolf shall slay."

Character Portrait: Dex

Dex, located in Nevada Wasteland

as part of Fallout: Nevada

"Two hundred years of walking in circles! And its all the same!"

Character Portrait: Branur Dinacar

Branur Dinacar, located in Rivendale

as part of Lord of the Rings: The Song Unsung

"They call me an exile... They call me a fool... They call me a leader... I can't make sense of their language, someone translate."

Character Portrait: Conner O'Marck

Conner O'Marck, located in Nevada Wasteland

as part of Fallout: Nevada

"Fuck you too, John..."

Character Portrait: Durhnoram

Durhnoram, located in Rivendale

as part of Lord of the Rings: The Song Unsung

"With the wind at my back I can carry you for miles... Or throw a troll for miles..."

Character Portrait: Davern Korosnos

Davern Korosnos, located in Star Wars

as part of Star Wars: A Galaxy In Flames

"Fight the good fight, eh? Fight any fight, is a better policy."

Character Portrait: Lyra Victus

Lyra Victus, located in Skyrim

as part of Skyrim: The Watcher's Vigil.

The Guildmaster

Character Portrait: Greyson L. Turner

Greyson L. Turner, located in Fort Echo

as part of Halo Chronicles: Project Lazarus- Chapter 1

"Oi! Let's blow some damn Covies to bits and pieces!"

Character Portrait: James Harrison Card

James Harrison Card, located in Chicago Wasteland

as part of Fallout: The Radiated Tales

"I've fought enough to know how this will throw down, son."

Character Portrait: Dillon Carth Ruso

Dillon Carth Ruso, located in Milwaukee, WI

as part of The Broadcast

"Just keep walking."

Character Portrait: Lucian Hiram

Lucian Hiram, located in Balor - The Medieval Kingdom

as part of Retribution

"Money is an ideal, a philosphy, but too many take it as life itself."

Character Portrait: As'Dorlyth

As'Dorlyth, located in Ragged Jaw

as part of Blackened Coast

"I fight for the trees and the birds, but more for my Goddess."

Character Portrait: Kelios Shara-da

Kelios Shara-da, located in Star Wars

as part of Star Wars: Return of The Force

"The Force comes in many lights and shades; just some not as bright as others."