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Shaodow member of RPG for 7 years

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02 Mar 2007
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Vindictus/ Mabinogi heroes
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Completed Stories

The Gift: Chapter Three Completed

With gods long dead, dragons razing the earth, and mortals turning on one another at every opportunity, you must help shape the destiny of this dying world.

Universes Created

.Hack// Reboot v2

A spin-off of the .hack series. A programmer recreates the game years after The World was shut down. However, another system crash brings about another set of comatose victims. What happened to the so-called new and improved version of the game?

Dark Souls: The Rising Dark

Nearing the end of the Age of Fire a choice must be made by mankind, a choice that will decide their fate. ( still under construction ) Special Thanks to Basta, and The Aftermath for help with the creation of this rp.

Kingdom Hearts: Organization XIII Rebirth

Decades have passed and a group of Nobodies are called together to reform a dangerous organization known as Organization XIII, three new warriors of Light are chosen once more to stand against this threat to the balance of Light and Dark.

Kingdom Hearts: Inverse

( literate/ semi advanced RP/accepting ) Darkness. It can be perceived in many different ways; It can be the absence of light. A shadow, the after effect on light being cast on an object. Or pure evil. But is darkness truly evil, and is light truly good?




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