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Hello! I am Shattered, and I have been roleplaying for a long time! I love to roleplay, and think I am rather good at it. Also, I can be literate, or not at all...It depends how much time I have. I do have a lot of free time on my hands, and think myself to be able to separate my real personality from my characters. Hope you have fun Rping with me!!
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My location is where my home is.
I am hoping to become a writer.
Roleplaying, writing, drawing (Anime), sleeping, cream sodas, cats, dogs, animals...
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All Rps I play are my favorite!
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Kolbs Academy For The 'Unique'

Kolbs Academy is not for normal kids, but for the supernatural. It is located underground ways of New Zealand.

Star Struck

1x1 Between xLevesquex and ShatteredWings22.

The Last Mage Of Sarnia

Ah, Sarnia, a beautiful place to live. Or at least it used to be, before the rage-an all out battle between the Mages and the ShapeShifters. The ShapeShifters won, and now rule all of Sarnia. They ran Mages into extinction. But some say there is one left.

{Remake} Tale Of The Guardians

When The Red Lord rises from the dark, what four souls will be chosen to save us all? [[More Inside & One more role available!!]]

The Last Mage Of Sarnia=REMAKE

Remake of The Last Mage Of Sarnia

The World's Cursed Saviors 2.0

Arill, a once great city, has fallen under the clutches of three demons, and only three kids are willing to stop them. [MORE INSIDE!!!]

Arranged Marriage

When a snobby rich woman arranges a marriage for her daughter to marry a rich prince, all Hell breaks lose. Will they fall in love, or forever hate each other, due to their situation? [CLOSED!!]

The Band

The Band is a group of teens who have known each other for years, who dream to start a band. When their video goes viral, and a producer happens to spy their talent, they're asked to go on a world tour...

Pack Of Orphans

The future has tumbled into chaos. There is no such thing as 'safe' anymore, and these six orphans would like to make it out alive. [FULL!!!]

A&D Academy

Welcome to A&D Academy! The one and only Academy for Angels and Demons!

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