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ShatteredWings22 » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by ShatteredWings22 as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Scarlett Duchane

Scarlett Duchane, located in Present Day Earth

as part of Dawn & Dusk

"Give me one reason why good is so bad."

Character Portrait: Elenore "Ellie" Cosburg

Elenore "Ellie" Cosburg, located in Mercy Falls, Minnesota

as part of The Winter Wolves

"The strength of the wolf is the pack, and the strength of the pack is the wolf."

Character Portrait: Jane Spuckler

Jane Spuckler, located in Fern's Forest

as part of An Ordinary Pirate

"People say the world is too big for me. I say I'm too big for the world."

Character Portrait: Skye Knight

Skye Knight, located in The S. T. Ranger Academy for Gifted Youths

as part of Kingdom of the Strange

"Call me a cripple, and you'll be one too."

Character Portrait: Elizabeth Sazzph

Elizabeth Sazzph, located in Kolbs Academy For The Unique

as part of Kolbs Academy For The 'Unique'

"Get out of my face, before I rip---I mean, will you please leave me alone?"

Character Portrait: Elsie Pratters

Elsie Pratters, located in U.S.A

as part of Pack Of Orphans

"In the end, you never can wash the blood from your hands."

Character Portrait: Brooke Winfree

Brooke Winfree, located in Earth

as part of To Complete A Circle

"Isn't water just lovely?!"

Character Portrait: Antoinette Winfree

Antoinette Winfree, located in Earth

as part of To Complete A Circle

"The sky is my companion, the brezze my soul mate."

Character Portrait: Lacey Bounds

Lacey Bounds, located in Earth

as part of The Power We Hold

"What? You just got electricuted? Oh, thats so horrible, and coincidental..."

Character Portrait: Ariella Prescott

Ariella Prescott, located in Somewhere...

as part of Arranged Marriage

"I-I don't think I'm r-ready for marriage."

Character Portrait: Naminè Prellear

Naminè Prellear, located in Maryway

as part of Butterflies

"Isn't life spectacular?"

Character Portrait: Lullabell Harrison

Lullabell Harrison, located in Pinestaff

as part of Pinestaff


Character Portrait: Ace Williams

Ace Williams, located in Rural Havis

as part of Rural Havis

"Everyone has secrets. My job? Is to find them."

Character Portrait: Grace Sandler

Grace Sandler, located in The Realm : Sage University

as part of Sage University: Prophecies Chosen

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but I am invincible!" (WIP)

Character Portrait: Ari Suzuki

Ari Suzuki, located in Fukushima High School

as part of Fukushima High 3.0

*Knocks over lamp* "Oh, I'm sorry!"

Character Portrait: Milly Sules

Milly Sules, located in Dorm Room

as part of Kolbs Academy For The 'Unique' 2.0

"I am NOT a little kid!"

Character Portrait: Sorrow

Sorrow, located in Sarnia

as part of The Last Mage Of Sarnia

"I feel nothing but pain."

Character Portrait: Kiah Of The Kingdom of Spring

Kiah Of The Kingdom of Spring, located in Glenrirth

as part of The Four Kingdoms Of Glenrirth

"Have you ever seen a seed that wants to sprout, but can't? That is what I truly am."

Character Portrait: Roxi Vines

Roxi Vines, located in Cruise Liner #658 "Dream Scape"

as part of Life Raft

"Please don't touch my headphones..."

Character Portrait: MayBell Train

MayBell Train, located in Univium

as part of Light and Dark

"Awe, are you alright?"

Character Portrait: Lucy Labu

Lucy Labu, located in Neve

as part of REVOLT

It's time for a change.

Character Portrait: Ruki Labu

Ruki Labu, located in Neve

as part of REVOLT


Character Portrait: William Walker

William Walker, located in America

as part of Touch

"Ello, Mate."

Character Portrait: Toni Simon

Toni Simon, located in Earth

as part of The Band

"Everyone says I can hit the highest notes."

Character Portrait: Derrick James Peterson

Derrick James Peterson, located in Earth

as part of The Band

"Yeah I'm the bass I give the chaotic beauty of the band's talent a rhythm like the drum but accompany the guitar while flowing with the lyrics of the singer, the bass is he core component of any good band."

Character Portrait: Sam Collins

Sam Collins, located in Earth

as part of The Future is Wild.

"You think you can break me?"

Character Portrait: Terra Caine

Terra Caine, located in Univium

as part of Light and Dark

"Stay out of my way, and we might just get along."

Character Portrait: Jordan McAurther

Jordan McAurther, located in Windslow

as part of Cafe De Milestones

*Chuckles nervously*

Character Portrait: Cole Sills

Cole Sills, located in Fallias

as part of Caged: Escape to Freedom

"Only if I could reverse time..."

Character Portrait: Lauren Bridge

Lauren Bridge, located in Sarnia

as part of The Last Mage Of Sarnia=REMAKE

"People call me a nerd!!!"

Character Portrait: Callie Jacksonn

Callie Jacksonn, located in Somewhere

as part of The Journals

"I can tune you out just with a motion of my hand."

Character Portrait: Violette Camm

Violette Camm, located in The Cellar

as part of Taken With Force

"I can let you into a deep sea of vibrant, beautiful colors."

Character Portrait: Roxas Turner

Roxas Turner, located in Wonderland

as part of Wonderland Struggle

"Do I know you?"

Character Portrait: Ariella Scotts

Ariella Scotts, located in Arill

as part of The World's Cursed Saviors 2.0

"To avenge my sister..."

Character Portrait: Cassie Sparrow

Cassie Sparrow, located in Earth

as part of Angels in Open Light

"Why is this happening?"

Character Portrait: Aliah Keen

Aliah Keen, located in Arill

as part of A Bear, a Wolf, a Snake

Almost Done!!!

Character Portrait: Cassidy Doe

Cassidy Doe, located in Amara High School

as part of Unannounced Words

"Isn't Fall great?" (WIP)

Character Portrait: Gracie Williams

Gracie Williams, located in Krynia

as part of {Remake} Tale Of The Guardians

"Everyone gets dealt a hand in life. I got a bad one."

Character Portrait: Joesphine Koltch

Joesphine Koltch, located in Dorm Room

as part of A&D Academy

"Do you have a problem with me?"

Character Portrait: Hattie Prinx

Hattie Prinx, located in Sheinea Cottage

as part of Sheinea Cottage Foster Home

"Me? A Delinquent? No way! "