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Shifter13 » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by Shifter13 as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Nathaniel Holter

Nathaniel Holter, located in Earth

as part of Monsters

"I've tried putting myself in the shoes of the monsters I hunt, but I just can't picture how to be so blood-hungry and cold-blooded.

Character Portrait: Letter "L"

Letter "L", located in Unknown Island

as part of Who?

Character Portrait: Kane C. Tanith

Kane C. Tanith, located in Abiline Kansas, 1882

as part of The Circus of The Living Dead

"The shadows are more alive and more capable of things you'd never expect..."

Character Portrait: Katheline G. Tanith

Katheline G. Tanith, located in Abiline Kansas, 1882

as part of The Circus of The Living Dead

"I bend light, I play with light, I am light. I can hold and capture light, can you?"

Character Portrait: Katlyn "Doc" Delmore

Katlyn "Doc" Delmore, located in The Broken Trident

as part of The Hope of Tomorrow REBOOT

I can heal you, or I can harm you. Both are easy as breathing, but the conclusion is completely up to you.

Character Portrait: Catherine A. Tinatin

Catherine A. Tinatin, located in Aurora Academy

as part of Aurora Academy

"It's pretty common for me to be told that I have a soul of fire... mostly becuase of my eyes, though."

Character Portrait: Aiden A. Devoss

Aiden A. Devoss, located in Beanstalk

as part of Beanstalk

"I prefer sleeping out under the stars to in a bed with walls surrounding me. Out there I can breath and I can dream."

Character Portrait: Arian Darnell

Arian Darnell, located in Charlesmont Boarding School

as part of Fae-Blood

(WIP) "I'm not the thunder, I'm the lighting. The watched-for light show with a chance of causing chaos."

Character Portrait: Killian R. Thomas

Killian R. Thomas, located in Aurora Academy

as part of Aurora Academy

"It's a rather nice day today, isn't it... I think I'll go take a nap."

Character Portrait: Ashling Jacynth

Ashling Jacynth, located in Earth

as part of Monsters

"I rarely cause nightmares, I usually eat them. It's just... everyone only remembers the few bad dreams and deaths we cause, not the many we prevent."

Character Portrait: Karien Embers

Karien Embers, located in Earth

as part of Magyks

I'm not amongst those who say there's no need to be scared and that I don't bite. I do bite, and I often draw blood. Gjy no!

Character Portrait: Ula Morgan

Ula Morgan, located in Town Square

as part of Mystic Grove

"Come on in, the water feels great! C'mon, I don't bite! Those are the amazon mermaids you should watch out for.

Character Portrait: Nerida Sylvette

Nerida Sylvette, located in Atien

as part of The battle of Atien: Pirates vs. Mermaids

"You can't choose what you are, but you can choose what you're like."

Character Portrait: Edmund Decroix

Edmund Decroix, located in Atien

as part of The battle of Atien: Pirates vs. Mermaids

"I'm a doctor, I know how to give out the slowest, most painful deaths... Nerida stop, I'm trying to be serious here!"

Character Portrait: Catherine Elthia Brishen

Catherine Elthia Brishen, located in Moonsetter Circus Mansion

as part of Moonsetter Circus

A bit of a WIP! :) "I've felt love, caught glimpses of it from contact with others, but I've never experienced it."

Character Portrait: Catherine "Cat" Hayes

Catherine "Cat" Hayes, located in Elanya city

as part of The Demon Bureau

"That was so cute! Can I hug you? I want to hug you. Let me huuuug yooouuu!"

Character Portrait: Catherine Caldwell

Catherine Caldwell, located in Modern Nightscape

as part of Among the Dark Things

"The only reason I'd consider anyone a monster, is if they truly act it, not just if they look it."

Character Portrait: Vee Taurvantian

Vee Taurvantian, located in Fantasy

as part of Era of the Creatures: The End of Humans

They say home is where the heart is. My home is in thewold.

Character Portrait: Ameila-Rose Dempsey

Ameila-Rose Dempsey, located in Belfast, Maine

as part of Blissful Escape

can he love me?

Character Portrait: Camryn Venturous Jones

Camryn Venturous Jones, located in Ambrose

as part of Graced

"Animals don't like being hunted, caged up, stuffed or killed. How do I know? Take a wild guess."

Character Portrait: Vee Jones

Vee Jones, located in Reedria

as part of Tamers & Myths

Going for a swim? You sure you don't want me to go with you? Alright, just be careful, the sirens are a bit bored and restless today.

Character Portrait: Katheline E. Dyre

Katheline E. Dyre, located in Earth

as part of 25 Hours Until Sunrise

"You know, when I say shut up, I mean either shut your sound hole or I'll do it for you with a nice upper-cut."