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Mainly music; Piano, violin, cello, and drums.
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19 Jun 1990
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Universes Created

If I Say I Love You

Every girl in the school would do anything to be his girlfriend, and they would literally do anything.... besides one girl. When his eyes are on that one girl, what will happen? (one spot left)

The Element Games

In the land of Celen, there are 7 kingdoms. When war broke out between them... the Element Games were born....

A Curious Academy

Curious Academy. Founded by a Loveless man, it is a place where you find your love and get engaged to them whether you want to or not. [Original By Dimentio](Teacher slots open too)

A Heart's Glow

Six normal, girls. Six high status Princes. Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue... The Princes will have to marry one of the girls, the colour girls, but... is that the on they'll fall for? (2 prince slots left)

The Masked

At Cenral Highschool, there is a group called 'The Masked'. They are the ones who plan a lot of the school activities, but that's not all they do... (one last male character left!!)

Fruits Basket: A New Beginning

For generations, the Sohma family has been under a curse. Because of this, they have created several traditions. Now, with a new generation, they're going to have to choose. Follow old traditions, or break the rules? (7 spots left)

On The Run: The Successful Mutants

4 Avian Mutants, all who had grown up in dog cages in a lab, are now living in a cabin in the mountains peacefully after escaping.... however, that's going to change... (full and started!)

A Cenril's Soul

3 demons were banished to the earth and told they would never be able to return..... unless..... (needs characters!)

Perfect Match

Someone watched you grow up from behind a glass wall. They developed feelings for you. They were literally. Made. For. You.... However, thing's don't always go perfectly.... (Full, sorry! ^^)

Cantarella: Masked

5 Princes all have to have an arranged marriage, and at the masquerade ball they will be matched with one girl out of 5, but once the mask is removed, will they actually fall in love? (Full!)

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