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Star Wars: The New Sith Wars Closed

The New Sith Wars has been raging on for almost a millennium and in its waning years a female Jedi is born with amazing force powers. A hunt begins as she flees from her life as a Jedi.

Forever Lost - Dragon Age Closed

The Circle of Magi has broken free from the Chantries firm grip and are now raging a war against the Templar Order all around Thedas. A group of heroes rise up on all sides to fight in this tragic war to it's bitter end.

Tales of Two Rings Closed

The World of Evalia is at the brink of destruction and war is raged all over her landscape, but something far more sinister is going on than the inhabitants of this world could ever imagine.

The Avatar: Book 1: A World In Ruin Closed

The world lies once more on the brink of total destruction and chaos as the Earth Kingdom declares war with the Fire Nation. What will the other nations do and where is the Avatar?