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Níu Heimar: The Viking Saga

Níu Heimar is an Old Norse phrase meaning "Nine Homes" in reference to the many realms of Norse mythology. The Viking Saga is a surrealistic story about love and war, legend and fame, the falling of nations and the rise of kings.

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Thunder and lightning...

The skies were furious with their display of lights and shadows. Down below, the mountains trembled with the clammering of thunder and lightning. The misty rainbow which formed over the waterfall at Kadota Peaks had disappeared, though the river still flowed. Deep within the rockface, inside the Weargtooth Mountains, another presence was felt. The chaos and loud bellowing of the mountains had disturbed Asvith Thrym from his slumber. The enormous frost jotunn had been sleeping for centuries, appearing to those around him as just another snowcapped mountain. But as one of the large rock formations began to move, soon the mountain was turned sideways as Asvith Thrym lifted his head to sit up and open his giant eyes for the first time in eons.

Asvith yawned deeply, the sound carrying for miles over the mountain tops, echoing throughout the many nearby lands of Ellaria where they could be felt from across the sea. His breath was like a cold blizzard, his mouth as wide as a gaping cave, his eyes as large and icey as Gaia's moons. He had a forest of trees for hair, large giant roots dangling from his rocky hands and feet, and a long frozen white beard formed from the centuries of ice and snow. Asvith Thrym was a giant among giants, an enemy of Asgard since the days of old, banished to Gaia at a time that had long since been forgotten. As he sat up slowly, his massive head stood at eye level with the surrounding mountains. Even now, sitting down, the jotunn was mighty and terrifying to behold.

He would slowly rub his eyelids and look around as small boulders, rocks and earth fell from his head and shoulders like dandruff, smashing and crushing the ground below. The massive rock giant was too large to notice the elves and dragons, and other creatures in his vicinity. Confused and still waking up, Asvith was incredibly slow but incredibly mighty, an echo of legendary gods from ancient times. He would briefly swat at a large dragon as it circled around his head and soared above the sky into the clouds, as if shewing away a common gnat or mosquito. But just like a mosquito, the dragon was much faster and likely able to dodge his enormous hand with relative ease as it soared past him and disappeared.

Taking a moment to gather his strength, Asvith looked down at the settlements below. Noticing a rather large redwood tree sticking out of the forest, he reached over and plucked it from the ground by its roots, as if picking a small piece of broccoli from a salad. The tree itself was enormous, over a hundred feet tall and as wide as a house. But the jotunn would bring the leafy substance to his lips and bite down on it with his sharp jagged rocky teeth, snapping branches and crushing the tree in half with one big crunch. He then chewed the sustenance slowly, the sound of grinding rocks and wood carrying over the forest below until he had devoured the whole tree. Afterwards, he would slowly turn over and bring himself up to his hands and knees before pushing himself to his feet. As he stood up, his silhouette could be seen from miles and miles away, his frame now larger than even the highest mountains as he stood with his head in the clouds.

Asvith Thrym had awakened...

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Asvith Thrym does stuff. He groaned and farted, his stench carrying over vast continents where it would linger like a toxic dangerous invisible gas for months. The air downwind became ferociously toxic as the blast from Thrym's ass sent boulders hurling down over the landscape. The sheer force of his flatulence alone would rip apart mountains, level entire forests and tear castles asunder before Asvith suddenly collapsed, falling forward facefirst into the continent of Ellaria with devastating repercussions, his falling body equal in effect to a radioactive mountain-sized asteroid impact capable of leaving a canyon sized crater. The shockwave of him faceplopping the ground with a bellyflop had the potential to change the planet... Then, just like that, he died.

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It had been several months since Sigurðr "Ringtaker" Randvérsson had been visited by the Norse angel of death, the one whom the Iskjerne settlers refered to as the Olde Mother, a very old blind woman who had foretold the future of their kingdom. Olde Mother had made several predictions, many of which it seemed were now coming to pass. "I see your destiny, Great King Sigurd" she had told him. "I see wonders that no king before you has ever laid eyes upon" she said more intently. She would fumble with the rune some more. "I see a castle, and the great hall in which the throne sits, larger than this very room" the creepy old woman added. "I see that you have been favored by the gods," she paused for a moment to catch her breath, after dropping the rune on the table. "I see your doom, Great King Sigurd" she said quietly. "I see ashes and giants, nightmares and terrors that your fathers never spoke of" the creepy woman continued. "You will have a great choice to make," she said. "Depending on what you do, it could be your last" she prophesied, before collecting all of her bone runes and putting them back in her bag.

The oracle was wise beyond belief, and now seven months later, her words were coming to pass. King Sigurd contemplated silently as Azaka and Kamidake quietly kept their defensive stances, watching as everyone began to assemble around them. Yukiko made her next move too, sliding the wooden tiara onto her head, threading it through her hair, and adjusting it so it sat securely like a crown around her head. This provided her a mental link to the royal tree Mizuho. Yukiko quietly prayed to it, pleaded with it to come and help. Status symbols flicked across her field of vision, a HUD moving through her ocular cortex and becoming superimposed into her field of vision. The hybrid ship would arrive in due time. They only had to hold out long enough, it's weapons were more than enough to vaporize the entire settlement. Or so they believed.

But the gods did indeed favor the Geatish konung, just as the oracle had foretold. Though it wasn't exactly the way Sigurd Hring had imagined. For the gods were indiscriminate it seemed, as Eras continued to slowly drain the Lands of Gaia of their energy, disabling any and all incompatible technology, both foreign and domestic. "So much as a drop of my blood gets spilled here..." Shimizu warned, pointing to the sky as his Tenchi-ken continued to flicker and weaken with every word. "That thing up there, that is the Sõja, it is my personal flagship" Shimizu said, slowly stepping forward, almost challenging King Sigurd as he looked up briefly towards the sky. But there was more than just the Soja up ahead, and King Sigurd took note of all the happenings in the clouds above.

"So much as a drop of Taiyou blood gets spilled..." Shimizu continued to speak, but by now the Norsemen had began to notice an even greater threat up above. For there in the distance, over the horizon, some of the Weargtooth Mountains had began to move. The great pastel blue silhouette of Asvith Thrym could be seen towering over the sky from miles and miles away, his colossal humanoid jotunn form standing out like a distant tornado reaching from earth to sky. But the late great King of Iskjerne Bay would never say a word, instead allowing Emperor Shimizu to figure things out on his own. "Everything you have worked so hard to build destroyed! With so much as a push of a button," Shimizu continued on, completely oblivious to the whole situation and also to his immediate surroundings.

Just then and without warning, Emperor Shimizu turned and stepped in towards King Sigurd, preparing to strike him down with the Tenchi blade, but before he could follow through, Shimizu would suddenly feel a hand on his shoulder, pulling him back. "Stop," Princess Yukiko urged her younger brother, her words still audible to the vikings who surrounded them. It all seemed to happen so fast as Gwyneth the Shield-maiden kept her arrow notched and aimed at Yukiko's torso with every move she made. Sigurd would stand perfectly still, keeping his round viking shield in front of him as he braced himself for combat. As this was happening, some of the women in the black veils started chanting, while Hrollaug held up both axes menacingly, gazing at Azaka and Kamidake from behind his father's shield. The guardian's were correct in their own thought process. This wasn't going to end well for either of them. For despite their alleged power, King Sigurd had the advantage, something which Emperor Shimizu failed to acknowledge.

Another crack of thunder filled the bay...

"Shimizu, please... let's go home." Yukiko pleaded. Shimizu kept his gaze locked with Sigurd, before he extinguished Tenchi and whipped around. He shoved Yukiko aside, knocking her to the ground as he stormed towards Kayabuki, grabbing the middle aged woman by the collar, and pulling her close to him. King Sigurd gritted his teeth. Hrollaug suddenly tried stepping forward to put an end to the tyranny, but Sigurd pushed him back, keeping his son from getting involved just yet. "Wait," he said quietly, his angry eyes gazing at Emperor Shimizu with contempt. "I want an army commissioned, equipped, and trained to fight on this world." The Emperor hissed. "These people will be made to pay for their impudence" he added. King Sigurd briefly glanced over to Jarl Evan and Jarl Ivan, gesturing them to move into position, before turning his attention back to Shimizu.

Just then, the Taiyou emperor would shove Kayabuki away from him, causing her to stumble backwards several paces before Azaka moved to catch her. Hrollaug kept his attention on both of them, but now his hatred was turning into pity. What kind of a coward would treat his women with such disrespect? Surely, he would pay for his tyranny and for his personal behavior. Emperor Shimizu raised Tenchi in the air again, and used it to mentally call out to his flagship. A spherical portal opened up several paces away from Shimizu, crackling, and hissing, it took several moments to stabilize. Shimizu began to walk towards it, leaving Kraiger Nallesson where he sat. But as the Taiyou emperor went to leave, a large group of Northmen would gather into position, stepping in between Emperor Shimizu and his escape route, blocking his pathway to the portal.

It was Jarl Ivan and Jarl Evan, along with their gangs. The standing viking army would form yet another wall, locking their shields together to prevent Shimizu's escape. "Shimizu Takayama!!!" King Sigurd shouted, tossing his shield aside before stepping forward behind him slowly. Gwyneth never lowered her bow for even one second as she pointed her arrow at the guardians, motioning for them to step back as King Sigurd stepped forward. Hrollaug would look over to Azaka and Kayabuki as he too stepped forward, but now they could see that his expression towards them had changed considerably. Deep down in his stomach, the prince almost felt sad for them. Although he was still prepared to kill them at a moment's notice, the prince had eased up in his aggression. It was clear that he did not really want to fight them. The real enemy here was Shimizu, but Prince Rollo the Walker still kept a watchful eye on the guardians, taking note of their fancy staffs and of their every move.

Lord Bruce of Essex would glance back at Takao Eguchi, who was still helping the wounded, before turning his gaze upon Seno Miyagi, never allowing either of them to leave his sights. King Sigurd would gaze down at Princess Yukiko quietly, fury in his eyes as he gritted his teeth, gazing down over her with his viking sword. At that moment, it appeared he had the perfect opportunity to strike her dead. He waved his sword in front of her eyes, the runic inscriptions on the blade reflecting off her face as he gazed down at the fallen princess in the wet snowy mud. He would touch the tip of his blade to her chin, lifting her chin up, before gently trailing his blade up her cheek along the side of her face. To her surprise, the blade was slightly dull and cold to the touch. Sigurd's hand was gentle, however, his movements slow as he drew his blade along the side of Yukiko's face, never even so much as scratching her skin as he peered down into her eyes.

With the tip of his sword, Sigurd would slowly loop the wooden tiara around his blade and remove it from Yukiko's hair. He gazed down at her briefly, dangling the wooden gem incrested tiara on the tip of his blade in front of her eyes before lifting it away from her reach. As he lifted his sword, the tiara would slide down the blade towards his hand guard. He had no idea about the magic qualities of the tiara, nor did he care. But the gemstone was fascinating to him, and the intricately carved tiara would make a lovely gift for his daughter, who was also a princess. Sigurd handed the tiara over to Lord Bruce before removing one of his gloves. Then without warning, King Sigurd did the unthinkable. He extended his free hand, offering to help Princess Yukiko back to her feet.

Afterwards, he turned his hateful gaze again towards Shimizu, who was still being prevented from escape by the king's jarls and their leidangs. A slight smirk formed upon the Norse king's face as he pointed the tip of his sword again, this time at Shimizu himself as Gwyneth kept her focus on Yukiko for even the slightest hint of an attack. This time it was personal. Jarl Evan and his Harii warriors gazed at Emperor Shimizu menacingly, as Sigurd Hring waited patiently for the emperor to address him. All the while, other forces around them continued to be at play. There was magic in the air, unseen and unfelt, but very much alive and active as the women in the black veils continued chanting softly behind the shieldwalls.

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Sigurd Hring says "fuck it" and plants a garden like he always wanted. The Vikings celebrate by erecting an over-powered, unbreakable, unmoveable statue of Sigurd and then worshipping him as a god.

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Hethel could feel a slight chill moving in from the north as he peered up towards the white sky, deciding at that moment that he should leave the settlement and go up into the mountains. Engöll watched Aquari quietly, taking a sip of hot tea before setting his cup down on the table and turning to look at the bow and quiver on the wall above the hall entrance. Aquari the sea elf was unaware that she was being watched as she headed down towards the water, but soon Engöll would step out of the great hall and exit the main gate, following close behind her elven footprints in the sand. Meanwhile, Hethel would make his way back up the bank towards the ringfort, using his long spear as a walking staff as he headed towards the viking fortress.

Aquari kept low as she tried to go unseen, but Engöll was already on to her presence. He followed downwind, his strong sense of smell detecting her scent in the high grass as he followed her tracks on the ground. At that moment he also caught another strong scent, and one that was quite familiar to the ulfhednar. It was a lone wolf, a common animal in these parts, and one that the wolfcoats could relate to. The vikings on the Empyrean Sea Beach were all members of the ulfhednar, a cult of pack hunters who lived, breathed, ate, slept and even sometimes looked or acted like wild wolves. Engöll himself was wearing a grey wolf's pelt as he sank low, crawling on all fours through the tall grass in an effort to sneak up quietly on the elf in his sights. To the unweary traveller, Engöll himself would appear like just another wolf in the area.

But after a few minutes of following Aquari silently, Engöll got close enough to see his target in full view. It was at that instant that he caught a glimpse of Aquari's face for the first time through the tall grass. To his dismay, however, she did not appear to be threatening to the settlement in any way. Still, he had to find out why she had been snooping around the tool sheds, acting so suspicious. Engöll took a deep breath, notched an arrow to his bow, closed one eye and drew back his bowstring. "Stöðvaðu, ekki hreyfa þig" he said, stepping forward from out of the tall grass about nine yards away from Aquari, keeping the bow and arrow aimed at her torso.