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Carnival of Souls Closed

So imagine you died suddenly and Death offers you a second chance? Take it, just work at his Circus for a bit. Did he forget to mention the war of supernatural beings?

The Contract:Sign your Soul Closed

The most powerful families in the world have a deep and dark secret, they sold their Souls in exchange for a supernatural servant. Was it worth it?(Open)

Divided We Fall: Contract to Vigilantes Closed

A nuclear war has changed the modern world, sending it spiraling downward to the Era of Industry. The Society reigns supreme, with Nobles backing. Where do you stand?

Birds of a Feather Closed

The Kingdom of Quail is once more in turmoil. The elderly King Falce has been murdered without a chosen heir, only a sea of power-hungry nobles. Blood will be shed and fates decided. The only matter who is your flock?

The Contract: Sign your Soul Remake Closed

There have been many myths and stories of the past, mortals making unspeakable deals with supernatural creatures not of reality, but of legend. Yet morals are tempted by power, will you give into the temptation?

Show me your teeth! Closed

The city of Enve, filled with mortals and supernatural creatures of all types. So will you be a mortal seeking enlightment by those beyond our imagination or of the supernatural with your own mission in mind.

Schrodinger's Cat Closed

Where everything means nothing and nothing is everything. What if as children we were told dreams could never hurt us..what if that was a lie?

Dragon Age: Dreams of Silence Closed

Before the Inqusition who was there to see the conflict between the Templars and Mages, to try and help mend a broken land or profit from the chaos? These are those stories and how they end is up to you. *I am horrible at summaries* -Look Inside-

Cape and Cowl Closed

Superhero RP-Look inside.

Before the Fall Closed

Attack on Titan, Birth of the Scouting Legion

Doors and Portals Closed

Who would thought ripping open reality would be a bad idea? *FULL*

Silver Storage. Open

Just for storage and editing purposes.

Fairy Tail: Dunes of Fiore Open

So can foxes trot across the dunes? Or is the Guild Foxtrot not all that it's rumored to be.

One Piece: Dog Days Open

Two crews united by bad luck and alcohol. What could go wrong?*Bad at Descriptions-Look Inside!* *FULL*