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Skallagrim Contributor & member of RPG for 12 years

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Well I have been gaming since 1979. Mostly pen and paper, some online,
but I really enjoy crafting stories with others. Which is what led me to this
site. I Have been a storyteller and dm for most of my gaming experience.
I am hoping I will be able to open up my world here and have some
excellent role-playing.
The nitty gritty I suppose. I am a Realtor in CA. I have been an
investigator for the Health and Human Services Agency.
I have been a high school teacher.
I have an MA in Human Behavior and a BA in communication.
I write fantasy as a hobby and I enjoy reading quantum physics and
exploring the viability of the multi-verse and M theory.
I enjoy storytelling which is what collaborative role-play is.

Basic Information

Former Washington State Investigator and former HHSA Investigator, currently a Realtor, Entrepreneur and Author.
Quantum Physics, writing, traveling, history and learning to be a better storyteller. Role-playing games.
Began Role Playing:
05 Jul 1979
Favorite Role Playing Game:
Arrgh! Possibly Pirates me hearties
Game Master:
Favorite Setting:
Sci-fi and Fantasy

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