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Smokescreen » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by Smokescreen as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: William Goodfriend

William Goodfriend, located in Wing City Main Entrance

as part of The Multiverse

For Godsakes let us sit upon the ground and tell sad stories about the death of kings

Character Portrait: Paramilitary of the Occidental Expanse

Paramilitary of the Occidental Expanse, located in Wing City

as part of The Multiverse

19th Loyalist Nightguard Fleet

Character Portrait: Sir Frederich Owen Trenchfield

Sir Frederich Owen Trenchfield, located in Port Royal, Jamaica

as part of Isles of Fire

An Erstwhile British Captain, content to sail under black colors

Character Portrait: Mr. James Smoke

Mr. James Smoke, located in RPG Neighborhood

as part of RPG Neighborhood

An old man who was given youth by a Wendigo shaman.

Character Portrait: The Pack of Feral Dogs

The Pack of Feral Dogs, located in The Infinite Void

as part of The Multiverse

Terrorizing Wing City and surround area

Character Portrait: Charles Cooper

Charles Cooper, located in Kepler's Bar

as part of The Multiverse

Commander Friesburge Territorial Militia

Character Portrait: Miranda Peters

Miranda Peters, located in Bridge

as part of Nebula's Dawn: F.S.S. Salient

Hey, call me Ronin

Character Portrait: Basiliscus Abadbekh

Basiliscus Abadbekh, located in The Infinite Void

as part of The Multiverse

OIC of Resource Acquisition/Utilization

Character Portrait: Amici

Amici, located in The Infinite Void

as part of The Multiverse

I am as the shadows

Character Portrait: Marcus Bergman

Marcus Bergman, located in F.S.S. Salient

as part of Nebula's Dawn: F.S.S. Salient

Hello sir or madam, what seems to be the trouble today?

Character Portrait: Ernst von Reichelt

Ernst von Reichelt, located in Ahria

as part of The Multiverse

P.O.E Faction Second in Command

Character Portrait: Henry Cavanaugh

Henry Cavanaugh, located in The City

as part of Kissed By Shadows

Your love by ours we measure Till we have lost our treasure, But dying is a pleasure, When living is a pain.

Character Portrait: Wilhelm-Friedrich Richter

Wilhelm-Friedrich Richter, located in Winterber Inn. Why yes, we're open.

as part of Winterburg Inn

I go where I am needed and now I need a drink

Character Portrait: Mark Twelves

Mark Twelves, located in Dream Land

as part of Twisted Ragtime

Pretty laid back, nothing get me down.

Character Portrait: Lucas Pohl

Lucas Pohl, located in The Infinite Void

as part of The Multiverse

Field Marshal, 45th Expeditionary Forces, P.O.E

Character Portrait: Piotr Illya Kasprivev

Piotr Illya Kasprivev, located in Modern Earth

as part of Fahrenheit 13

"Honi soit qui mal y pense, shame be to him--who evil thinks."

Character Portrait: Carl von Reichelt

Carl von Reichelt, located in Ever

as part of More Than Ever Before

Better to be the right hand of the devil than in his path

Character Portrait: Jason Palmer

Jason Palmer, located in post apocalyptic

as part of Apocalypse: "The New World"

Just trying to do my job

Character Portrait: David Nikolay James

David Nikolay James, located in Your world.

as part of Us.

First year professor that still loves acting like a freshman in university

Character Portrait: Erik Spaardam

Erik Spaardam, located in Feudal Japan

as part of The Opposite of Amusing

I only came here for the soba!

Character Portrait: Holly Mitchell

Holly Mitchell, located in Thanatos Instinct

as part of Adenovirus 423

You shut the fuck up, we'll protect the Key.

Character Portrait: Kelsey Knoxberry

Kelsey Knoxberry, located in River's Glen, a sleepy town in northern USA

as part of As the Pendulum Swings

Nothing wrong with a little blood under your nails

Character Portrait: Nathan Shaw

Nathan Shaw, located in present day

as part of St Tibalts Academy For Troubled Teens

Delusional Psychosis, Grandiose Type

Character Portrait: Valentine Smalhalder

Valentine Smalhalder, located in The Infinite Void

as part of The Multiverse

P.O.E Faction Leader

Character Portrait: Naqiya Crestfall

Naqiya Crestfall, located in The Ivory Crescent

as part of Dungeons & Dragons

I'm so confident you'll love my song, I'm giving it to you to try for free.

Character Portrait: Antoni Hadrianus II

Antoni Hadrianus II, located in The Forest

as part of Howl

I have given up on being happy, but not faking it.