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The Forest Moon of Endor
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The Mechan Age

In a galaxy with a delicate balance of peace, even the slightest of events can create chaos. But what will happen if a new race is discovered?

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Character Portrait: Jon


So they have 3 sentries? Give me three arrows.
Character Portrait: Freymar Vaandersen

Freymar Vaandersen

Warrior from the Army of Umaine
Character Portrait: Hisashi Masahiko

Hisashi Masahiko

Schoolboy of a haunted life
Character Portrait: Meminatos


Strange robed creature with a scythe.
Character Portrait: Claude Jordan

Claude Jordan

ESP user with a knack for killing
Character Portrait: Marshall H. Byrd

Marshall H. Byrd

American cop working in Japan. Unknowing wielder of the Gryphon.
Character Portrait: A.U.G.E.R


Current Leader of REAP
Character Portrait: Sentinel-9


Royal Guard gone Mercenary.
Character Portrait: Simon Shultz

Simon Shultz

Character Portrait: Francisca


Young occultist in training
Character Portrait: Ersheim Aelosti

Ersheim Aelosti

Britanian Mage
Character Portrait: Orseolo Yadaru

Orseolo Yadaru

Inconspicuous Inventor
Character Portrait: Christian Rothstein

Christian Rothstein

15 year old student/detective that can sense deception.
Character Portrait: Saerin Tytoh

Saerin Tytoh

Tyvernian Mystic, exiled for false accusations.
Character Portrait: Felix Averill

Felix Averill

A friendly, innovative rogue. Number IX.
Character Portrait: Leah Gradin

Leah Gradin

Avatar of Althea, Goddess of Health.
Character Portrait: Ejin Azimak

Ejin Azimak

No place is out of our reach.
Character Portrait: Jon


So they have 3 sentries? Give me three arrows.
Character Portrait: Morcion Vey

Morcion Vey

Go ahead, join the leagues of corpses that chose to mess with me.
Character Portrait: Guy Clarkson

Guy Clarkson

"Focus less on what we need to do, kid, and more on what we can do."