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31 Dec 2007
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Final Fantasy XIV
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Anime, Fantasy, Sci-Fi,Romance

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Universes Created

Naruto: The Next Bond

The 2nd remake of my Naruto RP. The plan is breaking slowly and no one will expect it.. How will events unfold for both Konoha and Kumogakure. (1x1 RP between Colonel_Master and myself)

Infinit World

A brand new patch for "Infinit World" has just been released bring new content to the game yet also many dark truths behind it. Follow the story and help save you and the subscribers among you...

Macross: Galatic Faith

As six friends struggle with relationship problems they're about to experience events that will bring them even closer as the Frontier as a whole grows closer to finding a new "earth"

Bleach: Dawn Of A New Discord

(open)It's been a year since Aizen's defeat and the some of the arrancar still want to destroy/take over the Soul Society. How will the war unfold as unfamiliar enemies appear?

Maid: A Crazy Story!

You know those animes that get completely crazy... well you better get ready if you're going to join this one! Beware: Character creation may be something you're not use to and will be very fun!

Final Fantasy: The Chronicle Of Odin

Time of peace comes to an end for Celnaria once more as the threat returns. Eight adventurers will become the hero of this age... yet the path will not be easy

Soulchess: Revival

(Rebooted and Recruiting)The game of chess has never been seen this way. Which side will come victorious in this century's soulchess.

The Phantasm

(OPEN) In a fantasized version of Shibuya (Tokyo), Japan, familiar yet dark and mysterious crimes have broke out and the darkness among the city begins to show itself!

Final Fantasy: Chronicles Of Odin

Time of peace comes to an end for Celnaria once more as the threat returns. Eight adventurers will become the hero of this age... yet the path will not be easy...


In the fictional city of Edgegate crime has erupted and villains appear. Dawn has come to bring forth new heroes but who is ready to oppose them (Closed between me and Elyon. PM if you are interested)

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