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Universes Created

Vagrant Hero

An old time hero who holds the powers of the gods is accompanied by a few souls as they look for the source of his unwanted powers. (closed))

Worlds Not Ventured

These guys are ready to go unveil mysteries left for them by their great ancestors. They have no idea what crazy adventures lie in store

The Fight Club

An elite club for only the elite fighters. Only the best of the best are allowed into the club. No exceptions. ((looking for males!))

Biotek Virus

A virus broke out from a research facility called Biotek, and no matter how hard they tried to contain the virus, it spread like wild fire. Only a few people live, but the virus has given them amazing powers that they only wish to understand.

Boot Camp for Heroes

So you think that now you have powers, that you can go around saving the world? There's a lot more to being a hero than just powers. Are you ready to be pushed to your limits?


What we know of the pirates is wrong. Everything. Here we not only learn about the real pirates, but live the life of the ruthless men who ruled the seas.

Haunted Whispers

A team of ghost hunters are up for the scariest job ever. three ghosts are trying to get their attention, but one sneaky demon is messing up their call of help. ((three spots left))

Manor Horrors

The Hunter Mansion has had a negative reputation for centuries, but that has never stopped them from having lavish parties. People go missing, and dead bodies are found, but they still continue to party.

The New Kid

YAOI~ The love of two males is torn apart by a brat who doesn't understand the love between homosexuals. ((one male open, started))

Broken Down

Our world as we know it, gone. Lost to the foreign countries that have hated ours for so long. It is only us now, but none of us are professionals. We don't know if we can do this.

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