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Turn Around Bright Eyes Open

Sorella's storage area. Not an RP.

The Calloway Institute Open

Welcome to the Calloway Institute, training young metahumans for a better life serving their country as espionage professionals. There’s one catch, you’re here against your will. -Applications are closed.

Harry Potter:Next Gen. Trials and Triumphs Abandoned

The next generation is here and they now get to go through the wonderful times of the triwizard tournament!

Teenage drama Abandoned

When all teens have their usal drama

When love is torn in two ways.. Abandoned

What will the Jackson family do when they have two crushes but one crush seems to not be normal and is not human?

Be careful what you wish for Abandoned

When two best friends wish for something to happen.

Camp Lunar Under Attack: Part 2 Abandoned

Read my plot then you will know :D

Teen Life Abandoned

Where teens are in highschool and what not more info if you read.


where teens from the ages of 15 to 19 go to camp for summer!

The Story After the Princesses Abandoned

Where the disney princesses have there own child (boy or girl)

Camp lunar for the gifted Abandoned

Where teens go to camp and learn what others powers are.

The beging of the cirle of life Closed

where a girl moves leaves her BF behind then she comes back. But when she comes back two new kids come back as well. Will the new kids pull the loved couple apart? well wait and find out..or join :D

Maylivia War 1 Abandoned

please just read it!!

do they like me back? Closed

where you find out if the you have a crush on likes you back.

How did this happen? Abandoned

where war starts to happen and human's get stuck in between. Pick your side vampire and witch's or werewolf's and Wizard's or you are on nobody's side cause you want peace.