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X-Gene Open


Ginryu School: Way of the Fist Closed

REMADE (this one is closed though)

Lore of the Lands Closed

Above ground the werewolves and vampires may have a treaty, but below the ancient wars still rage on, but is there a secret about the war buried deep beneath the Underlands?

Don't Answer Your Cell Open

When a strange signal goes out through all of the cell phones of the world, everyone who answers the call are turned into murderous lunatics.

Soul Gems: SPIRIT War Open

In a time when the demon king plans on bringing about the End of Days, it is up to a group of people able to wield their very souls as weapons to stop him.

Soul Eater: Rise of the Mad Souls Open

Years after the destruction of kishin Asura, it seems that souls have begun showing signs of being affected by their madness

Darker Than Black: Dark Tides Open

Contractors and humanity are fighting one another, but the question is, which side will be wiped out?

Naruto: Return of the Rinnegan Open

In the calm that followed the end of the Fourth Great Shinobi World War a child possessing the Rinnegan was born, and now everyone is searching for him

The Unit Open

A group of military supersoldiers turned super heros must now defend the city and deal with what they have become.

S-CRY-ED: New Ground Open

Years after the first incident which created the Lost Ground off the coast of Japan, a similar event has occured in America.

A Story of Alchemy Open

A few years after Roy Mustang takes over the state military a peace has fallen, but now a dark force is threatening to shatter everything.

Marvel: Next Gen Heros Open

A mysterious new pyramid found in the desert has brought the heros of the Marvel world together to investigate it.

A World Transmuted Open

Some time after a tragic event called the Blinding humans have discovered alchemy. Now they search for the trugh behind it.

The Nex Generation Open

In a world where the X-Men have to fight the government to keep mutants safe, the group is falling apart.

This City Needs More Heroes Open

The city of Belhaven has become a nightmare of a place thanks to Marcus Eldritch, and it is up to the citizens to save their home from this man and his evil.

Naruto: Revenge of the Uchiha Open

10 years after the Fourth War a clan of Uchiha have surfaced outside of Konoha. Now the seek revenge on Konoha for what happened to the original clan.

In the Night Sky Open

After a deadly sickness sweeps through a small city only a handful of survivors are left alive. They have been given special abilities, but now if they want to survive any longer they have to run.

Looking for Hope: A Zombie Survival Story Open

In only a few months the world was reduced to ruins thanks to the zombies. Now a group of men and women will begin searching for survivors so that they can properly begin to rebuild society.

Students of the Silver Dragon Open

Ten years after his master's death a martial artist searches for new students so that he may pass his fighting style on to the next generation.

Zone of Freaks Open

Freaks...humans who have undergone genetic mutations, now forced to live in a place called The Zone. This is their story of survival and revolution.

Blade City: The King and the Pentacle Open

In the middle of the desert the government has built a walled city to house their criminals. This is their tale of survival and strife.

X Gene Reborn Open

A group of mutants must survive while being hunted down by an organization known as Cerberus

s-CRY-ed: Alterations Open

Nearly thirty years has passed since the Alters of the original Lost Ground rebelled against mainland Japan. Now similar events have begun to unfold off the coast of the United States, on what has been called the New Lost Ground.

Things You Hear in a Bar Open

This slice of life roleplay revolves around a local bar and the colorful characters who frequent it, as well as those visiting for the first time.

Crossover Lalapalooza Open

When two god of creation get board they decide to make a bet. Who would win out, good or evil, if they took some of the most powerful beings in creation and pitted them against one another?

X Gene: Fractured Open

Five years after a group of mutated individuals fought against the military for their right to be free, some of them have decided that freedom isn't enough.

Blades and Flames: The Nethersteel Cog Open

Utareos is a world of magic where the humans are constantly fighting against demons and other dark races for survival. Now a powerful artifact has fallen into the hands on the humans and the demons want it back.

Winds Across the Badlands Open

In a world ruled by gun and blade a powerful secret my rest in the black desert that was once a city.

The Spirit Detectives Open

A group of ghost hunters left overnight in a haunted farmhouse. What could possibly go wrong?

The Masks of Death Open

What happens when Reapers begin to fight one another?

The Mutations Open

There's no turning back now