Sovenric » Characters

Character Portrait: Heathin Cassie Emerson English language decallibrator and creatively-minded Stoic
Character Portrait: Andrew Harrison Thursday A senseless man living a contented life on the streets.
Character Portrait: Guther Handsen Sam Wishes to go back to a simpler time. An inspector and a luddite.
Character Portrait: Jobe Simpra Gwannon "Poison to everyone's ears"; which she's expressed in her numerous Fencing matches
Character Portrait: Joost Cromlyn Ovies A snappy, red-skinned, megalomania driven daemon
Character Portrait: Stu Swarte Jonen Stu mends both buildings and forgotten souls
Character Portrait: Coppernicus of Synope Designer, planner and a poor listener. The wheel is cognitive which owes its respect to him.
Character Portrait: Woodworms One must imagine the woodworm abashed
Character Portrait: Earl Addison Opray Co-designer with double the leaves of paper
Character Portrait: Oschenhauer Iffilus Enigma "To always not-be is the answer, but to do so is impossible. We must give the most radical wrong answer, as reality is also a Science!"