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xxxxxxMason Hughson

Mason looked up to the foreign voice asking about a familiar person. Something in him was ready to jump to defence until he recognized the girl and his expression softened only slightly. "Yeah, they’re healing up nicely." He averted his gaze to the wall, not known for his sociability. In a perfect world that would be the end of the conversation with a nice little bow tie, but since it was Andy and he was appreciative of her help…

"Still a little sore. But mostly just bruises." Andy appeared in a timely fashion and sat by him. "Thanks again for your help. I'm sure Daniel is grateful I'm not dead." Mason scoffed at the understatement of the century. Beyond that, he didn't chip in or explain himself. "I'm glad he has you for a friend."

Mason quirked up a brow then turned his head to Cherise with the same expression. She wasn't bad and obviously she was helpful but...Mason wasn't that impressed. But whatever floated Daniel's boat.

It didn't look like there were a great many deal of people for the sun-child to sit with. Probably Wes and Ethan, but Wes was packing food away like a starved hog and -gone now and Ethan was - well Ethan. Mason sighed out feeling stranded and obliged to point to the seat across from him with his fork. "Help yourself if you want." But he wasn't promising a good conversation or company. Nor would he take offence if she strolled on and sat elsewhere. Though she struck him as one that would search for conversation. At least with Andy, and Trinity if the angry blonde decided to join them. But there, he had been civil for the day. His part was done.

Mason ate in content silence. Not because he was afraid it would get awkward or anything, but just to let the girls go about their chatter and because he genuinely didn't have anything worthy to say.

0.75 INK received for post #2821046, located in Camp Athens:

xxxxxxLochlan Carmichael

The routine was all too familiar, so Lochlan just rolled his eyes not bearing to witness his sister act like a floozy to get closer to guys. Not that he was entirely innocent in that department. Although, unlike his sister, he preferred some footing or at least sense of what the hell this place was actually about before springing into flirting, flings, etcetera. He buried his hands in his pockets and walked on as naturally as the circumstances permitted.

Normally he was at utter ease and adaptable in new places. But there was something about this camp that he didn't like or trust. But since he was on his own, he guessed it was his own mystery to solve.

That about led him to some crossroads. He could go by more cabins, to the direction of the hall or follow a lonesome blonde. Lochlan smirked a little to himself as if it was even a real decision and warped himself in the shadows of the trees. He travelled along with the girl, silent and slick in the darkness, and where he couldn't follow, he waited and watched. She was young, blonde and particularly doe-eyed. Once she reached the stables, he emerged from shadow, keeping himself a couple decent feet away from her to avoid spooking her and the animals. Lochlan double-checked over his shoulder then back ahead to her. She looked out of sorts, lost almost, if not definitely lost in thought. Somebody's cute wandering little sister maybe. Lochlan cleared his throat and tilted to the side to catch her eyes. "Hi there." He flashed her a warm smile and straightened up. "I'm...I'm completely lost and confused. I've lost my bearings," he said with a nervous laugh. "Would you be able to help me out. I’m looking for the hall."

In such a short encounter Lochlan guessed she was a little odd. All the more reason for him to hope that her friend group or siblings were concerned for her and full of lookers. Lochlan tried not to be deterred by her silence and averted his gaze to the nearest creature and patted the neck of the horse with a smile. "I like horses. Powerful creatures that demand respect to be ridden and it's a two-way streak." He leaned his arm on the stall and his hand opened up for her. "I'm Lochlan." Once their hands enclosed, Lochlan let his powers invade her. He wasn't about to get the silent treatment by this little lady. "And I think this is the part where you tell me your name." Typically the compulsion would creep up to the mind, and ache like a bad itch until she would say her name. All this for such a simple request as to get the introverts name. Heck, to get a word out of her.

Lochlan wasn't one to enjoy being out of the loop or take such early rejection, hence the use of his powers.