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Specmarine member of RPG for 5 years

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I'm a video gamer by heart but I tend to role-play a lot but I can't swim and im in Hawaii so darn

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Hilo hawaii
None currently
Gaming,electronics,role playing,
Began Role Playing:
10 Feb 2004
Favorite Role Playing Game:
Starcraft 2 arcade mode
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All settings

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Universes Created

A Dark Day

Two teens are kidnapped by a single person for ransom, will the kidnapper be stopped or will the kidnapper's plan work

Earth wasteland survival.

The year is 2024 and the surface is barren and ruined and covered in rubble, old cities, and the occasional body

S.C.P Containment Breach

Unauthorized access will result in your location being tracked, detained and administered class-A anesthetic's

A Rift Between Two Worlds

When a rift that opens next to a human millitary base and a land of magical creatures when humans are non-trusting to anyone but other soldiers how will both worlds react

The Great Demon War

200 years ago, a demon lord tried to destroy the four great kingdoms and a hero was sent to defeat him. Now 200 years later, history is about to repeat itself.


When monsters are a reality, you are chosen to...participate in a cultural gathering program?

Dawn of war:fight for phylon primus

A mass war between the space marines ,elder , necrons, tyrinids, chaos,orks, imperial guard and tau all battle for control the sector who will dominate the war

Warhammer 40k: Survival

It is the 41st millennium, and you are stranded on a unknown planet after a space conflict

Love Through Adventure

Even love can bloom from monsters

You Are Hearby Invited...

You are one of the few lucky individuals chosen to attend The Baron's party! Here there will be fun and games!




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Without the Dark, there can be no Light,
We have purpose
Without the Lie, there can be no Truth,
We have purpose
Without the War, there can be no Victory,
We have purpose
Without the Death, there can be no sacrifice,
We have purpose
Without the Hope there can be no Future,
We have purpose
Without the Loyalty there can be no one chapter,
We have purpose
Without the Emperor, there is nothing,...
And we would have no purpose