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I'm a video gamer by heart but I tend to role-play a lot but I can't swim and im in Hawaii so darn
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The Ruxville Manor

Rumors circle around a seemingly abandoned manor. Some say the owner is still alive despite 300 years. But are these rumors true?

The Battle Of Vraks

Warhammer 40k RP

The Great Demon War

200 years ago, a demon lord tried to destroy the four great kingdoms and a hero was sent to defeat him. Now 200 years later, history is about to repeat itself.


When monsters are a reality, you are chosen to...participate in a cultural gathering program?

The Land Of Xetraylia

A land teeming with vicious creatures, a guild known as the Hunters heed the call to exterminate them

The War After

In the Aftermaths of a solar system wide war, a handful of planets still live on in ruin.

Warhammer 40k: Survival

It is the 41st millennium, and you are stranded on a unknown planet after a space conflict

S.C.P Containment Breach

Unauthorized access will result in your location being tracked, detained and administered class-A anesthetic's

A Dark Day

Two teens are kidnapped by a single person for ransom, will the kidnapper be stopped or will the kidnapper's plan work

Welcome To The Maze

You and seven other people wake up in a dark steel room, you are then told to play a game, simple right?

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“Nothing but a bit of dust. All things considered we all got off easy this time around.” Raimondo replied as he gave a heavy sigh and lowered his mechanical arm. “But at least everything is back to normal...Somewhat...” He then looked around. The damage was not too severe it would appear that of course such a display woke up everyone sleeping and of course caught the attention of everyone. And to that some people were out yelling and pretty scared that they were attacked.

Well this did not concern him mostly, while the others were speaking he grabbed a cigar and lit it up. Nothing like a somewhat victorious smoke, that and now he was not sure what to do now since the paint monster retreated. Maybe it retreated back home...Or it could have retreated elsewhere...Back to square one again! Gah.

“What to do now...” He muttered.

0.25 INK received for post #2791817, located in Palisia:

"Of course, we are here to make peace after all. You have my word that your borders will be respected as long as you do the same for us. If you wish to travel across our borders you may contact any Imperial in the system and request permission to travel. Your territory will be respected. If there are any more terms you would like to add, please feel free to say them all.” The Emperor spoke. He of course did not mind the leaving delegates, he was here for peace between the Imperium and the Mauhasinian Empire to focus on the greater threats that are attacking them.

0.25 INK received for post #2792036, located in Palisia:

The Emperor listened to the words and terms Seki had spoken. He washed of the compliment about manners before speaking. ”I hear your request, and I accept these terms. The chapter known as the Black Templar’s will never enter your space. I will send word to them after this meeting concludes.” The Imperium leader simply replied turning to Dorn with a simple nod.

”It will be done. I will oversee the chapter in person and return to our duties.” Dorn simply added.

0.25 INK received for post #2788920, located in Palisia:

The As hen were gone, along with The Continuum. The Emperor simply nodded to himself as the delegate of the Continuum left, however he received a psychic whisper from their allies from the Myrkul. They had informed him about the Black Templar’s Space Marine Chapter. And they seemed to be caught into trouble. ”Inform the Marshal of the fleet to remain at standby and not to engage until attacked. Keep me informed of the situation.” The Emperor send back his own psychic message to the Myrkul. For now, his focus was these meetings, he would keep his trust to the Marshal.

For now, as no one else was leaving the Emperor began to speak. ”Without any further interruption. Let us begin discussion about the peace treaty between the Mauhasinian Empire and the Imperium. Empress Seki, you may have the floor first.” The Emperor stated. These peace talks could now officially begin after some time has passed.

0.25 INK received for post #2663596, located in Chiron-Delta:

Although the threats of demons and blood crazed maniacs were very much present in facility 104, Russian was interrupted by an alarm going off in his mech suit, warning him that there was something locking onto his ship. "Now I have more things to worry about, very fantastic." He grumbled as he fumbled with multiple monitors inside his mech suit and began patching into his ships controls. "Password: GEZdaf80outaere, Initiate program intermediate evacuation." With that the ship began to lift into the air, bringing the landing gear back into the ship before activating shields and self defense weaponry before making its way back to space. Hopefully the ship would hold on long enough to get out of range of the anti-aircraft weapons.

Russian now annoyed that they were indeed planning to blow up his ship, decided to curse the people, especially that woman talking to him. Pulling out his radio, he began to talk on the local frequency so most people would hear him. "Oh cool, go ahead and target my ship with your weapon systems. You know what missy, I could care less about what happens to the planet. Have fun with the demons, blood crazed marauders, and whatever the hell is moving around on the planet. Oh by the way I am inside your supposedly maximum security prison, facility 104 was it? And I am currently busting the prisoners out. I wonder what your bosses would say and do I wonder? Maybe they would dock everyone's pay and send you all janitor duty. Anyways screw you all and screw all of your organizations. This is Russian, not wishing any of you luck. Also great security, it sucks."


Without the Dark, there can be no Light,
We have purpose
Without the Lie, there can be no Truth,
We have purpose
Without the War, there can be no Victory,
We have purpose
Without the Death, there can be no sacrifice,
We have purpose
Without the Hope there can be no Future,
We have purpose
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We have purpose
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