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Specmarine » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by Specmarine as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Hadriel

Hadriel, located in Melemele Island

as part of The Multiverse

"Designated Name: Hadriel, Hello."

Character Portrait: BFSP-060 Paladin

BFSP-060 Paladin, located in Aftermath Era

as part of Black Fang

[Rhys Hudson]"Slow, bullky not that subtle...But it sure can take a beating."

Character Portrait: Ondona

Ondona, located in Genesis

as part of The Multiverse

The Goddess of the hunt

Character Portrait: Rhys Hudson

Rhys Hudson, located in Aftermath Era

as part of Black Fang

"Lets go stomp out some aliens."

Character Portrait: "Russian"

"Russian", located in Narita

as part of The Multiverse

"Bounty hunter extraordinaire, technological genius, and hero of wars. All in my own words"

Character Portrait: Leo Behrends

Leo Behrends, located in The Prime

as part of Impending Pursuit

Relaxed and down to earth Cyber Lizardman

Character Portrait: Toh Shirong

Toh Shirong, located in Empyrean Sea Beach

as part of The Multiverse

"I Follow the way of the sword...But I refuse to become a cold blooded killer again"

Character Portrait: The Imperial Navy

The Imperial Navy, located in Terra

as part of The Multiverse

"If the Adeptus Astartes are the Emperor's wrath, and the Imperial Guard His hammer, then His Holy Navy is His mighty shield."

Character Portrait: Roboute Guilliman

Roboute Guilliman, located in Palisia

as part of The Multiverse

The warrior who acts out of honour cannot fail.

Character Portrait: Aubrey Valencia

Aubrey Valencia, located in Esterth

as part of Life Above The Clouds

"Captain? Of course, you found a captain."

Character Portrait: The Adeptus Astartes

The Adeptus Astartes, located in Llohap

as part of The Multiverse

"We are the Emperor's angels of death! May none find us wanting!"

Character Portrait: Abrubhor The Corrupted

Abrubhor The Corrupted, located in Castelia City

as part of The Multiverse

"Your feeble mind shall know true power!"

Character Portrait: Renalanus Phorixx

Renalanus Phorixx, located in EK-729

as part of The Multiverse

"No Pity! No Remorse! No Fear!"

Character Portrait: Shiro Hope

Shiro Hope, located in Melemele Island

as part of The Multiverse

"One day...I believe we can make the universe a better place!"

Character Portrait: Curtis Remliel

Curtis Remliel, located in Wing City

as part of The Multiverse

"Bow down before me worms! You weak fools should be grateful I get to kill you."

Character Portrait: The Imperial Guard

The Imperial Guard, located in Flora

as part of The Multiverse

The backbone of the Imperium of Man.

Character Portrait: Commisar Ciaphas Cain

Commisar Ciaphas Cain, located in Llohap

as part of The Multiverse

"Never fear brave men of the Imperium! I am right behind you!"

Character Portrait: Leon Selig

Leon Selig, located in Sol System

as part of The Blackbird's Cry

"Don't mind me, I'll do my duty as requested."

Character Portrait: Raimondo Ceci

Raimondo Ceci, located in Lunalake Island

as part of Memoria Irae

“I am the unlawful arm of the law. I’ll bring down these criminals myself.”

Character Portrait: Ebba Seydel

Ebba Seydel, located in Melemele Island

as part of The Multiverse

"Please...Don't do anything to let...Them take control..."

Character Portrait: Captain Invictus

Captain Invictus, located in Scrapyard City

as part of The War After

"Commander Of the 224'th Wolf Brigade!...Do we howl?"

Character Portrait: Oda Nobunaga

Oda Nobunaga, located in Fate/Broken Verse

as part of Fate/Broken Remake

"I am the Demon Archer Nobunaga, the Demon king of the Sixth Heaven!"

Character Portrait: Vargas

Vargas, located in Mistral

as part of The Imagiverse

"The gods are not to be feared!"

Character Portrait: Alison Price

Alison Price, located in Mistviel City

as part of Shadows in the Mist

The young daughter of two parents, has made herself well known creating Dolls and Puppets for kids and even adults of high quality. Not much else is known of her Origins.

Character Portrait: Minsu

Minsu, located in Demon King Millen's Crypt

as part of The Multiverse

"Raised by the best, so expect the best."

Character Portrait: Catarina Wolfensohn

Catarina Wolfensohn, located in The Earth and the Internet

as part of Datadive

"Everyone hates a virus...I hate a virus...They really get in the way when your web surfing." W.I.P

Character Portrait: Rhys Hudson

Rhys Hudson, located in Avalon

as part of Changing Hands

"I'm back...Or rather I'm all set to go again."

Character Portrait: Karolin Baade

Karolin Baade, located in Arma Torrel

as part of Adventures in a Fantasy World

Summoned from the massive portal that rained down objects from another world. A well dressed and Whimsical woman, considers herself a human with abnormal traits. Is considered a demon.

Character Portrait: Floyd Irving

Floyd Irving, located in Hoffenheim

as part of ReStart: Iris

"Arrows check...Bow check...Love...Still working on that."

Character Portrait: Arnok The Supreme

Arnok The Supreme, located in Nirn

as part of The Multiverse

"All shall fear the wrath of the dark gods!"

Character Portrait: Scáthach

Scáthach, located in An Alternate Earth

as part of Fate/Broken

"I have arrived from the Land of Shadows. I am Scathach."

Character Portrait: Tatsuda Kiho

Tatsuda Kiho, located in Tokyo

as part of Wrong Body

“This is...Very...Weird. Like a weird drunken trip...”

Character Portrait: The Baron

The Baron, located in The Baron's Manor

as part of You Are Hearby Invited...

"Welcome all to my party! Let the entertainment Begin!"

Character Portrait: Baret Justice

Baret Justice, located in Wastelands

as part of The world of Raucarro

"Despite the name, I don't deliver justice. "

Character Portrait: Maxwell, The Creator

Maxwell, The Creator, located in Grand Gaia

as part of The Imagiverse

"Child who doesn't fear sin. My will has already faded. Thus, let's try following humans instead."

Character Portrait: Carnaelgaar Cysius

Carnaelgaar Cysius, located in Fort Veritas

as part of The Multiverse

"Knowledge is power, guard it well." *Classified*

Character Portrait: Errant Rook

Errant Rook, located in Abgrundstadt

as part of Bedlam Dawn: Freedom's Fare

"Yarharharh! Down with the KAP dogs! And anyone else who stand in our way!"

Character Portrait: Demephis Androlaris

Demephis Androlaris, located in Imperium

as part of Warhammer 40K: Legion of the Watchers

"My faith is my shield, my fury is my sword."

Character Portrait: Adelin Rose

Adelin Rose, located in The Dwarven Citadels

as part of Between Gods and Games

"Never fear! Never Falter! I will lead on so rally behind my standard!"

Character Portrait: Dulina Sunseri

Dulina Sunseri, located in Veritas City.

as part of Veritas Isle

"Fun above all things!"

Character Portrait: Valoel Ruhiel

Valoel Ruhiel, located in Subway Derelict

as part of Bedlam Dawn: Freedom's Fare

"We all can shape our future, however let it be one free of doubt..."

Character Portrait: Edna Wytrix

Edna Wytrix, located in Ertse'gart

as part of Pantheon: Shattered World

"I want to one day see the land free of war, disease and famine so it can be at peace."

Character Portrait: Selena

Selena, located in Palmyna

as part of The Imagiverse

"Within me exists anger, sadness, and happiness... They shall all be my power, and my blade."

Character Portrait: Broken

Broken, located in Midland

as part of The Multiverse

"Reaility...does not like my existance..."

Character Portrait: Kira

Kira, located in Palmyna

as part of The Imagiverse

"You seem like a strong opponent...lets fight and prove who is stronger!"

Character Portrait: Carissa Asheton

Carissa Asheton, located in Ertse'gart

as part of Pantheon: Shattered World

"This world can be so much more beautiful, if only there was less war..."

Character Portrait: Karolin Baade

Karolin Baade, located in Ruined World

as part of The Wilde Jagd

"I am very much human, never mind the strange traits."

Character Portrait: Gobfang Rotskab

Gobfang Rotskab, located in Lumiose City

as part of The Multiverse

"You'ze need sumfin blown up? I'z da right ork fer da job." *Deceased*

Character Portrait: Frederick Bell

Frederick Bell, located in Timberland

as part of Black and White

"You are no match for my amazing cooking and cleaning skills!"

Character Portrait: Cécilia Du Naudé

Cécilia Du Naudé, located in The Wasted Strip

as part of Rise Asylia!

"On my honor and for the name of the Naude house! I will fight for our former king!"

Character Portrait: Elyzia & Valfiel

Elyzia & Valfiel, located in Palmyna

as part of The Imagiverse

The butterfly sisters, A duo of both heroes and musical artists.

Character Portrait: Camilia Esperanza

Camilia Esperanza, located in City of Aura

as part of World of Hunters

"Always keep hope, it can shine brighter than any sun!..."

Character Portrait: Akio Amagasa

Akio Amagasa, located in Rural Japan, 1960

as part of Rural Japan

"A cool and possibly amazing quote...I have none."

Character Portrait: Godefray Hamonet

Godefray Hamonet, located in Mordania

as part of Abaranne's Cradle: Usurper

The brave rebel captain, as fearless as he appears, he is always optimistic.

Character Portrait: Ondona Lyraura

Ondona Lyraura, located in Hidden Acres

as part of Re: My Life As a Supernatural Love Interest.

"It's been a long time since I have met a human, pleased to meet you."

Character Portrait: Faine Ruxville

Faine Ruxville, located in The Ruxville Manor

as part of The Ruxville Manor

"You could have at least knocked on the door before barging into my manor."

Character Portrait: Azuma Risako

Azuma Risako, located in Tōkyō

as part of The Virus Strain

"Monsters? Terrorist? Please, I have to save a world from a god by earning 10 billion points."

Character Portrait: Sir Rafe

Sir Rafe, located in Cuesep Kingdom

as part of Anara Dungeon

"I have seen worse while fighting dragons!"

Character Portrait: Skar

Skar, located in Dasconov VR2G

as part of The Kiraxo Galaxy

First Mate of Hayyel's pirates.

Character Portrait: Captain Rook

Captain Rook, located in Ammad Drop Zone

as part of Iron Casket: For Want of a Lynchpin

"In order to survive you have to be strong and level headed...I din't think we have one those qualities..."

Character Portrait: Dratin

Dratin, located in Hope

as part of All that was Lost

"Another cold day...Another day people need assistance..."

Character Portrait: Seria

Seria, located in Onboard the WABAC

as part of When & Where: Tales Across the Multiverse

"We just have to keep moving forward! So quit mopping around you morons!"

Character Portrait: The Hunter

The Hunter, located in The Land Of Xetraylia

as part of The Land Of Xetraylia

"Why did I create a guild? Its because it is something I want to do."

Character Portrait: Hayyel Hunt

Hayyel Hunt, located in Dasconov VR2G

as part of The Kiraxo Galaxy

"This planet is ours...I sacrificed many to see this through. We will not go back to nothing."

Character Portrait: Dan Irving

Dan Irving, located in Watauchi City

as part of Zeritau

"And to think this might have been a joke..."

Character Portrait: Amrazath "Inhuman Butcher" Colt

Amrazath "Inhuman Butcher" Colt, located in The Snapa-verse

as part of Nomad Clan

"I will trample the weak! And I will rise as the strongest being!"

Character Portrait: Xalanth The Destroyer

Xalanth The Destroyer, located in The Dragons Tomb

as part of Lesser Evil

"There was once a time I was feared...They shall remember that fear..."

Character Portrait: Aoki Etsuko

Aoki Etsuko, located in Fantalaysia

as part of The Unknown World of Fantalaysia

An angel that wants to help the people of the world.

Character Portrait: Falkenwrath Bloodsword

Falkenwrath Bloodsword, located in Hera Prime

as part of The Multiverse

"We are many...We are eternal...This is our curse..."

Character Portrait: Lyn Danaher

Lyn Danaher, located in Nod

as part of The Land of Nod

"Bring it on! I'll wreck you!"

Character Portrait: Serafina Aprile

Serafina Aprile, located in Keldacia

as part of Keldacia At War

"The Sentrillion Empire will be destroyed..."

Character Portrait: Martellus B. Angelo

Martellus B. Angelo, located in Future

as part of Welcome To The Future Brave Knight

"We will start anew...And we will have our retribution..."

Character Portrait: Lance Hellsbrook

Lance Hellsbrook, located in THe True Earth

as part of The Demon Hunt

"We don't need backhanded tricks! We fight them head on!"

Character Portrait: Ondona Lyraura

Ondona Lyraura, located in Town Square

as part of My Life as a Supernatural Love Interest.

"Love...I wonder what true love feels like..."

Character Portrait: Emily Vatriska

Emily Vatriska, located in Hell

as part of Soul Contract

"What is this strange place?"

Character Portrait: Nathaniel Gambell

Nathaniel Gambell, located in K-657C (Kaiger)

as part of K-657C

"Fury and zeal leads to victory..."

Character Portrait: David Antonio

David Antonio, located in Miami, Florida

as part of Rise of the Night

"You called for some heavy ordinance?"

Character Portrait: Tobias Rehder

Tobias Rehder, located in Sylfania

as part of Sylfania: A Different World

"When did...I get outside?"

Character Portrait: Sarah Julieta

Sarah Julieta, located in Space

as part of Recidivist Saint

"You're doing great!...Get the hell out of my face!...I love you!"

Character Portrait: Ragnos Hydros

Ragnos Hydros, located in Stulhelm

as part of Rishon: Vow

"I could do something outside...but I have something in the microwave"

Character Portrait: Davian Thule

Davian Thule, located in Earth

as part of WWIII: The war within

"Rally up men! We have to defend britan from the Russians!"

Character Portrait: Hiroshi Takeda

Hiroshi Takeda, located in A Huge Mansion

as part of Midnight Snack

"I never thought finding a job be this hard"

Character Portrait: Ymragal Dagon

Ymragal Dagon, located in The Asylum

as part of Here There Be Monsters


Character Portrait: Andrew Willhelm

Andrew Willhelm, located in The world of Forbidden

as part of The Rising Moon

"I will cleanse the foul and evil from this land"

Character Portrait: Karin Maracko

Karin Maracko, located in Anman Avrulia City

as part of Don't Trust Your Neighbor

"Can someone tell me what a dunderhead means?"

Character Portrait: Marcus Paul

Marcus Paul, located in Astor Town Hall

as part of Death is not Final

Military General

Character Portrait: Athizanea Ophiixa

Athizanea Ophiixa, located in Land Of Arandale

as part of Love Through Adventure

"Hi! I mean I won't let you pass! Was that too mean? I can't decide!"

Character Portrait: Davian Thule

Davian Thule, located in New York, New York.

as part of The Black Death: New York

"You messed with the wrong guy"

Character Portrait: Caccia Scinia

Caccia Scinia, located in Planet Arawath

as part of Only War: 501st Hendrisi Deadland Regiment

"Tyranids are made for stomping on"

Character Portrait: Arrosa Vissenya

Arrosa Vissenya, located in Black Site Wolf 359

as part of Sanctuary Station

"Blood and explosion are so much fun!"

Character Portrait: Hirayama Yuko

Hirayama Yuko, located in Unknown

as part of A Choice between Right and Left

"This isn't right...there's got to be a reason for this..."

Character Portrait: Yoshimura Sata

Yoshimura Sata, located in Aincrad 100 floors.

as part of Sword Art Online SE

"I will protect the weak and become a samurai!"

Character Portrait: Solid Snake

Solid Snake, located in Smash City

as part of Super Smash Brothers: Shadows of the Puff

The man with the cardboard box

Character Portrait: Valoel Ruhiel

Valoel Ruhiel, located in Armoth

as part of Pantheon II: Division

"I serve as the champion to Edna Wytrix. I will see to it that this land is free from murder and sadness with the help of our fair and loving Goddess!"

Character Portrait: Marston Lancaster

Marston Lancaster, located in The Infinite Void

as part of The Multiverse

"You need some muscle? Then stop talking and pay up."

Character Portrait: Castard Blackhammer

Castard Blackhammer, located in Imperium

as part of Warhammer 40,000: Age of the Watchers

"Let my sword roar through the enemies of man!"

Character Portrait: Edna Wytrix

Edna Wytrix, located in Armoth

as part of Pantheon II: Division

"As the mortals care for the land, I watch above keeping them safe. I will see this land free from war, disease, and famine so it can be a peaceful and beautiful place where we can all live in harmony."

Character Portrait: Ariuk Theliel

Ariuk Theliel, located in Land Of Arandale

as part of Love Through Adventure

"Yes I am the dungeon master, got a problem?"

Character Portrait: Richarde Beves

Richarde Beves, located in Kingdom of Commora

as part of Not All Is As It Seems

"I won't let this kingdom fall as long as I live."

Character Portrait: Naffteef Dakarot

Naffteef Dakarot, located in Ashton

as part of The Everheart Manor

"I I'z da finest ork knight!"

Character Portrait: Aindreas Gòrdanach

Aindreas Gòrdanach, located in Tokyo, Japan

as part of Tokyo Nightcrawlers

"By the will of God I will send you back to hell!"

Character Portrait: Jack Edvan

Jack Edvan, located in The Town of Misty Cove

as part of THe Lives of Magic and Monsters

"Its ice particles in my hair! Not dandruff! And yes I know we're in the middle of summer!"

Character Portrait: Lazarus Nikiforov

Lazarus Nikiforov, located in Terejhsa

as part of The Knights of a New Age

"Down with the government and stop this suffering!"

Character Portrait: Dmitri katayshkia

Dmitri katayshkia, located in Inside the TARDIS

as part of ROGUE

"This is amazing!"

Character Portrait: Sra'gotora Gradorash

Sra'gotora Gradorash, located in Delihah

as part of Modern Tales

A surgeon for a small village

Character Portrait: Takamori

Takamori, located in Taketori City

as part of The Night's Dance

Bring it on!

Character Portrait: mark william

mark william, located in Modern Day New York City

as part of City Strays

its just nice to live here

Character Portrait: Victor Dmitri

Victor Dmitri, located in Post apocalyptic earth

as part of Earth wasteland survival.

"Stay alert and you might live"

Character Portrait: Ryan William

Ryan William, located in Earth

as part of A Vampire's Blood Mixed With Love

"I already lost all that I care this is not a problem"

Character Portrait: Alexander William

Alexander William, located in Earth

as part of Sweet Dreams are made of Screams

The blood from the past never goes away

Character Portrait: Corvus Corax

Corvus Corax, located in Precarian Underoute

as part of The Multiverse

"The First Axiom of Victory is to be other than where the enemy desire you to be."

Character Portrait: Luna O'Neil

Luna O'Neil, located in Sunside City, a bustling metropolis city

as part of Super Crush!?

"Can't get coffee cheaper anywhere else!...not that the coffee is bad or anything!"

Character Portrait: Galya Romanovna

Galya Romanovna, located in Modern/Future

as part of Dragon Crest

"Water can give life...And it also takes life...eheheh..."

Character Portrait: Xudraenth

Xudraenth, located in Modern/Future

as part of Dragon Crest

"Έχασε την ψυχή, θα σας δώσω σας δικαιοσύνη και τιμωρία που σας αξίζει."("Lost Soul, I shall give you your justice and retribution you deserve.")

Character Portrait: Dulina Sabato

Dulina Sabato, located in Ofelia's Dragon Ranch

as part of Veritas Isle

"Fun above all things!"

Character Portrait: Warboss 'Jowlkrakah'

Warboss 'Jowlkrakah', located in Warhammer 40k, Helios IV

as part of War-hammer 40k: The End is Nigh

"I'z 'Da Boss 'round 'ere! I'z krump 'ya if you'ze 'fink so!"

Character Portrait: Lucidious Abbadon

Lucidious Abbadon, located in The Caldarian Continent

as part of Ter'Ciel Saga: The War of Akyel

"I will rule this land under my icy grip!"

Character Portrait: Elizabeth Derving

Elizabeth Derving, located in Davonshire

as part of Ter'Ciel Saga: The War of Akyel

"I shall honor my family with my sword"

Character Portrait: Alexander Willhelm

Alexander Willhelm, located in Lost Haven

as part of Lost Heaven

"If you can't keep moving, I'll carry you myself"

Character Portrait: Alexander James

Alexander James, located in Thedas

as part of Dragon Age: The Third Blight

"I live by my sword,and I will die by it"

Character Portrait: Guido Barishnikov

Guido Barishnikov, located in Earth

as part of Two Thousand Shattered Moons

"Don't worry, we will be fine...maybe"

Character Portrait: Majorian Beerle

Majorian Beerle, located in Medieval alternate universe fantasy

as part of Where are we Going?

"They shall know true fear!"

Character Portrait: Hagiwara Katsuhito

Hagiwara Katsuhito, located in Garfeld Hall

as part of The Haunting Files

"Is there something paranormal? If so, count me in!"

Character Portrait: Mekteef Udyrgruff

Mekteef Udyrgruff, located in Unknown planet

as part of Warhammer 40k: Survival

"Hey Kaptain...I finks da ship gonna blow up...All boys run for it!"

Character Portrait: Vulkan Kosters

Vulkan Kosters, located in Earth

as part of Exiled from a Machine World

"Hope is never gone, just takes someone to remind you it's not gone"

Character Portrait: Alenander Kudo

Alenander Kudo, located in Sakurai High

as part of Demonic

"Life is like a coin flip, it is always random"

Character Portrait: Erkenburt Ferdinand

Erkenburt Ferdinand, located in Chiascuro

as part of A Game of Light and Shadow

My humanity may be gone, but I am more powerful that I once was

Character Portrait: Dmitri Jacobs

Dmitri Jacobs, located in Triumph City, USA

as part of Into the Dark

always on the lookout for criminals

Character Portrait: yuri kavish

yuri kavish, located in The Ishimura II

as part of Dead Space: Tranquility

this ship has so much to see

Character Portrait: rynan bokolov

rynan bokolov, located in Prison Academy

as part of Prison Academy

he insulted my home he had it coming

Character Portrait: kacia leeb

kacia leeb, located in Alvinian

as part of The Engagement Arrangement

i will give it my all

Character Portrait: William Cromwell

William Cromwell, located in Millitary Base 158

as part of A Rift Between Two Worlds

Stay alert and be vigilant

Character Portrait: Artyom Kavaki

Artyom Kavaki, located in Ternidal

as part of War of the scattered thrones

all who oppose us will feel our wrath

Character Portrait: Ryan "Aleksandr" Armin

Ryan "Aleksandr" Armin, located in Poseidon City

as part of The Mutated and the Experimented

"By my fire, may these mutants be purged from this world."

Character Portrait: The Red Legion

The Red Legion, located in The Galaxy

as part of The resource war

"Not one step back!"

Character Portrait: Amrazath Colt

Amrazath Colt, located in The Snapa-verse

as part of Nomad Clan

"Yeah! Let us fight this day! Show me what you got!"

Character Portrait: Sthakrumaz

Sthakrumaz, located in London

as part of Blood Before Dusk

"Come! What new flavor shall you offer me today human!"

Character Portrait: james williams

james williams, located in New York 2057

as part of A Hopeless Tragedy

science is key to human evolution

Character Portrait: Elyzia

Elyzia, located in Somnus, The world of Dreams

as part of Call of Somnus

"I wish to become as free and as beautiful as a butterfly."

Character Portrait: Rowland Brook

Rowland Brook, located in Vale

as part of The Fallen Princess

Caravan Guard

Character Portrait: Tsukino Hanae

Tsukino Hanae, located in Tokyo

as part of Kawaii Psycho: Epic of the Absent Love Fairy

Nice and kind with a polite attitude.

Character Portrait: Lanzo

Lanzo, located in Tauron

as part of The Multiverse

"One has to make some sacrifices to protect the lives of everyone."

Character Portrait: Revy Lee

Revy Lee, located in Seirra Madre Villa

as part of Murder Ultimate: Tales of the Sierra Madre.

"So we have to use more force to kill these things? Gladly!"

Character Portrait: Hayakawa Tashiro

Hayakawa Tashiro, located in Ginotsu

as part of Silence: A Forgotten Place

Former detective gone gamer

Character Portrait: Ishon Vylien

Ishon Vylien, located in Ybsteria

as part of Blood Crystal Mage

Noblewoman seeking a safe world

Character Portrait: Liel

Liel, located in Eden Prime

as part of Cyber Saints

"Why do we need to fight the innocent?"

Character Portrait: Sébastien Tussand

Sébastien Tussand, located in Purgatory: City of the Plague

as part of Plague City

"You don't want to know what happens when wild dogs get loose..."

Character Portrait: Emi Yusa

Emi Yusa, located in Japan ( human world )

as part of The devil is a part timer?!

"The peaceful world I'm fighting for is one where everyone has a smile on their face."

Character Portrait: Randall Marther

Randall Marther, located in Under City

as part of My Life as a Supernatural Love Interest.

"I will get a lady one day! And why do humans always get everything..."

Character Portrait: Rubrum Grün

Rubrum Grün, located in Reverie

as part of RWBY - Keep the Faith

Discipline and courage are what shapes him.

Character Portrait: Joseph Ryder

Joseph Ryder, located in Naragami Town

as part of Memory File 001

"I am on fire today! Quite litteraly!"