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If you wish for me to reboot an RP of mine, PLEASE ask me, refrain from just copying and pasting my words, otherwise any past RP's that have died will remain closed until further notice.
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Stark Contrast
Staying up at perilous hours, using Photoshop and BBCODE badly.
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0- 0-2010
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Final Fantasy 12
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Modern, High Schools, Fantasy, Anim

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Universes Created

The Town of Elk River

Elk River once existed as a haven for the supernatural, but when a new threat looms among the dense forests, it'll be everyone's lives at stake, whether one is Human or Supernatural. [Female apps on hold]

Anthemia Academy for Hunters||Remaster

A group of brave students are chosen to fight for humanity's right to live as it is pushed to the edge of it's limits by the evil of Daemons, yet in this world the line between enemy and ally is not so clear. [CLOSED|REBOOT]

House of Sanctum| A Superpowered Journey

As a newborn you were given a serum with unknown ramifications, years later, strange powers burst forth from your body and the media caught it all, with no place to turn to the House of Sanctum shall offer you an escape. [Accepting for limited time]

Misaki Creek Academy| An All Boys Academy

[CLOSED] A new year at Misaki Creek Academy comes along, as a group of boys try to find out just where and who their hearts lie with.

Atreus Academy

The year is 2013, disease has ravaged the surface of Earth, and what remains is the segregation of two races on the basis of DNA. The Humans and the Parahumans, here in this struggle lies the only place where both races can live peacefully;Atreus Academy.

Astral Academy|Zodiark Eclipse

This world is not much different from the world we know, but when an Eclipse suddenly activates the latent powers of those born under the Zodiac, an Academy invites these bewildered students into it's halls. [REBOOT|ACCEPTING|MORE TEACHERS/MALES PLEASE]

Avatar: Bending War

(Always Open)80 years after the events of Legend of Korra, a revolution has arisen between the Non-benders, and benders, which side will you choose?

Esterview Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry

The Wizarding World and the Muggle World have collided, while this calls for an era of peace, there are those who desire more diverse magic. That is where Esterview comes into play. [OPEN| Need Males]

The Town of Ledoux

Ledoux exists as a haven for the supernatural, but when a new threat looms among the dense forests, it'll be everyone's lives at stake. [ACCEPTING]

Harry Potter: The Mythic Conflict

When the Wizarding and Muggle world collide, their hatred turns towards mythical creatures, but when Hogwarts starts accepting these creatures into their halls, and mysterious events transpire, who's to say what will happen? [ACCEPTING]

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