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Writing, drawing, and dancing are the three main factors in my life. They are all close to my heart. One day in the near future I have an ambition to be famous for one of the many talents I believe I have.
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At the computer, duh
Student who can't wait to be out of highschool.
The Wild, cool people [everyone], Reading, Drawing, WRITING, Dancing!
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0- 2-2006
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Universes Created

My Black Butler

A nobel butler who couldn't do this much isn't worth his salt. Because you see, I am just one hell of a butler.

We Shall Shine

Three students take on the journey of a lifetime as they pursue their dreams to become fine-art masters, ranging from acting to dancing. But a rivalry with another school may stand in their way and their hopes of shining.

Falling Up

You always told me that when I fall, I have the choice to get back up. Well now I'm trying to get back up, so why won't you help me?

Poseidon's Plague

When three unique girls find themselves captive on a ship full of pirates, their worlds begin to churn and only they can save their companions from the plague that begins to fall to them.

The Ouran High Hosts

When three girls are mistaken as guys and are taken in by the host club, secrets are formed, tension causes hatred, and their world takes a turn for the worse – or does it?


Underneath their perfect act as an ordinary school, Santiago Academy is planning to dominate the world and create a Utopia, placing themselves as the leaders. Only you, the students, can stop them. But you must hurry. Time is almost up.


They each had experiences in their pasts with wolves, and each are in the same boat: they're in love with them. But when people turn up dead from attacks yet are seen walking around normally, things become a little hectic.

The Legend of Narnia

When a nuclear war forces families underground, a group of children find themselves falling down a a tunnel into the world of Narnia. But things have changed, and the Narnians may not be as trustful as they once were.

Code Geass: Rebellion

On August 10, 2010, with their powerful new robot weapons, the Knightmare Frames, the Holy Britannian Empire stripped Japan and its citizens of all rights and freedoms. But now there is rebellion and everything is falling apart.

Soul Eater Chronicles

Underneath Shibusen is a kishin, locked away by Shinigami-sama himself. But what if someone discovered the key to unlocking him? And what if you were the only person who could stop them? (needs female)

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