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Hey guys! My name starts with a J, so feel free to call me Jay! I am a female! I love roleplaying and I have no idea what reality is! I'm usually lost in my thoughts and daydreaming all day, everyday, 24/7.
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Student, Worker, Roleplayer and Cosplayer
Roleplaying, anime, manga, reading, photography, baking/cooking, music, internet, animals, drawing, singing, sleeping, off-roading, ice skating, youtube, writing, and a bunch of other stuff!
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0- 0-2010
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Anything really

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Universes Created

Fire and Ice Collide

In a world where the elements of Fire and Ice rule. Two unlikely souls find their way to each other. Between me and ZacharyTC.

Cirque du Mystique

The Darcy Brothers bring you Cirque du Mystique. It will seduce you with the promise of immortality and glory. All YOU have to do is sign on the dotted line. "Will you pay the price for eternal youth?"

My Other Half

There are unique necklaces people are given at birth with an special crystal. Only two of a kind exists in the world. One belongs with you, one belongs with your soul-mate.

Caged: Escape to Freedom

There's a new building in Port Tinker (Fayland Port), a new type of museum, instead of it filled with art or objects it's filled with mythical creatures like angels and such. A crew of pirates heard about this museum, so they decided check-out the museum.

Dawn of the Arcana

This rp is based of the manga "Reimei no Arcana" in a world where discrimination, racism and bigotry thrives. It's a 1x1 between FamishedPants and Myself.

Masuta Academy

((NO Longer Accepting Characters!!))

Another World Away

A futuristic world in which robots, Elves, and Humans live. What would happen if the creator of all of the robots and electronics met the CEO's daughter? (1x1 Male Role Open)

The World of Erilea

This world belongs to the children of Mother Nature. Here we will see The World of Erilea unfold. Watch love bloom between lovers. Play pranks with our best friends. Hold brawls and fights with siblings. ((Remake: Currently 10 spots open))

An Unexpected Happening

(No Longer Accepting!) A young teenage boy stumble upon a bizarre stranger. As it turns out, this stranger isn't human, but wants to be. The two make an agreement: One teaches the other how to be human, in exchange for servitude and protection.

The Winter Wolves

With the heat, their bodies shift into humans. However, when the shiver comes their souls are consumed by the monsters we call wolves.

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