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Sunshine and Whiskey member of RPG for 4 years

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Always up for a 1x1 roleplay. :) Anything you want to know about me, just ask.

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Sunshine and Whiskey
South Carolina
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Completed Stories

Welcome to Chernobyl Completed

A couple groups of friends decided to take a trip to Chernobyl, lead by an extreme tour guide. But what happens when the tour guide suddenly disappears?

Universes Created

I is for Identity

1x1 with Mockingjaay.

Demented Insanity

Are you insane? Do your parents think you're insane? Well even if you are or you aren't you were sent here and there is no way out.

A Hellish Kind of Love

1x1 between myself and Girl2Fine2

Empire High

{CLOSED}Welcome to Empire High, an elite school located in Kairos, Greece and where the worlds of wealthy and not so wealthy collide. Will you be one of the ones left standing when it is all said and done?

Who is it?

1x1 with Lvdwilt2000

The Wizarding World:Hogwarts Vs. Death Eaters

Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Currently there are forces beyond our walls that are trying to kill the new headmaster along with all of the muggleborns and half-bloods. This is the new chapter of Hogwarts.

Keep a Secret

Jump into the town of Rosewood. Become one of the liars. Who is "C"? What happened the night Callum went missing?

Welcome to 90210

A new group of individuals make their way through the halls of West Beverly Hills High School and no one is safe from the drama and gossip that has been endured within the halls.

In Time

Everyone stops aging at 25. You use time to buy everything. Though you're not eligible to use your own time until your 25th birthday. When your time gets to 0, you're dead.

A Ghostly Affair

1x1 with Lvdwilt2000




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