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Interested in World War Two German weapons and Tanks.
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Tank Emperor
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09 Dec 2012
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Universes Created

Gateway To Hell

As a family move from Berlin to a small home near as Nazi Death camp, a young boy goes out to explore.

Casgrax II, War of the Casgrax system

The Stroy to the battle of the Casgrax system, which was mainly fought on Casgrax II

Cybran Nation

The entire Cybran Nation starting from the very start.

Mezzadrate and the Cybran Nation

The Cybran's have met the People of Mezzadrate but will all go to the King's plans? Could it all go to plan or could another force cause them to go to war?

The Universe

Welcome to the Universe, place of galaxies and technology. With worlds that could still be classed as being in the stone age, the Universe is something of a wonder, much of which has not been discovered.


"The Imperium of Man, the traitors once held this system. It is ours now, and nobody can defeat us!" - Gorthax (Word Bearers Champion)

The Cybran Nation

The Cybran Nation... The inside and outside, what others in the Multiverse may seem but not all of it will work out, or will it? On the edge of a Second war with terrorist groups wanting mass murder and the taking of planets by a group to come away...

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