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Interested in World War Two German weapons and Tanks.
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Universes Created

Gateway To Hell

As a family move from Berlin to a small home near as Nazi Death camp, a young boy goes out to explore.


"The Imperium of Man, the traitors once held this system. It is ours now, and nobody can defeat us!" - Gorthax (Word Bearers Champion)

Mezzadrate and the Cybran Nation

The Cybran's have met the People of Mezzadrate but will all go to the King's plans? Could it all go to plan or could another force cause them to go to war?

The Cybran Nation

The Cybran Nation... The inside and outside, what others in the Multiverse may seem but not all of it will work out, or will it? On the edge of a Second war with terrorist groups wanting mass murder and the taking of planets by a group to come away...

Casgrax II, War of the Casgrax system

The Stroy to the battle of the Casgrax system, which was mainly fought on Casgrax II

The Universe

Welcome to the Universe, place of galaxies and technology. With worlds that could still be classed as being in the stone age, the Universe is something of a wonder, much of which has not been discovered.

Cybran Nation

The entire Cybran Nation starting from the very start.

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0.25 INK received for post #2443702, located in Gonthar:

Suddenly, a large second force erupted from the seas, vast battleships arming up their weapons as they appeared from under the surface. A vast fleet of tanks and heavy vehicles pushed towards the land, climbing onto the beaches before they stopped on the flat plains about ten miles from the beaches. A set of engineers quickly began to build a number of firebases, loading their materials off the trucks that came through a constant stream of weaponry and supplies. There was then a number of armoured command units that pushed themselves up from the water, with a group of support command units appearing from behind them.

A vast starship calmly pulled up from the vast ocean pushing it's thrusters to counter the gravity and test it's systems before a couple more appeared to the sides of it. At the command of the HDNS Purger was a younger commander, out of training and armed to the teeth. He stroked his chin before nodding to his systems commander, "Send us up."

The vast starship pushed its way up out of the atmosphere, with a few others following it. They were already preparing an orbital strike of Volaria, with a number of heavy artillery and missile silos quickly being put into swift action, starting to round of shells as soon as they came out the factory. The sheels went into the atmosphere then started landing on the denfive points all over Volaria. The front line bases where the clement had dried within a few minutes were already have hive of activity, great flags and banners being put up along with the anti aircraft weapons. These forces had to rely on anti aircraft guns until the SAM launchers were pulled out the sea. There was already a vast amount of civilians pushing their way around to settle into their new homes on the surface after years of living under the sea.

0.25 INK received for post #2443966, located in Gonthar:

Within a matter of seconds, the entire force that was attacking Volaria appeared on the vast piece of land where the base was being constructed. They moved into the base, watching the aircraft fly around in the blue sky, and the SAM units coming from trucks to be set up in encase on an attack. The vast starships took off into the atmosphere, creating a super sonic boom that blasted down the entire set of islands.

0.25 INK received for post #2443971, located in Gonthar:

Vast factories and housing buildings went up within hours, and with a few minutes of it going up, resources and people started to move in. The vast military force made a move towards the cities that were already there, starting to shoot at police and civilians alike. There was already a mass death camp in the sea waiting to be loaded with people for building the new weapons and tanks that were waiting.

A second set of starships took off from under the sea, moving towards the city before they raised themselves out the water. There was already a fleet down there, waiting for the orders from the high order, whom were miles offshore and under the groand in the deep rock of the earth. It had took years to plan, and the teleportation from Volaria was only set one of the vast plan to attack the world. Only Godheart was a living being, the rest of the forces automated.

0.25 INK received for post #2444286, located in Gonthar:

The set of Starships that had came from the ocean fired a number of shots at the newcomers before they headed off towards the battle with the Cybran Anti-Nazism forces in orbit. The vast ships created a boom breaking glass in the settlements, their ion thrusters pushing the great bulks out into space, going away from the fleets so they could get behind the Cybran warfleet hopefully and cause losses. The weapons were fully armed and ready.

Meanwhile, on the ground, the forces went on a full out attack on everything, bringing wave upon wave of robotic tanks and soldiers into the island, going on a full out assault on the settlements. The factories were already rolling out vehicles to go to war with, millions on them.

A few more ships came from the sea, starting to give a full scale firing bombardment attack on the Terran Ships. The vast bulk of them armour, but as their shells and lasers headed down range, the entire assault stopped to see the damage, the bombardment was designed to clear shields and attack anything that was there. A mass of small robots was then launched with a number of interceptors also, going straight towards any new threat.

0.25 INK received for post #2444817, located in Gonthar:

The Cybran warships on the flat ocean started to open fire on the new targets while the smaller starships that were rising from the ocean engaged the Armored Intelligent Mechs. Their lasers hitting at them as hard as they could, aimed to destroy the Mechs, while a vast number of the Cybrans on the land were already getting ready to back into the seas. Godheart and the Old Order members had decided there had been enough killing.

With the arrival of the two Ori Class Destroyers, most of the Cybrans were away, but with the EMP blasts, the robots that were left had stopped working; their circuits totally destroyed. The warships in the ocean started firing at the Destroyers, sending new waves of missiles and lasers towards their targets.