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Character Portrait: Joseph Deagen Biological monstrosity, capable of shapeshifting on the cellular level. Looks 18, male, with Italian features. Likes booze and excitement. Likes to smile and kill things, usually at the same time. Fond of dismemberment and eating his enemies.
Character Portrait: THE TEMPLATE AND REQUIRED INFO This is where you learn the proper format for your nation sheets.
Character Portrait: The Xr'lii'ra A race of insects, linked by a single all-powerful hivemind. All are just cogs in a machine to be spend as needed, or killed as warranted.The race are masters of biotech, and adore both biological constructs and viral weapons.
Character Portrait: Joseph Deagen A biological monster created by the Corporation. Escaped and has been living on the run for years. Recently attempted to absorb the memories of Peter, but failed.
Character Portrait: Arctaurus Once a bastion of justice, now this angel has committed a horrid sin and now is Fallen. He has a fraction of his power remaining, just enough to finish a quest, to redeem himself in the eyes of the gods.