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TemplarWarden » Characters

A list of fictional characters written by TemplarWarden as part of a roleplay on RPG.

Character Portrait: Sebastian Black

Sebastian Black, located in Master's Foyer

as part of The Multiverse

Things just don't work out right in the end.

Character Portrait: Blair Hallen

Blair Hallen, located in The Cafe

as part of Beating Heart Cafe

"It's not you. It's me."

Character Portrait: Pyrian Fenris

Pyrian Fenris, located in Perhaedian Empire

as part of Perhaedian Empire

Wolves hunt in packs, bringing down foes far stronger an individual. Yet the wolf that hunts alone must achieve the same by his own might or perish in the truth that he is at fault.

Character Portrait: Jeremy Thrall

Jeremy Thrall, located in Kanto Region

as part of A Girl and Her Magikarp

"My choice is the on only one I will accept"

Character Portrait: Elana Teris

Elana Teris, located in Valinor City

as part of Netherworld Styx: The Realm of Beasts

A young aspiring hunter who wishes to make her mark.

Character Portrait: Kingdom of Wythradale

Kingdom of Wythradale, located in Empirica

as part of Empirica

A massive unattractive expanse of land crushed between two mountain ranges is the home of the honorable Syathe Drana.

Character Portrait: Skah Morning

Skah Morning, located in The Olympian Academy

as part of The Olympian Academy

"I don't hold any grudges, I just end them."

Character Portrait: Alexander Tyr

Alexander Tyr, located in Ithaca, New York

as part of Not in my Social Circle

Not much point in living in the real world, it just disappoints.

Character Portrait: Jenna

Jenna, located in Ardir Marsh

as part of Sabbaths of the Ancients

"Always expect less then you've asked for unless you do it yourself."

Character Portrait: Lyrana Syran

Lyrana Syran, located in Fera

as part of Ways of the Beasts

Maiden of the North

Character Portrait: Ryan Reeno

Ryan Reeno, located in Phantasy World

as part of Phantasy World Online

Perhaps I take the virtual world a little too seriously.

Character Portrait: Marquel Samuel Eva Hale

Marquel Samuel Eva Hale, located in Earth

as part of The Curse of Magic

Only those who deserve to die are the murders themselves.

Character Portrait: Timothy Arden

Timothy Arden, located in The world

as part of Van Helsing Academy: Warriors of Daylight

Deadly both up close and from a distance

Character Portrait: Aliana Talion

Aliana Talion, located in The Frozen Pines

as part of The Multiverse

Ice that holds a fury and a flame that few can withstand.

Character Portrait: Cyzur

Cyzur, located in The Land of Ethinal

as part of Evil Rises


Character Portrait: Taro Johanson

Taro Johanson, located in Eden

as part of Eden, School of the Arcane Arts

Enjoy the sky while it's there. Someone is bound to take it away before too long.

Character Portrait: Alan Louis Young

Alan Louis Young, located in The Institute

as part of Welcome to the Institute

"Trust me, a smile makes everything that much brighter."

Character Portrait: Pyrian Fenris

Pyrian Fenris, located in Lands of Arandia

as part of Land of Arandia

The end shall come soon for those of the Darkness

Character Portrait: A'Mar Fenris

A'Mar Fenris, located in Kos

as part of The Multiverse

"Choice is the greatest freedom. To destroy that freedom is the greatest evil."

Character Portrait: Nargash Soulripper

Nargash Soulripper, located in Calvarre Fortress

as part of Even Gods Bleed: Divine Wrath

Chieftain of the Soulripper tribe - Master of Demons

Character Portrait: Earme Astra

Earme Astra, located in Space...bitches

as part of Crimson Metal

"Its not the money or the fame. I'm just skilled"

Character Portrait: Unitate

Unitate, located in Nightmare woods

as part of Guild Pact

Unleash the Primal Lords

Character Portrait: Marcus Hale

Marcus Hale, located in Seele

as part of Colourless Virus


Character Portrait: Blair Davion

Blair Davion, located in The World

as part of TIA (Teenage Intelligence Agency)

"If you have a problem with me you have a problem with my babies."