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Baekoth: Revolution of the Heretical Open

A literate high fantasy epic set in the originally created world of Baekoth

Revolution of the Heretical Open

A high fantasy, literate rp set in the world of Baekoth

Enchantedly ll Charmed Open

An all Witch Academy opens in a forest guarded by werewolves...NOT JUST A ROMANCE RP like at all

Ideas Are Curse Proof Open

A Harry Potter Next Generation rp with a plot reminisce of V for Vendetta - HOSTED ON THIS SITE

The Ballad of Rebels Open

A next generation Harry Potter Roleplay with a plot reminisce of V for Vendetta

Dieties of Rumble! Open

An unrealistic and more fun type of rp. Deals with Hindu Mythology and takes place in Bangladesh. Gets more serious than funny as time goes on.

Blurry Lines: Crossing Them Open

The prologue has given but a glimpse of the twisted world between vigilantes and villains. But now that our cast is almost complete, the battle is about to begin. -always accepting literates-

Blurry Line Open

Realistic and gritty vigilantes risk life and limb from both the public they are trying to aid, and the criminals that seem to have it all under control.

Pirates ll Hearts Of Oak ll Open

"My heart is pierced by cupid, I disdain all glittering gold. There is nothing can console me, but my jolly sailor bold.

Deities of Rumble Open

"We here at karma High do not stop fights, we grade them. And yes, under our school lies the dark godess Kali, she might break out and eat us this year! That would be exciting wouldn't it?"