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The Afterman member of RPG for 8 years

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No. Go away.
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The Afterman
The Keywork
Something stupid.
Music, science fiction, reading, art, learning useless information, writing, kicking, movies...
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8-10- 0
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Dark Souls
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Completed Stories

The Battle is ON! [Heroes Vs. Villains] Completed

Some want to save the day.. others dare attempt to.. destroy it more?

Universes Created

Fallout: The Lost Chronicles

The Tornado Alley Wasteland: Just another place to die in this hellhole called America. One struggle to the next, and it never makes struggling any easier.

Batman: The Knight of Darkness

Arkham Asylum's finest have taken the place over, turning it into fortress for their assault on Gotham City. Who can stop them?

Eorzea: A Galactic Odyssey

A voracious plague has swept across the galaxy, decimating victims by the thousands. An alien race known as the Torun seek to conquer everything in reach. And all the while, people from all over the universe search for the legendary crypt of the RED King.

Reckoning of the Dead

In the Nightmare Frame, the undead are everywhere, in all forms. It's up to the various heroes of zombie killing to stop this nightmare.

A Twist In Sanity

After the deaths of three patients at a mental institution, two detectives are hired to look into the matter under suspicion of murder. However, their investigation leads to something far more.....twisted

Fear of Survival

They are unknown, ancient, violent..............and unsurvivable. Long dormant on a distant planet, they have finally reawakened with a renewed bloodlust, and no knowledge of anything else.

Heavy Metal

The life and times of metal band "Retribution".

The Legend of Zelda: The Ephemeral Light

A darkened tower, risen in the middle of the land of Hyrule, threatens the lives of all that inhabit the realm. Called by the Ancients, four heroes must venture out and find a way to smite the evil that lay within the black tower.

Leviathan, I

A team of scientists aboard a massive station in deep space has been tasked with the development of a new strain of nanotechnology. However, when the experiment goes horribly wrong, the entire crew is forced to fight for survival.

Devil In Your Hands

The Soul Society, facing utter destruction at the hands of strange demons, rallies together for a showdown. But are they enough to stop an ancient demon-god's resurrection?

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"But are you gonna kill her off?"
"It's not your decision. I love the character, she stays!"
"Yeah, well the only thing love's done is put you in this position; I say kill her off!"
"Yeah, but you say a lot of things -and how's that work? You're a bicycle."